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Acuario Solar And Water in Sayulita Mexico

Aquario in Sayulita

Sayulita's go-to shop for all things clean energy
Complete Home and Commercial Solar Systems (On and Off Grid)
Solar Golf Cart Installations
Batteries for home or golf cart
Alkaline Water Delivery
In-home water purification systems

Acuario in Sayulita is your go-to shop for all things clean energy. 

About Acuario:

Headquartered in Sayulita, Acuario is your local choice for all things clean energy. 

Our background is in developing and scaling sustainable systems around the world. Including off and on grid solar, water purification, sustainable farming, and electric vehicles. 

MISSION: To design and install superior quality clean energy systems that deliver maximum long-term value. Simple, trustworthy, and affordable. 

Acuario Solar: 

After arriving in Sayulita we realized there was no “solar store” where someone interested in solar could speak with an expert plus view available equipment. That's why we created Acuario Solar. We are the local trusted experts you have been looking for. 

Our team of expert designers and installers delivers incredible workmanship. We always customize our systems specific to the project to make sure our customers get the most superior quality package. 

If you are considering an off-grid system that includes solar+batteries, we have the most affordable and complete selection you will find.

Additionally, we only source top-quality components that are under warranty, as well as provide on-call local servicing of your system. Habla inglés + español. 

Acuario Agua: 

Craving some local living water that actually hydrates you? We got you. 

The problem with all current drinking water options in Sayulita is that they are either corporate owned (Ciel is owned by Coke, E-Pura by Pepsi), and/or use reverse osmosis to purify their water. Reverse Osmosis is great in removing the bad, but it also removes all the good. You are left with dead water (no minerals/lower PH)

Acuario Water is created using electrolysis. This technology purifies, alkalizes, and ionizes the water naturally.  The result? Naturally charged up + purified + alkalized living water loaded with beneficial minerals. 

We offer two options for receiving Acuario Agua:

  1. Subscription Delivery Service: Select how many bottles you would like delivered to your door per month. 

  2. Purchase a water system: Our in-home system can process up to 400 gallons per day of alkalized drinking ​

Energy Showroom:

The Acuario storefront is located on the Punta Mita highway next to the Meson de Perro hotel. 

Here at the Energy Hub you can come and view the energy systems in action as well as speak with our energy experts about your needs.

Please use the contact form or call the number above (please mention Sayulita Life) for inquiries

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Best Water in Sayulita
Truly the best water in Sayulita that actually feels like it hydrates you and doesn't leave you feeling thirsty afterwards. Tyler provides excellent service.
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Experienced: September, 2021
Amazing alkaline water!
Love having living water that truly hydrates you. They use electrolysis which naturally alkalizes the water and retains all minerals. SO SO important! Delivery is fast and online subscription is easy.
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2020
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9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
10 de mayo #1, Col el Barbon, 63734 Sayulita, Nay., Mexico
+1 808-334-1550
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Kid Friendly
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