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Why rent via Sayulita Life?
Sayulita home owner testimonials
The website works!!!…we have had four rental requests and TWO CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS by the end of our SECOND DAY on SayulitaLife.com.
Cheryl Vaughan
I have been on Sayulita Life for less than two weeks and I am ALREADY getting more inquires via your website than from VRBO.
Casa Tocayo has been on your website SayulitaLife.com for less than 24 hours and already we have two inquiries! Great job!
Bob Daniels
You were right!! We had an inquiry for six nights come in last night …about 7 hours after you had it posted! … it works, tee-hee! Less than 24 hours after our listing posted, we have had three inquires and one confirmation. Amazing! The site is obviously worth it; thanks again for all your help.
...Wow! After THREE DAYS on the site, we already got a rental for late June thanks for the professional help. we consider this a major win.
Robert and Ivette
We just received a 9-day rental from Sayulita Life for AUGUST 2005!!! (10 months in advance.) ..this is a great tool for summer rentals. Keep up the great work!
Patricia Clenaghen
We get FAR MORE RENTALS from our ad on your website than from our rental agent in Sayulita. Thank you for creating Sayulita Life. Sayulita really needed this!
Phil & Ellen Schultz
Within 3 days after I listed my house with Sayulitalife.com. I rented my house out to an ideal couple for six straight weeks. Another week long rental came shortly thereafter.
Queenelle Minet
We are very excited about the response we are receiving to our listing on SayulitaLife.com! We have been listed on VRBO for many years, and although we are still listed on their website, our inquiries from Sayulita Life currently account for about 80% OF THE ACTIVITY we receive on the Internet and have resulted in many reservations. Our rentals have INCREASED AT LEAST 50% over this time last year.
Patrick & Lynn Palanza
Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know we got our first confirmed rental for Casa Palmar today. [LESS THAN TWO WEEKS on SayulitaLife.com] Thank you.
Bob & Sherry Danials
We are getting several inquires, many which convert to bookings, through your website. It's been VERY SUCCESSFUL FOR US; thank you! We're close to booking most of Dec, all of Feb, and now have much of Jan booked.
Adrienne Hill
Just writing to let you know we are pleased with the response we have gotten from our listing. We have gotten 4 rentals so far from the site but many, many requests. In any case, thanks, you've done a great job with the website.
[It's only April] and we already have a three week rental for Christmas & New Years and also have our first repeat booking. Your website is fabulous…I am sure you hear it all the time but just wanted to reiterate.
Amy Cawrse
From a marketing perspective, the look, feel and placement of www.SayulitaLife.com make it attractive to prospective renters interested in Sayulita. We receive numerous referrals from our rental listings on the site, and many of those RESULT IN BOOKINGS.
Peter Seidman
At least HALF of our bookings come from Sayulita Life, the website works great ……thank you.
John Dagen
I really like your website, and now recommend it to our renters (and inquirers) as the BEST SINGLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION about the town. We have probably received fifteen (or more, I have not kept track) inquiries from the website, and at least two are renting, not bad for this time of year...Thank you
Mark England
...I have to say a site like this is way overdue…the web page is really extensive and very professional.
Marcie Cavanagh
...what Sayulita really needs, an ALL INCLUSIVE WEBSITE to aid vacation renters as well as home owners in the area to rent their casas and casitas. Great to see you are doing it.
Eliot Diamond
WOW... awesome! What a site; I've been very disappointed for a long time, hoping someone would improve the Sayulita site but you exceeded any expectations I might have had. How wonderful and thank you so much. Keep up the great work; you are appreciated more than you know. Thank you again.
A new endeavor, good !!! We have needed a "good", not strictly commercial, site. I have already posted a message and answered a question. I have also "passed on" your "site" addy to friends.
Richard Jones
Congratulations on a great site. VERY INFORMATIVE AND WELL PLANNED, I know it will remain a useful tool for all of us.
Congratulations! This site is exactly what Sayulita needs...great job!  All of the extra add-ons we pay for are really worthwhile
Doug and Julie Mershon
Add special details for your pricing including deposit information, refunds, additionalguests fees, cleaning fees, etc.
Low Season
High Season
Villa Rosetta (complete with separate apartment) is comfortably priced at:
Low Season (July-Oct): $365/night
High Season (Nov-Jun): $470/night
Holidays: $595/night
*Three bedroom pricing above does not include the attached 1BR/1BA
circle-home List the best eye-catching details about your property
yellow-star Rooftop Jacuzzi yellow-star AC in all rooms
yellow-star Surfboards provided yellow-star Boogie boards too
yellow-star Quiet neighborhood yellow-star Stunning architecture
yellow-star Tastefully furnished yellow-star Beautiful kitchen
yellow-star Walk everywhere yellow-star No rental car needed