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Árbol de los Niños in San Pancho, just ten minutes from Sayulita, offers a high-quality, bilingual education to students in Kindergarten through Lower-Elementary levels. Founded on the principles of Montessori, Árbol de los Niños incorporates “human values”, such as kindness, honesty, and inner-reflection, to prepare and guide the future generation. The school’s mission is to provide an interesting and enabling environment for children to create a solid foundation of knowledge and self-worth that will guide them through their future.
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Hi everyone. I am so happy to be here sharing recipes that are tried and true, and that I truly love! I wanted to share something really yummy with you all, and I finally decided on Fudgy Brownies. A site called set up a taste test using brownie recipes from Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, the Pioneer Woman, and Alton John, and Alton John’s Brownies were clearly the winner. I made them yesterday to take to an afternoon get together and they were perfect for a late Sayulita snack; fudgy, simple to make, and oh so delicious!
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Yambak. Most of us here in Sayulita instantly know the name and place, with its iconic location on the corner of the plaza; we’ve all seen locals and tourists alike having fun, enjoying great music, and dancing in the street at the corner of Yambak. Most notorious for its DJ nights with electronic music, Yambak has recently branched out to now offer an extensive beer and delicious food menu, with daily specials of poke bowls, cocktails, and in-house crafted beers. Arturo of Yambak tells me more about the history of the bar and restaurant, as well as some of the new things guests will find when they visit Yambak.
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The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true today and stands the test of time for a reason. Photos have the magical and beautiful ability to preserve memories, tell a story, or capture moments that are fleeting; in essence, photos make all aspects of this impermanent life, permanent. Jenn Farmer, professional photographer in Sayulita, offers a wide range of photography services, whether you are a local business that needs brand photos, or you are visiting Sayulita and you want something to remember your time here, or you’re a family that wants to capture your love and moments together. Jenn is extremely experienced and very talented at what she does; I talk with Jenn and she tells me more about her passion for photography and the types of photos she has the most expertise in.
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Art has the unique ability to transcend us into alternate realities and spaces; it can tell stories, remind us of our past or of loved ones, and can open our eyes and inspire us to see something we’ve never thought or dreamed of before. In essence, art creates a shared connection. In Sayulita, we are lucky to have a thriving community of diverse artists, and our beautiful, colorful pueblo magico truly reflects this sentiment, as it is normal to see bright, vivid paintings all over town. Antonio Hernandez is a local muralist, whose stunning work you’ve probably already seen on Sayulita’s walls and buildings. I speak with Antonio, and he tells me about himself and his passion for painting murals in Sayulita.