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ChocoBanana Restaurant in Sayulita Mexico


A Sayulita Landmark since 1991

The original Choco Banana began in 1991 with choco dipped bananas on the Sayulita beach, in a cooler. In the years following, Choco Banana has become part of Sayulita history and has grown up to become the heart of Sayulita.

Giant Espresso Machine

In its present location for the past 10 years Choco Banana offers the community of Sayulita a gathering place to enjoy new and old friends. The local Sayulita residents come to Choco Banana for Eve’s fresh home baked goods, the great environment, the best coffee in Sayulita, and the expansive menu. They come because Choco Banana is part of Sayulita and Sayulita is part of Choco Banana.

Chocobanana now grinds their own coffee beans too! Take home authentic Chocobanana coffee beans or coffee grinds for delicious, fresh coffee in your home!

Smoothies with local fruits

Tracie and Eve invite you to enjoy Choco Banana -- The Heart of Sayulita.

Eve’s fresh home-baked treats include:
Lemon tarts
Cakes and more…

A locals' favorite

The menu offers a variety of Breakfast dishes, including the best French toast around.
(Be sure to have it with Banana’s)

Vegans and Vegetarians in Sayulita can choose from multiple menu items, including Soy products.

Enjoy a variety of bagels with unique and healthy toppings.
Choco Banana signature ‘raps’
Great burgers – Meat – Vegetarian – Vegan

For a cool snack try one of the great 100% fruit smoothies, or a tasty frozen mocochino.

Centrally located

If you are in a hurry, stop by Sayulita's only ‘to go’ window for the best and the fastest coffee in town. At the ‘to go’ window, choose from a variety of Espresso drinks made with Soy upon request, and a sampling of Eve’s home backed goodies.

True Homestyle Cooking


And of course, do not leave Sayulita with out one of the original Choco dipped Bananas.

Loved by everyone

Reviews for ChocoBanana
4.53 out of 5 (based on 51 reviews)
great breakfast, but AWFUL service
siendo mexicanos, nos dimos cuenta como la preferencia a los extranjeros es muy notoria, siendo que los mismos mexicanos aportamos a su restaurante y seguimos siendo turistas..
nos hicieron volver a pagar una cuenta que nosotros ya habiamos pagado enviandonos a la policia, la cual ni sabia que es lo que habia pasado en realidad...
MEJOR PREOCUPENSE POR SU MISMO PERSONAL QUIEN ES QUIENES LES ESTAN ROBANDO, NO NOSOTROS, que no teniamos ninguna intencion de haberlo hecho, y de ser asi no habriamos esperado media hora nuestro cambio.
al final fueron ellos quienes nos robaron.
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Wide menu
Food is always good.
Wireless is fast.
Read more..
Worst Breakfast on Trip
This place has the prime spot in the Plaza, and serves a decent smoothie, but our one time breakfast was terrible. The kitchen could not get eggs over right, and three tries did not work. The chicquilles(sic) were terribly salty, and one could not get a coffee refill. If I was still sitting there, I would be waiting for the coffee, after asking two waiters. Service, because it such a busy place(one has to wonder why) was slow. But, reviews withstanding, the peole will come.
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7 years of great food and service
I just returned from my 7th winter trip to Sayulita. My morning routine is to visit the Choco with my brother and family (when in town) and sample their absolutely terrific coffee. In the early hours of the day as the ocean breezes waft in and the sun is just peeking over the hilltops I can think of no better way to start my day. The staff are fantastic and friendly and the food is good and reasonably priced.
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Great Service
Great menu items, great service and also sports a take out window. Try a frozen chocolate covered banana and discover the item behind this restaurants amazing success! Great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or grab something to enjoy in the town square.
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Perfect Breakfast
Everything we ate was fresh and tasty. Large platters of full meals, but great breakfast sandwiches too. Very popular place, always full of people. Right in the center of everything.
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Great, quick breakfast
My husband and I were short on time because we had reservations on a boat to scuba dive. The service was extremely fast and efficient....they got us in and out in 45 minutes. Food was decent and well priced for what you got. Good coffee!!!
Read more..
Frozen chocolate covered banana was average, but it hit the spot!
They have good pricing and it was fun to eat, but it could have used a thicker chocolate coating and more coconut. Didn't try the nut or granola covering ... but it was a nice change from an ice cream cone.
Read more..
Great Spirits and Great Food...the price is right and the coffee is great....You can't expect to pay cheap prices in Mexico if the food and service is great, so enjoy the location and people...Chowekua, Mid-West USA
Read more..
Service was Excellent- food good
No Complaints at all but..... when the breakfast is more than what we pay at home in Canada it better be good! Excellent Service and very accommodating but expensive.
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4.53 out of 5 (based on 51 reviews)