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ChocoBanana Restaurant in Sayulita Mexico


A Sayulita Landmark since 1991

The original Choco Banana began in 1991 with choco dipped bananas on the Sayulita beach, in a cooler. In the years following, Choco Banana has become part of Sayulita history and has grown up to become the heart of Sayulita.

Giant Espresso Machine

In its present location for the past 10 years Choco Banana offers the community of Sayulita a gathering place to enjoy new and old friends. The local Sayulita residents come to Choco Banana for Eve’s fresh home baked goods, the great environment, the best coffee in Sayulita, and the expansive menu. They come because Choco Banana is part of Sayulita and Sayulita is part of Choco Banana.

Chocobanana now grinds their own coffee beans too! Take home authentic Chocobanana coffee beans or coffee grinds for delicious, fresh coffee in your home!

Smoothies with local fruits

Tracie and Eve invite you to enjoy Choco Banana -- The Heart of Sayulita.

Eve’s fresh home-baked treats include:
Lemon tarts
Cakes and more…

A locals' favorite

The menu offers a variety of Breakfast dishes, including the best French toast around.
(Be sure to have it with Banana’s)

Vegans and Vegetarians in Sayulita can choose from multiple menu items, including Soy products.

Enjoy a variety of bagels with unique and healthy toppings.
Choco Banana signature ‘raps’
Great burgers – Meat – Vegetarian – Vegan

For a cool snack try one of the great 100% fruit smoothies, or a tasty frozen mocochino.

Centrally located

If you are in a hurry, stop by Sayulita's only ‘to go’ window for the best and the fastest coffee in town. At the ‘to go’ window, choose from a variety of Espresso drinks made with Soy upon request, and a sampling of Eve’s home backed goodies.

True Homestyle Cooking


And of course, do not leave Sayulita with out one of the original Choco dipped Bananas.

Loved by everyone

Reviews for ChocoBanana
4.47 out of 5 (based on 64 reviews)
This was our Go To breakfast on a stick.
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Perfect for Breakfast!!
Chocobanana was one of the high points of our vaca in Sayulita. Great food, good prices, and excellent service! We went there every morning for breakfast. And sometimes in the afternoon we'd stop there for a soda or ice tea.... and a sweet treat! We love Chocobanana!!!!
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Loved Having Breakfast Here Don't Miss
Amazing food, everything we order was great. We went here four times out of our eight vacation.
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Creamy, crunchy wonder bananas
Loved the granola coating on the choco bananas. What a lovely alternative to ice cream! Thank you for keeping vegetarians and vegans in mind.
Read more..
classic breakfast place on the plaza
Great Breakfasts, great pastries, great frozen bananas!
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A little busy even in slow season for my enjoyment. Th breakfast was very good.
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bad coffee
we bought half-kilo of coffee beans after reading a good review about it... we found out that there is nothing really special about it, in fact, we felt ripped off. Definitely not worth the price!
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excellent breakfasts

the coffee they serve there is excellent
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Good spot.
I am not sure if i always enjoy the food at this place.
So far this is the only one in the plaza with more choice and not only Mexican style of breakfast.
We ate many times there ,this year and last year.
I should say that many times the food wasn't good or even cooked and sometimes was better.
May be they need to work on their consistency of the quality of their food!
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Great Breakfast
My wife and I ate at ChokoBanana every morning for a week. A varied menu with something for everyone's taste. Reasonable prices and a very friendly, attentive staff. We met the owner Tracy that was there most of time we were. Tracy has a great personality and is a lot of fun.
Try it you will love it, just as we did.
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4.47 out of 5 (based on 64 reviews)