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Animalove Veterinary Clinic in Sayulita Mexico

Preventive dental care for pets
Lab test available
Pet hotel
24hour Emergency service

Animal Love veterinary Clinic In Sayulita Mexico, offers you high quality and professional medical service for your pet.   Personalized service by Dr. Marcia Alvarez and  Dr. Gabriel Trejo. Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Trejo had worked in the community since 2010 initially as volunteers for SayulitAnimals bringing health and finding homes for animals in Sayulita. 

AnimaLove Clinic opened its doors in 2011.  With the  missión  to provide the highest quality of service for their patients within the highest standards of a veterinary clinic. AnimaLove guarantees experience, quality and  professionalism in every and each of our services to assure that your pet will receive the best and appropriate service on any and all procedure, routine or emergency.   At AnimaLove, your pet is our priority. 

AnimaLove also offers to the public a wide range of Pet-food, specialty food, cleaning accessories, toys, leashes, collars and much more. 

Business Hours 

Monday to Friday 9:30 – 19:00hrs
Saturday 9:30 – 15:00hrs
Sunday closed.

Telephone number 329-291-3295
EMERGENCIES 24 HOURS 322-227-5806 


Medical Exams: Pets require an annual physical exam as a preventive measure as well as their vaccinations. 

Surgery: Spay and neuter, cesarean as well as a huge variety of soft  tissue surgeries 

Lab test: AnimaLove has a blood analyzer which is routinely used to perform a test before surgery, diagnosis of infectious and inflammatory diseases as well to detect anemia.  It also helps on the White and red  blood cells, managing to obtain valuable information about the health of our patients allowing us to detect or prevent any disease.

Dental Care: We have the necessary equipment for your pet´s dental care. The clinic provides routinary cleanings as well as care for some common dental problems.  The dental ultrasound is useful to meet the needs of our older patients  that tent to have problems such as: plaque, periodontitis, and gingivitis. 

Pharmacy: We have an extensive range of medicines.  The medication can be supplied to our patients at the time of consultation.  

Grooming: AnimaLove uses products of the highest quality on the aesthetic care of your Pets. 

Pet Hotel:  AnimaLove now provides with overnight care and hotel service for your pets.  In 

AnimaLove your pet will be treated and care as a member of AnimaLove Family. The clinic now has a nice comfortable safe place where your pet will receive special care during their stay.

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from 10 reviews
Great Service!! Very kind to my dog and knowledgable. Honest vets and reasonable pricing.
I adopted a dog from and had some concerns before taking her back to the united states. The vet met me there in a timely fashion and did a thorough check up, prescribed some eye drops for a conjunctivitis and sent me on my way with a very low bill. It is obvious the vets (husband and wife) are animal lovers. They also have a good selection of toys, treats, and Wild Buffalo food!!!
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Experienced: May, 2018
Marcia is the best
I found a stray dog that i wanted to try to fly back to the US with me. Marcia took the dog in and boarded her until i figured out how to get her back. She treated her with love and when i went to visit she looked so good. I speak no spanish but Marcia worked to understand me and made the process easy for me. I wasn't nervous saying good bye to her knowing she was in such good hands.
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Experienced: March, 2017
Best Animal Care in the World
I have had the good luck to know Marci and Gabrielle and have my dogs treated at their excellent vet facility. I've always received excellent professional care at a very fair price. This pair of vets gives honest, loving care to the animals they attend. Marci has also offered help with my horse and I have boarded my dogs at their facility. I trust these vets with any decision, they are honorable and continue to learn the latest knew care techniques through continued vet medicine schooling. Sayulita residents are very lucky to have such an excellent clinic in town - I trust Dr. Marci and Dr. Gabrielle to always give the best medical care to my animals. Their care and professionalism are top notch.

He tenido la buena suerte de conocer a Marci y Gabrielle y hacer que mis perros sean tratados en su excelente centro veterinario. Siempre he recibido un excelente cuidado profesional a un precio muy justo. Este par de veterinarios da atención honesta y amorosa a los animales a los que asisten.
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Experienced: December, 2016
Love animal love
Wonderful , caring , loving vets. Very professional and personal care.
We are very lucky to have them in town.
So grateful!
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Experienced: December, 2016
Marcia and Gabriel they always help me in all possible way..
They truly love animals and not just dogs and cats
I will always be grateful for their great work..
[Read more]
Experienced: November, 2016
The Most Compassionate Vets!!
Marcia and Gabriel are two of the most caring and compassionate vets I have ever come across. I foster many dogs in Sayulita, so I am in their clinic almost every month, and they are always so helpful with providing the best care and service. One foster in particular was a dog they saved the life of, who had been hit by a car. He had compound fractures, a broken jaw and required surgery to fix his femur. They worked tirelessly to repair this dog's injuries and were so patient and supportive throughout his recovery. He now lives in Canada where he outruns all of his dog siblings. Animalove is my vet of choice, they are fantastic and will treat you and your pet with respect and compassion.
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Experienced: November, 2016
"AnimaLove" says it all!!
When we moved to Sayulita 2½ years ago, our biggest concern was finding a great Vet to take care of Tin Tin and Shu Shu...well, did we ever luck out when we found Marcia and Gabriel right down the hill from our home!! It was so evident that not only were they completely medically competent, but that they truly loved animals and weren't in the business just to make money.
Since that time, they have done everything from medical treatment to grooming and bathing (the dogs actually LOVED to go to the "salon" to see Tia Marcia and get beautiful!), and even helped Tin Tin cross the Rainbow Bridge when it was time.
They are constantly striving to improve their service so that sick and wounded animals will not have to leave the area for treatment, and are an integral part of the community here in the north Bahia area.
So, if you love your animal - from kitties to horses and everything in between - then AnimaLove is the place for all of your animal needs!
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Experienced: November, 2016
I cannot thank this clinic enough, they were amazing human beings!
Me & my 5 girlfriends were in Mexico to celebrate a milestone b-day and we spent a day in Sayulita where we were adopted by a stray dog who was very sick. The poor pup was bleeding out of her female parts and it wasn't just her being in heat. We tried to ditch her at one point and she found us 2 hours later at a private beach. I think it was destiny that we reunited and it was at that moment I knew we needed to take her to the vet in town. I was the only one who knew where it was and that it really did exist. We walked all the way and our little, sick friend followed. Once there, Marcia examined her and determined she had cervical cancer and we agreed we would pay to have her treated, as in cancer removed, spaying her, all of her vaccinations, bloodwork to make sure all was right and they kept her for several weeks to make sure she got her chemotherapy, all at a cost of $250.00. This would have cost thousands in the U.S. and I think she had better care in Mexico. They were very sympathetic towards her and got us in touch with Sayulita Animal Rescue who I donated a bunch of money to, to ensure that this wonderful dog gets the love and attention that she deserves and hopefully will be adopted out to her forever family. If ever in Sayulita and need a vet, these are the people to go to. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from you friends in Colorado!
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Experienced: January, 2015
Love Animalove!
For the last 5 years, Animalove has helped my family of pets/animals .....Bodhi in his elder years had a peaceful last few years because of the help received from Animalove. Bindi has been with me since she was a week old and Animalove helped her stay alive during a rough beginning. Much love to and for Animalove!
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Experienced: December, 2013
Best Vet Service
I have had many dog and cat emergencies here in Sayulita and I always call animalove. They are so kind and caring, they make both the animals and the humans relax. They have brought "animals back from the brink" for me many times and never flinch when called to help after hours. Thank you for your outstanding service, you work miracles.
[Read more]
Experienced: November, 2013
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Owner/Manager Name
Gabriel & March
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Hours of Operations:
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturdays we close at 3:00 pm. Open Monday to Saturday
Av Revolucion #4 A. (Beside the police station)
Mexico Telephone:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Mexico Cell:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
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