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Why rent via Sayulita Life?

Stand Up Paddle shop in Sayulita, Mexico


Stand Up Sayulita Home Page:

Welcome to Stand Up Sayulita, Sayulita's only Stand Up Paddle Board shop. We offer a huge selection of stand up paddle boards and accessories for rent and sale. We are the exclusive distributors of the top board brand Riviera Paddle Surf and the famous Quickblade Paddles. We also carry a variety of other brands like Rogue, Naish, Surftech, Kialoa, and Pure Paddles. We have the widest range of accessories for stand up paddle boarding and surfing in Sayulita so what ever your boarding needs are, chances are we have it. We are always stocked with the latest and greatest like Future and FCS Fins, Stay Covered leashes, tropical organic wax, Rainbow Sandles, Bomber Floating Eyewear, and our newest favorite, the SpeAqua waterproof speaker, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while on the water.

Although we are known for being the go to paddle board shop for lesson, rentals, and sales we also carry several SoftTop surf boards which are perfect for learning to surf- after all Sayulita is said to be the best place in Mexico to learn how to surf. We also have a selection of Firewire short boards for sale and for rent, so no need to lug your own surfboard when we have the perfect board already here waiting for you. Firewire surfboards are some of the most innovative and universal boards on the market and will help take you to the next level of surfing.

At Stand Up Sayulita, we have a great crew of well rounded, local waterman who are very knowledgable of many different water sports and of course the ocean. We offer lessons in surf, SUP, and SUP surfing, all from beginner to advanced levels!

Come check out what else Stand Up Sayulita has to offer! We carry specialty brands that can't be found anywhere else in Mexico but one of our retail locations. We are also the only shop in Sayulita with Go Pro cameras and accessories. Make sure you document your trip with the best action cameras and the coolest Go Pro accessories. 

Stand Up Paddle and Surf Boards:

  • Riviera
  • Rogue
  • Naish
  • Surftech
  • Firewire Surfboards


  • Kialoa
  • Quickblade
  • Pure paddles
  • Riviera


  • Go Pro
  • Rainbow sandals
  • SpeAqua Waterproof Speakers 
  • Maui Babe
  • Stay Covered
  • Dakine
  • Futures fins
  • FCS fins
  • Quickblade
  • Rogue
  • Locals Sandals
  • TY Bikinis  
  • RDTV
  • Elemental Herbs organic sunscreen
  • Mora Girls
  • Hawaiian Island Creations
  • Kanu Lock straps
  • Watermans
  • Vaalbara leather bags
  • Toes on the Nose 
  • ....and many, many more
Reviews for Stand Up Paddle Mexico
5 out of 5 (based on 17 reviews)
The Best For SUP
Really great selection of boards in very good condition! I was there almost every day to grab a board for two weeks and the service was always excellent! Thanks to all of you, Tavo you rule! Yeah!
And congratulations to Shelby for winning both paddle races.! I watched you training, I knew you could do it!
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Terrific lesson ... great people!
I'm at the age where I probably shouldn't be taking up a new sport, but really wanted to give SUP a try. Wound up taking a lesson with Leyla, but had to quit early due to rough conditions. She was good to her word that we could continue the lesson another day, so a few days later we took the boards out and had an amazing time on the water. Super friendly people, great location, etc. I'd add more stars if I could.
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Great Shop
Back for a second season with Stand Up Paddle. Could not be happier! Leyla has the best service and wide selection of anything you need!! Be sure to drop by and visit the shop. It's one of the best of Sayulita!
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THE place to rent Paddle Boards
I have been paddle boarding for a few years now- I saw what was on offer in Sayulita and knew that I would only rent from this shop!! Their equipment is top notch- and their staff is educated and extremely kind and helpful. I rented for 5 days and was given a good rate. I had a choice of size of boards but after I found a favorite board- I was able to use that one every day. Antonio and Julio could not have been nicer and were really helpful when I asked about the currents- safety on the water etc. I like to paddle long distances and they told me what to watch out for- how far I should go if I were by myself etc. One day, one of my friends rented from another shop and her board was not the right fit from her. When we return we will both rent from this shop. I had the opportunity to meet the owner and she was super sweet. SUP is wonderful sport and she has certainly caught the bug- It's easy for anyone to do this. It's both relaxing and active and gets you in great shape: I really suggest taking a lesson, renting a board and getting out there:)!!
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Great Shop
My wife and I were in Sayulita for about 3 weeks and rented our equipment from Stand Up Paddle Mexico. The staff in the shop were excellent! Tonio, Martin, and Julio went out of their way to make sure we had a terrific time! The shop had a great selection of equipment as well as apparel, we ended up buying a number of shirts for gifts! I highly recommend Stand Up Paddle and will definitely be doing business again next year! Thanks!
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So fun! Thorough instruction with a great teacher.
I just tried paddle boarding for the first time with Stand Up Sayulita last week and had an awesome time. I joined a group of other women that were travelling together and we had Layla as an instructor for almost 3 hours. The lesson started in their beautiful Iguana Gardens where she went over all the basics, then it was to the beach to practice everything on the water. It was so fun and I was glad for the thoroughness of the lesson before getting into the water. After just one lesson I feel confident enough to try it on my own - thanks Layla!
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Why wouldn't you check this place out.
My wife and I came to Sayulita in early March. I had been reading about SAP so I booked a lesson. Leyla and Thor (the dog) walked me through the basics on shore and then Fatiana joined in and we headed to the beach. The girls carried all the stuff and I just followed along. After falling down at least 20 times trying to STAND UP I finally got the hang of it and paddelled around for a long time. The girls were very patient, helpful and chill while I struggled to STAND UP. We made it back to the store and when I got the bill I couldn't believe the low cost considering all the time and effort the girls had put in accommodating me. So we had a beer at the very serene bar at the back of the store and later in the week rented a golf cart from SUP which was a blast, and went to listen to a guitar player busting his chops on Jobin, again at the cool bar. Later we bought some stuff and everyone could not have been nicer. Check this place out, it will make you happy.
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highly recommend it!
While staying in Sayulita we came upon a visually appealing shop and just had to stop in. The merchandise was displayed with great care, and the selection was way more than just another t-shirt shop in a tourist town. We discovered that SUP lessons were offered and thought we'd give it a try. Thanks to Leyla and Matt, it was one of the best experiences we had as a family in Sayulita. Leyla has a real talent for teaching. She prepared us so well before we hit the beach that getting up on our boards was actually happening with not too much trouble. Once we got beyond the waves, we, each in our own time, and with Leyla's continued coaching, managed to feel some success at a new sport. Great place, great people, and highly recommend it! We are now wearing our SUP Sayulita T-shirts with pride and a sense of real accomplishment. Thank you, Leyla and Matt and we hope to see you again. Mark, Joan, Peter and Ian
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Made Some Awesome Memories
It was my first time paddle boarding and the pointers they gave me really helped! Over the week I was paddling I got a lot stronger and went down to a ten foot board. It was tricky but the support and tips from the instructors and staff really helped! They were always smiling and ready to help answer questions or carry boards and paddles which truly made a big difference after a good day of paddling and your muscles are just jello.I had an awesome time surfing the waves on my board and paddling out around the beach. My entire family got out paddling and it was a great activity that everyone really enjoyed! I will defiantly rent my boards from Stand Up Paddle the next time I come down and I highly recommend others to as well! Thank you guys so much!!
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Supportive instruction for a first time paddle board experience
I'm a woman "of a certain age" who has wanted to try Stand Up Paddling for a few months but wasn't sure I could physically do it. With the support and encouragement of the owner, Leyla, I got over my hesitation and had a wonderful time. It turns out it's very easy and it's hard to go wrong. I really recommend Leyla and her crew for lessons and rentals.
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5 out of 5 (based on 17 reviews)