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Kaya Web Solutions in Sayulita Mexico

Kaya Web Solutions

Website building
Website redesign
Website management
Database integration
Social media management
Appointment and Calendar integration

Kaya Web Solutions in Sayulita - Websites don’t have to be complicated to be effective.

Depending on your needs, Kaya Web Solutions can tailor a solution to your business:

  • Rental Business
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Retail Store
  • Events
  • Weddings

There are options no matter the business you are in, would you like direct contact with your customers? Your own database, completely managed by your team? A calendar feature to set appointments, or have a shopping cart to buy your merchandise? These are things we can discuss to find a solution that meets your needs best.

I will walk you through the domain registration process, find the perfect hosting solution and keep all of the control in your hands. When I am finished with your website, you will get 30 days of free support where I will make sure you can be completely autonomous, or I can stay on and manage the site for you for a monthly fee.

Website Management:

Maybe you already have a site that you are happy with, but you’d like to update, refresh it, or need someone to manage it,  We can do that for you as well. Do you need someone to write blog posts,  change menu items? Whatever the need is we can handle it.

Social Media Management:

“Everyone knows you need to use Social Media!” Is easy to say but If you have too much on your plate and you want to have someone else take care of that, depending on your business line, there are certain platforms you should be on.  The problem is, that it’s not enough to just “be” on them. It’s a place to engage with your past, present, and future customers.

There are so many platforms, how do you even choose which ones to be on, how do you respond to all of the reviews, requests and questions?  How do you Engage your customers and prospects? 

At Kaya Web Solutions, we pride ourselves in always being prepared, reliable & quick to respond!

We can help you handle that. We have a tiered pricing system based on the platforms you’d like to manage and update.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Trip Advisor
  • Pinterest
  • Yelp
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Maps 

Please use the contact form or send a WhatsApp message to the number above to get in touch with Kaya Web Solutions! 

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Fantastic Work and Fun to Work With!
Mike created a beautiful website for my Villa! He was responsive to changes and was quick to make edits when I have needed them! He quickly learned the platform I had created and finished the site quickly. His Fiancé Luanne added beautiful photos to accent the layout. I use it all the time!
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2021
Response from Owner/Manager on 07-02-2021
Thank you so much, Nicola! You were a pleasure to work with and we are happy to have you as a friend for life!
[Read more]
Excellent Service
Mike provided me with prompt, excellent service and guidance with my Website. He goes out of his way to assist others. He is caring, reliable, resourceful and very talented! I would recommend his Service to anyone!
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2021
Response from Owner/Manager on 06-23-2021
Thank you Rosie! I really appreciate the kind words. Look forward to more projects in the future!
[Read more]
Excelente servicio!
Estoy muy contento con mi página web, ya había tenido algunas experiencias con la creación de páginas, pero está sin duda es la mejor. Mike tomo nota de mis ideas y sin duda me sorprendió, me oriento y aconsejo de lo mejor para mi sitio. La creación de esta pagina sin duda fue lo mejor! Ya que conseguí una página y nuevos amigos, la relación laboral entre Mike, Lulu y yo ahora es de amistad y la ventaja es que sigo teniendo consejos extras para mi sitio. Sin duda 1000% recomendados
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2021
Response from Owner/Manager on 06-16-2021
Gracias Juan, fue genial trabajar contigo y estoy muy feliz de que estés feliz. Muchas Gracias!
[Read more]
Very happy with my website - Mike is extremely easy to work and communicate with
If the title is not clear enough, I will repeat myself: I am very happy with the result of my website. Mike was extremely patient and easy to work with. I am very picky, specific, and not always the best at describing how I want things. Mike was very easy to communicate with, he brought great ideas to collaborate with mine and I could not be happier with how my website turned out. I have good Google recognition right away, and in the first month of publishing my website, I received 2 requests. Mike's price point seems more than fair and he took care of the entire registration process. I would highly recommend Kaya Web Solutions.
[Read more]
Experienced: May, 2021
Response from Owner/Manager on 06-14-2021
Thank you, Ryan! You are very kind. It was a pleasure working with you. I am happy that you are satisfied with SayulitaSound dot com.
[Read more]
Sometimes our clients upload menus, brochures, calendars here. This client has yet to upload any files. Please check back soon.
Mike in Sayulita Mexico
Owner/Manager Name
Mike is from New York City and moved to Sayulita in March of 2020 with his fiancé, Luanne (photographer and foodie), They made it just in time to ride out the pandemic in this beautiful town. Mike has spent most of his working life in software a... [Read more]

Mike is from New York City and moved to Sayulita in March of 2020 with his fiancé, Luanne (photographer and foodie), They made it just in time to ride out the pandemic in this beautiful town. Mike has spent most of his working life in software and learned and taught HTML back in 1999 when they were still using Dial-up modems in the office to communicate with the Securities Exchange Commission. They started Kaya Web Solutions because of the current state of the world, most businesses have been forced to rethink their approach and attempt to reach a larger audience. There is no better way than a website. It gives you immediate global reach for a small investment.

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Hours of Operations:
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
We do not have a physical address but we do have a web address!
+1 917-669-7621
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