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Five Steps to Having the Best Wedding Ever:

1. Find Soul-mate

2. Fall in Love

3. Get Engaged

4. Hire Sayulita Dream Weddings

5. Show Up, Get Hitched, Have the Time of Your Lives

At Sayulita Dream Weddings, we believe that planning a wedding should be fun – a time of much joy and little stress. We believe that your wedding should be a unique reflection of you, your love, and your style. Above all else, we believe in Love. And we love weddings. This is what we do:

From defining the tasks and the timeline, to tracking every detail of the big week's events, we've got the logistics covered.

CommunicationWe speak your language, and we mean more than English. We know firsthand how critical it is to have a partner who gets it, who responds clearly and quickly, who gives you clear options and listens to your needs. We provide our clients with the highest level of service - our testimonials and recommendations speak for themselves:









It's all about you – letting your love shine through the perfect filter of color, texture, light, and details, details, details. We work with you to design events that are uniquely memorable. 
Collaboration + Inspiration = Perfection.

Budget Management 
We manage all of your wedding-week expenses under one easy-to-read budget. Budget management is: getting you the best price for the services you want; making and tracking the payments for goods and services; keeping your budget on track.

You're finally here, the decisions are made, and you're ready to hit the beach with your crew. Relax, we've got you covered. Our team moves into action, bringing your vision to life. We're there at each event, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch (except the hitch you came here for), and keeping the pre-wedding stress at bay.

We'll organize the details for your pre-wedding visit so you can get the most out of your time. Location scouts, food and cake tastings, vendor meetings, live music – we'll prep your itinerary, then give you the insider's tour once you're here. Can't make it down before the big week? We'll provide all the info and photos you need to make decisions from home.

Not looking for a Full Service Wedding Planner, but need some extra help? We offer custom consultation services tailored to your needs.

Ready to get started planning your dream wedding?  call us at 916-273-3774. 

Andrea + Gabbi Villarrubia

Recommendations for Dream Weddings
Rating: 5 out of 5 (based on 30 reviews)
Exceeds Expectatoins!! AMAZING TEAM

While planning a wedding from a far, Andrea made the entire planning process seamless and effortless. She took the weight of planning a wedding off our shoulders and executed it way beyond our expectations. Even with a short amount of time and trying to do a wedding on a budget, Andrea was unbelievably accommodating and flexible. Every last minute detail and change to our plans was quickly fixed or executed beyond what we could of imagined. The wedding week events and wedding were unbelievable!!! The decor, vibes, music, food..on and on was everything we wanted and more. It was the best week of our lives and truly amazing memories were made because of Sayulita Dream Weddings. (our guests are still talking about it) Andrea and her team are great at what they do, and worked really well with what we wanted and what our vibe was. I highly recommend using Andrea at Sayulita Dream Weddings to plan your next wedding celebration. You will be thankful that you did and definitely will NOT be disappointed!

Recommended by: Ava & Casey (California)
On: 08/28/14
|Date of Stay: May, 2014
Awesome Wedding Planner

When we decided to plan a destination wedding it became very apparent that we were going to need help. We contacted Andrea and she was extremely personable and organized from the beginning. She was able to decifer our messy emails, keep us on track, manage the budget and pick up our vision all at the same time. She had connections and experiences that made the decision making so much easier on catering, venue, floral arrangements, hair, and the list could go on. She not only manged the budget, but managed our year long timeline as well!!! When we finally arrived in Sayulita and got to meet Andrea, we were going a million different directions. She was so calm, and organized, she immediately put us at easy that all was taken care of and we could enjoy the wedding week instead of being stressed about it all coming together. Everything came together better than we had envisioned. We are truely indebted to Andrea for making our day so special!!!

Recommended by: Blair & Jason (Port Ludlow, WA, USA)
On: 07/23/14
|Date of Stay: April, 2014
Highly recommended.

As mother of the bride, I was very impressed with how Andrea worked with my daughter and her fiancÚ in the planning their wedding for 120 at the Palapa. We might not have used a wedding planner if the event was in the U.S., but it soon became clear that Andrea was invaluable and I can't imagine having done it without her. Andrea's local connections were key. When one venue fell through for the welcome party, she didn't skip a beat and organized an event on the beach that was even better than we had imagined. At the last minute, when we changed the location of the family photos before the wedding, there were 4 Suburbans waiting to whisk us to the venue. The churros made in front of our guests, late night tacos, the mariachi band, this all would have been almost impossible to organize from the States. I really appreciated the fact that Andrea had no agenda, came up with ways to cut costs, offered ideas but didn't push anything until we asked her opinion and then her advice was good. Her day of crew added special little touches that we hadn't expected and the Palapa looked amazing. Andrea's coordination with Don Pedro's for the food (it was excellent) and bar service was key, even negotiating a better price without being asked. Overall I can't think of one thing that could have been better. On our fairly tight budget, Andrea helped us create a dream wedding for 120 people, for maybe half of what it would have cost in the U.S., and all the guests loved being in Mexico.

Recommended by: Chris (Seattle)
On: 03/06/14
|Date of Stay: February, 2014
Wedding of my dreams

My husband and I just returned from our wedding at the St. Regis Punta Mita which Andrea helped to plan. I can't say enough about how amazing she was and what a pleasure it was to work with her. Andrea made my vision come true and delivered a wedding that no one will forget. Every person that attended keeps saying it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Her attention to detail is amazing and her patience is envious. I was pretty particular about what I liked and didn't like and at no time did she make me feel like I was being too demanding. In fact she just made me feel comfortable about everything. Not only did she deliver a perfect wedding for our 80 guests but she also created a beautiful Mexican themed welcome dinner on the beach Friday night before the wedding. I was blown away at how beautiful that event turned out. Andrea literally was our life saver, we could not have pulled off what our wedding was without her. We hope to renew our vows at that same location in a few years and wouldn't consider working with anyone but her.

Recommended by: VanessaMT (San Francisco, CA, USA )
On: 11/12/13
|Date of Stay: November, 2013
Thank you to Sayulita Dream Weddings for making our wedding absolutely magical!

Andrea at Sayulita Dream Weddings was such a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail was exceptional!! She came up with so many beautiful things that made our day so special. We are still on cloud 9 and our guests continue to rave about our wedding. She went above and beyond and helped with a lot of the planning around activities for our guests throughout our week in Sayulita. It was the best week of our lives and we have Sayulita Dream Weddings to thank for that :)

Recommended by: Lisa & Patrick (Aurora, Ontario, Canada)
On: 06/24/13
|Date of Stay: May, 2013
Excellent Wedding Planner

Andrea is fabulous. We were in awe of her ability to make our dream wedding become a reality. We planned our wedding without ever having visited Sayulita and the second we met Andrea, all of our fears were dissolved. She is on top of things, every single thing went off without a hitch, and every moment of our wedding weekend was better than we ever imagined. She brought great ideas and even greater executions- She went above and beyond for us and we can't thank her enough.

Recommended by: Woodruff (Denver, CO)
On: 05/22/13
|Date of Stay: April, 2013
Planning Angel

I let Andrea take the reigns and I am so glad I did. I am a perfectionist and I also love planning. If I had not let Andrea take on the project of the wedding I don't know if I would have had as much fun. I trusted her completely and she delivered 110%. I wish I would have had more time to thank her for her efforts but as anyone will tell you time will slip away from you at your wedding. This is the reason why you should let people help and above all else get a great wedding planner! Enjoy yourself, let Andrea and her team do their thing and you will have an amazing time. The fondest memory I will take with me from my time with Andrea was sitting in a coffee shop with her having a minor breakdown. I had been suffering with a head cold for two weeks and was very worried I would not get over it in time for the wedding. She knew what I needed was five minutes of quiet, no questions, a gentle comforting hand on my arm, and a shot of tequila. :) Thanks again my planning Angel. Besos x

Recommended by: Julie Cassettari (Whistler, BC, Canada)
On: 02/13/13
|Date of Stay: December, 2012
Best wedding planner ever!

Andrea at Sayulita Dream Weddings is absolutely amazing and helped us plan the "BEST WEDDING EVER!" All our 60 guests are still talking about how amazing our wedding was - and we owe it all to Andrea. She worked with us for a year, handling every one of our specific requests and delivering a week of events that all exceded our expectations. Andrea is very patient, thorough, dependable, organized, and knowledgeable. She's also very cool and sweet, and we really enjoyed getting to know her and her family. She not only excels at project management, but also has a great heart. We loved the idea of having our wedding planned by a couple who had also gotten married in Sayulita. We highly recommend Sayulita Dream Weddings and suggest you book them today!

Recommended by: Amanda & Dave (San Francisco, CA)
On: 02/10/13
|Date of Stay: November, 2012
Wedding Perfection

We were looking for a beautiful, low stress wedding in a town we've come to love. Choosing Andrea & her team at Sayulita Dream Weddings was by far the smartest choice we made. She made every decision before the wedding easy & kept things running so smoothly that we arrived in Sayulita with no worries at all. In the days leading up to the big day & right through the end of the night she was a calm & reassuring presence while keeping everything running perfectly. Not only did they create exactly the look & mood we were hoping for but they managed to exceed our expectations with every element. The decorations, food & drink & the photographer were all so much better that we'd hoped for, especially on our relatively modest budget. Not only were we thrilled with our wedding but we heard things like "Best wedding ever" & "Your wedding was so much fun" from every guest that attended for months after. If you're thinking of a Sayulita wedding do yourself a favor & hire Sayulita Dream Weddings.

Recommended by: Ed & Jessica (Chicago, IL)
On: 02/11/13
|Date of Stay: June, 2012
10 stars out of 5!!!

I honestly thought I could plan my wedding on my own with the resort in Punta Mita where we were planning to get married. I soon realized that I was in way over my head and so I called Andrea who came with a glowing recommendation from a friend who had gotten married the previous year in Sayulita. I have never looked back for even a second. Andrea is creative, has an incredible aesthetic, and is also very thorough, thoughtful, and reliable. It was a huge relief to have her on my team. I trusted her completely. She did a wonderful job staying in touch with me but I wasn't drowned in decisions. The perfect balance. And then the week of the wedding, I really didn't have to worry about any of the details. It was just orchestrated to perfection by Andrea and her team. I am so incredibly grateful for all of her hard work and expertise!!!!!!

Recommended by: Meagan (San Francisco, CA, USA)
On: 06/06/12
|Date of Stay: May, 2012
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