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Sayulita Verde

Contact Information

Name: Luisa Viteri & Daniel Brewer
Email: luisaviteri@gmail.com
Telephone #1: 322 135 5150 luisa
Telephone #2: 322 779 9832 daniel
Address: Rancho Santuario en la Estropajera

Sayulita Verde, 


Sayulita Verde, is a small group of volunteers who intend to plant trees and shrubs in selected public areas around Sayulita.

Sayulita Verde was established at the beginning  of 2009, its small nursery is located on the out-skirts of Sayulita,  where mostly native species from the Nayarit coastline are being cultivated.

Seeds were gathered locally and germinated during 2008 in the San Pancho Nursery.  In 2009 almost 400 of these seedlings were taken to a nursery site here in Sayulita .  Now the trees and shrubs are more than 3 years  old and most of these have been planted in various areas around Sayulita.

In 2009 Sayultia Verde reached its goal  to plant 300 trees and shrubs during the rainy season. We also established a program for the protection and care of the planted trees during the dry season of 2009 / 2010.  

In 2010 Sayulita Verde was unable to plant trees due to heavy rains all through the 2010 rainy season. However extensive work was performed at the nursery, we translplanted all trees and shrubs to larger plastic bags, and new seeds were propagated. We lost a lot of trees in the flooding of late summer 2010.
Up until that event we were enjoying a high survival rate.

Sayulita Verde encourages the participation of schools, students and others, in educational projects and in public environmental awareness programs, and in this way our actions can serve as a focal point for the conservation of our forest and wildlife and the preservation of our unique ecology.

Sayulita Verde invites anyone who has an interest in this Project to participate.  The nursery is located 2 km from the Punta Mita highway on the old road to San Ignacio or Camino a la Estropajera, in the Rancho Santuario.

If you are interested or can help please phone or email

Luisa  322 135 5150   luisaviteri@gmail.com  OR      

Daniel   329 291 2037   ballenavista@mac.com


Summer 2011


Sayulita Verde is preparing this Summer's tree planting, as in previous years, in both private and public areas around our town.


Many of the trees are quickly outgrowing their bags. Currently, we have about 400 trees and shrubs that would really appreciate being planted in the ground. We need to form teams of volunteers to participate in this planting during the coming Summer months.  Depending on the rain, we would like to start in June and carry on through September.


Sayulita Verde is calling on the community to help us realize our planting goals.   Here are some ways you can help .


We are looking for volunteer help, from both local and foreign communities.



Certain public areas for planting, (or re-planting in the case of trees washed away by last year´s flooding)  have already been designated. If anyone has suggestions of particular public areas that may need trees and/or shrubs, please contact us.



Home and property owners are encouraged to select native trees and shrubs from Sayulita Verde to plant for ornament, shade and erosion control.  Please contact us for more information.  Donations in exchange for trees are gratefully accepted


If you would like to help, but are unable to physically attend the planting, you could consider volunteering your employee (gardener, etc.) a few times throughout the planting season.


General donations to Sayulita Verde would be greatly appreciated.



Please contact us for more information on how you can help.


Daniel Brewer – ballenavista@mac.com or  (52) 329 291 2037

Luisa Viteri –     luisaviteri@gmail.com or (521) 322 135 5150 cell