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Recycle in Sayulita

Contact Information

Name: Sayulita Recycle
Email: eric.steinman@yahoo.com
Telephone #1: 322-102-7969
Address: Eric Steinman at Recycling Depot


Dear friends of Sayulita, Version en Espanol al calce.

At the root of every tree, just like every town and every community, lies it's essence, foundation, and values.. the culture and the language, but also the people who come together to make this possible.


The challenges of our world are constantly growing: Industry and technology, commercialism and competition, consumption, supply and demand. The rapid and uncontrolled growth of our small communities and towns, cities and nations are the main cause of environmental contamination but also of the social and economic problems which threaten our quality of life, and climate change, and damages to the environment.



Sayulimpia was founded in 2007, with the clear mission to contribute to the preservation of the environment by promoting recycling and improving the waste collection system in our community of Sayulita.This has not been easy. Cost and effort, trial and error, but we are sure that with support from all members and visitors of our community and the creation of an intense educational campaign to spread the word of the importance of "reduce, reuse, and recycle", we can fulfill our Vision:

Our Vision is to become a model of environmental community through the Campaign
"Zero Waste" beginning in November, 2009 .

Join us! Your participation in this project is very important.
Together we can help

To Protect rivers, seas, and our tropical jungles of the Sierra de Vallejo where Sayulita is located, which has the 5th largest biodiversity of flora, fauna, and marine life in the world. To Maintain the natural life cycle of life to avoid global warming and planetary ecological disasters, all for the love and respect of the future generations
We all consider Sayulita to be our home. You can help us keep it clean.

Do you know how long these things we throw away take to decompose in nature?

  • Paper and cardboard-1 year
  • Aluminum cans-10 years
  • Plastic toys and chairs-300 years
  • Plastic bottles-100 to 1000 years
  • Plastic bottle caps-more than 100 years
  • Packaging materials (cellulose, polyethylene, and aluminum)-30 years
  • CDs and diskettes-100 to 1000 years
  • Lighters-100 years
  • Cigarette butts-1 to 2 years
  • Glass bottles-4000 years
  • Aerosol cans-30 years
  • Batteries-more than 1000 years (highly toxic)
  • Organics-just 4 weeks if we don't mix inorganic trash or chemicals

Source SEMARNAT 2009.
Very soon we will have bags and baskets of different colors to offer to separate our waste, also more containers, but meanwhile we can begin to practice separating waste and disposing of it according to the selection of the color of the day .Starting Novermber 1st


  • Plastic Bottles
  • Bags
  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin cans
  • Wire
  • CDs or disks
  • Clothing
  • Fabric
  • Toys
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Cardboard



  • Leftover food and vegetables
  • Bones
  • Herbs
  • Tea
  • Coffee


  • Gum
  • Dirty paper
  • Kleenexes
  • Broken glass
  • Diapers
  • Needles
  • Cigarette butts
  • Dog Poop

Our collection team has a difficult job but if we're organized we can help them. We are asking you to separate the waste from your house starting today so you can reduce, reuse, and recycle. The night before collection dates put your recyclables, compostables, and trash in it's usual place for pickup. More baskets and containers will be available for you the morning after collections. Or you can bring your recyclables and compostables to our collection center located on the Punta Mita Highway one kilometer west of Highway 200.

En la raíz de toda palmera, de cada árbol, asi como de todo pueblo y cada comunidad, está la esencia, la base y sus valores.. la cultura, y el idioma, pero también las personas que se unen para hacer esto posible.
El Equipo Sayulimpia
Fundado en el año 2007, con la Misiòn de contribuir a la preservación del Medio Ambiente a través de la formación de un equipo de trabajo para fortalecer la tarea de recolección de desperdicios.
Esto no ha sido fácil, ha costado mucho esfuerzo, pero estamos seguros que con el apoyo de todos ustedes, miembros de la comunidad y con la creación de una campaña educativa para difundir la importancia de reducir, reutilizar y reciclar podemos cumplir con nuesra mision de:

una comunidad modelo de ecologia sustentable en pro del medio ambiente dentro de nuestra campaña
Cero Desperdicio a partir del proximo Noviembre 2009.

Unete a Nosotros! Sé parte de este proyecto tan importante!