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Sayulita Business Owner Testimonials

“We are grateful to Sayulita Life, who have been doing incredible work advertising our business, making us known among locals and tourists in the last few years. Sayulita Life is a great opportunity for growth in business. Thank you so much to all Sayulita Life staff from us here at the Chicalocca family.” - Chica Locca Magical Tours

"Sayulita Life has been an excellent tool for advertising our wedding business.  When we were just starting out, Sayulita Life was our introduction to the Sayulita market and brought us all of our initial client inquiries, allowing us to build a client-base and a reputation among the top wedding planners in Sayulita.  After 7 years planning weddings in Sayulita, a majority of our clients still find us through Sayulita Life, and we have been fortunate to have as much business as we looking for, without having to invest in additional advertising or constantly update our own website for search engine optimization.  The pricing for a business ad is incredibly fair and reasonable, and has not increased once in 7 years - which is fabulous and pretty unheard of in business and life in general.  I would recommend Sayulita Life to any business owner looking to grow their business and reach consumers and tourists in the Sayulita and surrounding markets." - Gabbi and Andrea Villarrubia, Sayulita Dream Weddings

"As a new business in Sayulita, SayulitaLife was a able to give us the publicity we needed to be recognized very quickly in Sayulita. We are a little hidden and the interactive map feature has been a big help in letting people know exactly where we are located." - Josue Aaleyah's Wings and Nachos

"We were one of the first to place an ad with Sayulitalife and it has been an amazing tool for our buisness. They have always had a hands on approach with creative ideas and the follow through to help us reach more and more people. We value the relationship we developed over years with Sayulitalife!"  - Adam of Gecko-Rent-A-Car

"I am very grateful to sayulitalife website. It has given me so much business and has helped me grow a lot. SayulitaLife has been the major way to advertise my personal chef business and get clients. They have done an amazing job at putting my web page together to make my listing work. When I talked to the owners, Ian and Kerry about advertising, they told me I was the first one to advertise this kind of service in Sayulita but they sure made it all work for me! Thanks a lot!" - Sofia Silva Sanchez Personal Chef

"I am very happy that our beautiful town has such a comprehensive, rich and well organized website. I think I was one of the first costumers and it worked so well for me over all these years that I never even thought of getting another page for my business. Its great to see that the owner puts every year a lot of effort into improvements. I myself use this site a lot to find the location of my client's rental homes once I get booked for an out-call - very convenient. Thank you very much for your excellent service."
- Ulrike (Riki) Kuhnert, Great Massages and Rolf Bodywork

"Sayulitalife is the leading source of information for visitors to Sayulita.  You can't afford not to advertise here." - Audrey Royem, Audrey International Consulting

"Thank you Sayulita Life for helping us promote our new businesses. We have tried several forms of advertising, some very costly, and have found our advertisment with Sayulita Life bring the most business and positive feedback. We have lots of new and returning clients that have found us through Sayulita Life and with so many options here the client recommendations have also been a huge support for new travelers to choose us. It has been so easy and such a pleasure to work with your team. We look forward to another great year of working together." Leyla Morris, Stand Up Sayulita, Iguana Gardens