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Hola Sayulita! Spanish Language Program at Costa Verde International School


Enjoy Mexico to the fullest and communicate in Spanish now.  We have 2 goals: Make Spanish easy, and make Spanish fun.  The Hola Sayulita! Spanish Language Program focuses on developing real-life communication skills for you first, while breaking through to a new world of perspectives by learning about Mexican culture… while in paradise.  We offer flexible, individualized language acquisition sessions through small group classes, or private sessions customized for your Spanish level and learning style that gets you the best results.   We take pride in our craft and your success.  Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Programs:  Group beginners classes are offered every weekday at noon.  Private classes are arranged to a schedule that suits you and at a frequency of your choosing or suggested by us.  

Key benefits:

  • Student´s Spanish level is established prior to classes
  • Flexibility.  You choose the number of hours, the intensity
  • Schedule your private classes at a convenient time for you and we will come to you (add $5)
  • Community Volunteer Opportunities

Prices (US$):

  • Group Program: $10 per Hour; $12 drop in
  • Private Program $25 per Hour; $40 for couple         
  • Materials and Registration fee: $25

Payment required in advanced and can be made in dollars, pesos (Google exchange rate), or by PayPal.

Students: Please reserve well in advance as our schedule books quickly.

  • Schedules are not guaranteed until payment is received.
  • Minimum 24 hour notice required for cancellation or refund.

A portion of your participation fees go toward the Colegio Costa Verde International School providing local children and families with a multicultural, bilingual, ecological, and private education for preschool through 6th grade.  Thank You for supporting a wonderful cause.

Reviews for Hola Sayulita! Spanish Language Program
4.94 out of 5 (based on 36 reviews)
Finally! Results!
I have lived on and off in Sayulita for 10 years and also have lived in Spain. After many years of false starts in learning Spanish I have finally found the class that helps me to coalesce the three most important components in learning a language: cultural immersion, grammar and articulation. Well deserved kudos to Rene and his associate Evelia, who is my personal teacher...Jack Lieberum, Sayulita.
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Quick Turnaround
I walked in on a Monday without notice and was set-up with classes that began that afternoon. Rene identified an instructor and contacted me via phone and email to inform me. No waiting around was great since I was only visiting for 6 days.
My instructor Juan was knowledgable, patient and friendly and I would definitely return to take classes.

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Back again!
I was so happy to continue my Spanish with Rene after having some lessons with him last summer. Once again Rene was able to accommodate coming to our condo and we continued right where we left off. The structure of the classes, which included review as well as lots of new material, was presented in a way which allowed for consistent progress and the development of new vocabulary throughout. Rene is so patient and always makes time to answer specific questions and add information which makes new concepts easier to understand and remember. Can't wait to continue next time we visit!
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Great and enjoyable learning experience!
Rene is a wonderful teacher who actively engages every student in the learning. I especially appreciated learning a wide range of verbs and have greater confidence now in practicing speaking Spanish during my days in Sayulita. Rene's sense of humor, warm welcome, and genuine interest in our learning also are great assets for this class. I recommend this as a very special part of spending time in Sayulita.
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I spent 6 weeks in Sayulita this year and decided to add to my extremely rudimentary knowledge of the Spanish language, so I enrolled in Hola Sayulita. The class was instructed by Rene', and he did a wonderful job of laying out the way we learned in a very logical manner. I had taken some classes on CD, but they never combined the hearing and seeing pieces and since many letters are pronounced differently in Spanish, I had not made the correlation.

Rene' started with basic words necessary to hold a conversation and drilled down in practice until they seemed natural Even though there was mixed levels and often a combination of people who had taken several classes mixed with newcomers, it was always a good exercise.

When my Spanish improved, Rene' had me take private lessons with Juan who encouraged me to hold real conversations with him talking about contemporary events. That mixed with Rene's group class was most helpful

Lastly, we were encouraged to not be shy about using our new skills and just go out and try to speak with the locals. we were assured most locals would help us, and they were absolutely correct. Learning the language enhanced our total stay in Sayulita. And next year when we return, I will take classes again to make sure my skills continue to improve
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Wonderful Spanish lessons
I took class with Rene for January and feburay. I loved going. He is a wonderful teacher, so steady and clear.
It is a fun way to learn your Spanish! I will be back!
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Spanish class
Class was interesting and fun! I took MWF classes of one hour each and then received private tutoring for one hour on both Tuesday and Thursday (these were from another teacher). Rene was a great teacher and valuable resource for anything Sayulita related. Would be great to have a more intensive course offered!
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Great Instructors in a Fun Environment
I undertook a variety of lessons, both group and private with Hola Sayulita 5 days a week for three weeks in January 2016. I have nothing negative to say about the program. Rene and his team take a laid back, fun approach to learning Spanish with lessons using practical applications that students can readily use in the local shops and markets. Rene's philosophy is to learn 5 or 6 verbs along with some basic vocabulary that you can put into practice in the local community. The group lessons allowed you to meet others in the community and learn alongside people at your level. I took several private lessons with one of Rene's instructors, Evelia, who was an absolutely fantastic instructor who continually pushed me with harder concepts and more complicated scenarios. The whole experience gave me a new appreciation for the difficulties in learning a new language but with a few basic verbs and vocabulary you can enter into some very basic conversations with the local vendors. Not only did I feel my Spanish language skills increased tremendously but I had a lot of fun as well. I look forward to returning next year.
Muchas gracias Rene y Evelia. Hasta proximo ano!
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Excellent and fun experience learning Spanish
We recently studied Spanish with Rene. We met with him for one hour a day for 3 weeks and plan to take more classes with him when we return to Sayulita. He is an excellent and dedicated teacher. He is practical, organized, and focuses on what you need to know in order to communicate and converse on an everyday basis. He also has a great sense of humor and makes learning Spanish fun. Each hour with Rene flew by, and we always left with the confidence to use our “new” language in town with local residents. Martha and Larry Casazza
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Added a meaningful cultural dimension to our trip
When we travel to Sayulita each December, we make a point of visiting the Costa Verde school to arrange Spanish tutoring for our kids (now 5 and 7). This year, we arranged to have a tutor come to our house for our children, and we also popped in to the weekly conversation class offered at the school.

Evelia (our tutor) was amazing! She brought lots of useful materials to each session, and she was very attuned to our kids' moods and interests. She created lessons that she knew our kids would love, and she modified the lessons to make the content specifically relevant to our children. The kids laughed, danced, and played music, learning Spanish all the while. The sessions were fantastic.

Rene is an excellent guy to deal with as well -- professional and interesting.

For our own instruction, my wife and I strolled over to Costa Verde for the weekly conversation classes. Rene pairs up one visitor with one local -- one-to-one conversation with someone who doesn't share your native language. The first half of the session is done in English, and the 2nd half is done in Spanish. To ensure there is plenty to talk about, Rene provides everyone with a list of topical questions. It was a lot of fun, and speaking with someone from town on various issues added a new dimension to our trip.

Yes, there are beaches and surfing and tacos and warmth and sunshine in Sayulita, and all of these make it tempting to laze on the beach with a bucket of Pacificos, but Sayulita is a small Mexican village, not a mega-resort. We're guests in a small town in another country. For us at least, the trip to Sayulita offers an opportunity to learn about another culture. We stroll to town and shop for our groceries, learning new recipes from the grocer. We talk with the locals....and, of course, knowing Spanish helps with this aspect of the travel. If all you want is tacos and a tan, then there's not much point in your learning any Spanish, but if you'd like to get something more out of your trip, then Hola Sayulita is a great place to go.
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4.94 out of 5 (based on 36 reviews)

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