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Questions about Grupo Pro Sayulita in Sayulita Mexico

  A: There is no Town Council in Sayulita because the Mexican system does not provide for one. Although the municipality is responsible for infrastructure and public services within its borders, in most cases, a portion of the cost for town improvements must be paid by the townspeople. In many cases (such as cobbling streets) that portion is 20%. Depending on the project and the availability of special funding( in certain areas and for certain types of projects), that percentage can be lower or can be waived. Also, if municipal funds are not available for a project that a town wants, the town might have to pay all or a higher percentage of the cost.          

Q: Who makes decisions regarding what improvements are made in Sayulita? 

A: Your property taxes, building permits, fines, fees, etc. that are paid to the municipal government are used to fund government services within the municipality. If you check your last year?s tax bill you will realize that the amount you pay in Sayulita is far lower than you pay in the USA, Canada or Europe. Usually a little over 100 USD versus the thousands you pay for property taxes in your country. This means that there is less government money available for the services our town needs. One hundred percent of your donation to Grupo Pro Sayulita A.C. is used to fund projects in Sayulita. This money is leveraged against government funds to get 5, 10 or even more times the investment in government projects for Sayulita. Since localities are generally required to put up a percentage of all government investment, Grupo Pro Sayulita A.C., through your donations can guarantee that we will cover our share. This relationship of trust with the Municipality gives us a big advantage to secure investments in our town versus seeing our tax money spent elsewhere.  

Q: How does Grupo Pro Sayulita A.C. work with the Municipal Government? 

  A: Grupo Pro Sayulita A. C. was formed by a group of Sayulita's local and foreign community members with the common goal of improving the quality of life in Sayulita. Your contribution makes you a supporting member of Grupo Pro Sayulita A. C.  

Q: Where is the office of Grupo Pro Sayulita A. C.?  

A: Your donation will make you a supporting member of Grupo Pro Sayulita A.C. If you are interested in helping with fundraising, planning, logistical and other needs of the group, please contact Cyndy Jones at contact@prosayulita.org.


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