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AC CONTABLE in Sayulita Mexico


Payroll Services
Bilingual Services
Personalized Accounting Services
Rental through booking sites registration and tax filing
General Accounting
Property Management

AC CONTABLE in Sayulita 

AC Contable in Sayulita, Mexico was created in 2021 with the desire to provide personalized bilingual accounting services. 

Our mission is to provide dependable and quality service of accounting and tax preparation assistance to all sectors of industry, commerce, and individuals. We shall endeavor to provide our services in a comprehensive and cost-competitive manner while providing our customer care advantage.

Services we offer:

  • RFC Registration
  • Tax return
  • Financial statements
  • Payroll management
  • Expense budgeting
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Property management
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Great service and very knowledgeable about the taxes and fees that are part of owning in Mexico. Very hard working and through in her work for us.
Laura has been doing the management and accounting for our rental in Sayulita for over two years and is very through and attentive to the details for us.
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Experienced: January, 2022
Excelente servicio que he recibido y un lugar adecuado para atenderme
Las dos bellas damas que me atendieron son excelentes profesionales que no solo me llevaron de la mano en todo el proceso de las necesidades por las cuales acudí a ellas, excelente servicio y atención recibida, muy detalladas y sinceras lo cual agradezco en estos tiempos...

En pocas palabras un lugar adecuado y excelente para cualquier persona pueda ser asesorado y que ellos lleven todo lo que nosotros nos cuesta o no podemos hacer al igual que cualquier empresa que sin duda lo pueden hacer….
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Experienced: January, 2022
Taxes don't have to 100% painful.
Unless you're a glutton for punishment, no on enjoys paying taxes. This is one of those areas in Mexico that you should never ever attempt to try doing it on your own. It is a complicated process and an extremely time consuming procedure... the IRS is child's play by comparison. Laura not only knows the tax code inside and out, but also how best to help with all of the the filings, (and depending on your circumstance) she might even be able to help advise you about legal ways that could help you save money. Her English is absolutely perfect and she took the time to thoroughly explain to us how the process works and the time-lines for the different deadlines (and there are many) and she's always been quick to answer any questions that have come up for us from time to time. Above all, her integrity and honesty are clearly obvious from the start. More than anything, we trust her implicitly. If you own rental property (or any business in Mexico) you should talk with her first. We are indebted to her and would never think of using anyone else. Laura is the sugar that helps the tax medicine go down easier.
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Experienced: January, 2021
Incredibly competent!
Laura helped me out by writing contracts for new employees and determining liquidation for old employees. Not only was she extremely professional and competent but she also helped explain the nuances of the contracts to my staff. I am delighted to see her start her own business and support her in every way.
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Experienced: January, 2021
Great service !!
"Let me start by saying just how kind and approachable these ladies are"
Trying to get a handle on business taxes can be really stressful, but with their help and guidance, navigating through the tedious process was surprisingly painless.
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Experienced: January, 2021
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Owner/Manager Name
Laura & Deiri
The firm is run by CPA Laura Pimentel Rodríguez & LCP Deiri Temblador Navarrete, passionate professionals who also like teaching and firmly believe that quality advice is the key to meeting the commercial objectives of any business, from a small ... [Read more]

The firm is run by CPA Laura Pimentel Rodríguez & LCP Deiri Temblador Navarrete, passionate professionals who also like teaching and firmly believe that quality advice is the key to meeting the commercial objectives of any business, from a small business owner even the most recognized corporation.

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10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Av. Revolución #20 C, Sayulita, Nayarit
+52 311-184-8640
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
+52 322-128-1931
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
+52 329-296-7342
(Please mention Sayulita Life)