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Hola Sayulita! Spanish Language Program at Costa Verde International School



Enjoy Mexico to the fullest and start communicating in Spanish now! Colegio Costa Verde’s Hola Sayulita! Spanish Language Program is dedicated to making learning Spanish fun and interesting! We focus on developing real-life communication skills for you first, while breaking through to a new world of perspectives by learning about Mexican culture… while in paradise.  We offer flexible, individualized language acquisition sessions through small group classes, or private sessions customized for your Spanish level and learning style that gets you the best results.    


  • Group
    • Standard:  1 hour per day, Monday through Friday
    • Intensive:  2 hours per day, Monday through Friday
  • Private 
    • Standard: 1 hour per day, Monday through Friday
    • Intensive: 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday

Contact us (holasayulita@colegiocostaverde) for the current group sessions schedule or to arrange for private lessons, and reserve a spot!   

Key benefits:

  • Student´s Spanish level is established prior to classes
  • Flexibility.  You can choose the number of hours
  • Schedule your private classes at your most convenient time and we will come to your house or villa (add $5)
  • Community Volunteer Opportunities

Prices (US$): Special rates for extended stays, groups and families. Please ask!

  • Group Program: $10 per Hour
  • Drop-In: $12 per Class
  • Private Program $20 per Hour         
  • Materials and Registration fee: $25

Payment can be made in dollars, pesos (Google exchange rate), or by PayPal.

Please reserve well in advance as our schedule books quickly. Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance for a refund.

Through its qualified and experienced teachers, our program enables students to learn at ease and with confidence. There is a place for you no matter what your level or experience learning Spanish.  Whether you’re just starting out or seek to become more fluent, our expert instructors will help you reach your goal.  We are 100% committed to making your time studying Spanish in Mexico as educationally beneficial as possible.

A portion of your participation fees go toward the Colegio Costa Verde International School providing local children and families with a multicultural, bilingual, ecological, and private education for preschool through 6th grade.  Thank You for supporting a wonderful cause.

Reviews for Hola Sayulita! Spanish Language Program
4.9 out of 5 (based on 21 reviews)
Great Experience, Lots of Learning!
We came to Sayulita for a month to study Spanish and learn to surf. From our first meeting with Rene, it was clear that he was willing to work hard to put together an intense (seemingly atypical) schedule of classes. He arranged for 2 separate tutors - Juan and Evelia - to work with us for a couple of hours daily, in a schedule that met our needs. Both were excellent, and the two teamed to put together a program that let us have a mix of grammar work and conversational practice. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and feel we learned a great deal and have a very strong foundation to build from as we continue our travels in Latin America! Thanks very much to all three of you!
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Rene Was Awesome...
Our time in Sayulita was vastly improved by our contact with Rene. His teaching was superb. He really helped my brother and I brush up on our Spanish by learning new tenses and vocabulary. Rene was also incredibly helpful with tons of tips that let us get to know Sayulita.
His recommended many excellent restaurants, beaches, and places to see around the Sayulita area.
Overall, Rene was the one person that made our two week stay much better.
Thank you so much!
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Highlight of our stay in Sayulita!
My daughter and I spent two weeks this summer in Sayulita with the intent to have fun (check) and for us to improve our Spanish skills which are vastly different (double check). My daughter who is advanced, lacked the confidence to speak. She took a private class and was chattering away in no time. I took a beginner class that taught me some tricks that I never learned in the many years of entry level courses I have taken. Rene puts serious thought into his approach and it is quite effective. Not only that, it is fun! Classes were friendly, timely and affordable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding this to your Sayulita adventure no matter what level you are. It adds a really nice element to your day.
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Great Teacher! My girls learned a lot!!
Rene was a wonderful teacher and made the classes enjoyable and comfortable for two thirteen year olds!! They were interested in practicing and seemed to learn a lot in a short time. We'd come back again, for sure!! Thank you!
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Learning Spanish was so much fun!
Fantastico! We arranged one hour lessons for early each morning of our one week stay and were amazed that Rene would come to our condo for our class. I wondered if we would regret committing to getting up early to 'work' on our Spanish but, in fact, we absolutely loved our 'lessons' with Rene and each class went by so fast. Each day we learned enough that we could practice throughout the day and by the end of the week we could communicate sufficiently in basic Spanish to get our point across.

Rene is a fantastic teacher - so, so patient, even though we continuously made a mess of the language! He made notes for us that we will continue to refer to as we try to add to our skills at home before returning to Sayulita. We will definitely be contacting Rene to plan some more lessons next time we come!
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Super experience
I signed up for the two-hour class for 3 days while on vacation. It was great! I am a beginner (upper level beginner) and it was so amazing to just be able to work through so many of the things that always got in the way of my being a very good communicator.
Rene was my instructor and geared the class toward my level and my goals. Any question I had, he was able to address. He would explain a couple of things to me and then we used it in real life conversation and it was awesome!
I have a penpal from Spain and she and I SKYPE weekly. I'm excited to talk with her again because I feel like I am improved :)
Also, having the kids/students at the school at the same time that I had my lesson was fun. They are so fun to watch and listen to. Lots of energy there!
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Renee was one of the first people I met I Sayulita, and as luck would have it a great Spanish teacher. His course curriculum was tailored to my needs and taught me both the fundamentals of language itself, but also cultural context that allowed me to better understand the nuances of living in Mexico.

I took courses for the duration of my time in Sayulita and would recommend his classes to anyone looking to advance in their Spanish language skills in a short period of time.
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Wonderful Experience!
Santiago was a fantastic teacher for my kids and me. My children are 7 and 9 and each has a different and strong personality. Santiago figured out quickly how to meet their energy and connect with them to encourage them to speak with their new Spanish vocabulary. Back in California, we are still playing the game "Veo, Veo" that he taught us, and my son is cherishing his balloons that Santiago gave him as he learned the colors. Santiago also spent some time teaching me the verb conjugations of some of the more common verbs and explaining some things about Spanish to me at an adult level. Costa Verde Language School was a wonderful part of our week in Sayulita. It got us excited to pursue learning more Spanish at home!
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My son and I attended Spanish school. Both of our instructors were affable, fun, but they also got us to work. I appreciate how this Spanish school is located at a private elementary school, so my tourist $ went to local student scholarships. It was also fun to have kids and teachers around.
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Great classes and teacher!
We took a 1-week intensive beginner class at Costa Verde. Augustin was our instructor and he was excellent - super smart, patient, friendly and great at explaining any confusing bits. We had great conversations and both of us finished feeling like we'd gotten to a new place with our Spanish learning. Muchas gracias CV y Augustin!
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4.9 out of 5 (based on 21 reviews)