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Rene's Hola Sayulita! Spanish Academy


Rene's Hola Sayulita! Spanish Academy; Sayulita's #1 Spanish Language program. See the reviews.  Learn Spanish in a methodical, common sense way that helps you enjoy Mexico to the fullest.  Whether you're just visiting or want to fine tune your skills, we teach practical Spanish that is easy to grasp.  Rene's Hola Sayulita! Spanish Academy focuses on utilizing Spanish for real world common scenarios, while breaking through to a new world of perspectives by learning about Mexican culture.  

We have the best and most qualified teachers. 

Affordable, flexible, individualized Spanish classes through small group classes, or intense private sessions customized for your Spanish level and learning style. You will speak Spanish - Promise.   We take pride in our craft and your success.  Bienvenidos a Mexico, amigo!

Programs available for adults, kids, and professionals

Key benefits:

  • Student´s Spanish level is established prior to classes
  • Flexibility.  You choose the number of hours, the intensity
  • Schedule your private classes at a convenient time for you and we will come to you (add $5)

Prices (pesos): (Payment Required In Advance - No Exceptions)

  • Group Program: $200 per 60 minutes; $250 drop in
  • Private Program $600 per 90 minutes; $1000 for couple         
  • Materials and Registration fee: $700

1) Deposit required in advance and non-refundalbe 2) Deposit applied to final classes; 3) 24 hours required for cancellation or rescheduling; 4) Scheduling arrangements and modifications with Rene only 

Cash or PayPal ok; Reserve well in advance as our schedule books quickly.

A portion of your participation fees go toward the Colegio Costa Verde International School providing local children and families with a multicultural, bilingual, ecological, and private education for preschool through 6th grade.  THANK YOU for supporting a wonderful cause.

Reviews for Rene's Hola Sayulita! Spanish Academy
4.94 out of 5 (based on 48 reviews)
We love Rene
My sister and I have been visiting Sayulita for the past five years but this was the first year we took Spanish lessons. We love Rene and his funny, laid back personality and his approach to class. The lessons were applicable for our vacation but also relevant for our professional lives back home.

Thanks Rene!

See you next year!

Noelle and Rachel
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Speak Spanish with joy!
I loved studying Spanish at Rene's school. I had Rene four times for group Spanish, mostly studying verb tenses. The other students were committed and Rene was delightful. I appreciated that the arrangement was professional, i.e.,started on time and the price fair. I also had 2 privates, which also went well. In these I practiced conversation. I feel more confident in my Spanish and am happy for the opportunity to study. I love the beach, but classes gave a happy balance to my Sayulita experience. I will definitely sign up again.
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Easy and usable techniques
Hola Rene, Just wanted to let you know that I have been taking a Spanish class at our community college and after attending for 8 - 2 hour classes, haven't learned a fraction of what I learned from you. The class can now say "hola", count, and ask how much something costs. Total waste of time. Your technique is so much better, easier and usable and for that I thank you.

We are going to Costa Rica and Panama next week and in January we travel to Cuba, so I should get some practice in. Then we return to Sayulita on Feb. 01 for 2 months (or dos semanas) and I will be back in your class.

Wanted you to know you are appreciated.
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Go. Now. Crack the code and learn Spanish! Great program!
My husband and I have studied Spanish in a variety of settings, including immersion sessions in Mexico and Costa Rica, university classes, and Rosetta Stone, and this is the first class that made me believe I could actually learn to speak and understand Spanish. We took both group and individual classes for four weeks; both were extremely helpful. Rene is an excellent teacher; his classes are both informative and entertaining. He provides clear, concise instruction of pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and exuberantly shares his understanding and love of Mexican culture. The classes are held in a convenient location and easy to find. When you go to Sayulita, be sure to contact Rene at Hola Sayulita!
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Fun way to learn spanish.
My friend and I visited Sayulita in July. We took Spanish classes from Rene everyday. Some were in a group setting and some were private classes. Either way we learned a lot. There was no pressure and everyone was learning at their own pace. Our homework was to practice our Spanish around town. We loved meeting people in the community. We can't wait to return and Hola Sayulita spanish classes will be added to our vacation!
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Great Learning Experience!
Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. My friend and I loved every minute of our experience with Rene. He is a very kind and patient teacher that made learning fun and taught us so much about speaking Spanish and the Mexican culture. I highly recommend taking classes from Rene.
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Fun, challenging classes!
My husband and I took private lessons with Rene so that we would make a serious commitment to learning Spanish. My kids were learning at CVIS and we wanted to be able to 'keep up'. I really liked Rene's flow of classes - from the workbook to the flash card style sentences to the 'let's just do conversation today'. He was always open to teach what I thought I needed and what he could tell I needed more help with based on our conversations. I also liked that he would teach to what we might hear around town - some slang that wouldn't be obvious. Wonderful class, wonderful instructor!
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Awesome Spanish lessons, highly recommend?
Great, fun classes. Effective style of teaching and format to lessons which is really beneficial to me, the student. Definately recommend attending Rene's lesson!
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A great language learning experience on many levels
Hola Sayulita is a small operation run with care and dedication. Rene and Evelia were both fantastic. My instruction was with Evelia.The classes are mostly outdoors in the eco-minded "green" school of Colegio costa verda (a lovely setting). Evelia often seemed like she had studied linguistics because her insights into languages were quite profound (as she moved from French to Spanish to Latin to English with me when necessary). But she's an ecologist by training, with a vast knowledge of plants, medicines, and of course environmental issues. This was great in my case because I'm researching in this area for a new project. She could also discuss many other topics, as well as explain eternally confusing concepts for Anglophones such as the article lo and the fundamental differences between ser and estar. I've been studying Spanish for a few months once a week in the states, but Evelia gave me a new level in a week's time. Thank you Hola Sayulita!
Read more.. is a super person and teacher
We lived Rene. We are lower on the learning scale than novice but he was very kind and patient. He has a great sense of humor and we immensely enjoyed meeting him and having the lessons. It's a treat to have someone so personable and skilled as a teacher. We are grateful.
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4.94 out of 5 (based on 48 reviews)