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Banana Sport Fishing in Sayulita Mexico

Banana Sport Fishing

30ft luxury super panga!
Offering customized fishing adventures and tours
Lunch, snacks and Beer/drinks provided with fishing tours
Seasonal whale and dolphin watching tours
Destination tours to Yelapa, Majahuitas, Las Animas and Quimixto
One of a kind, intimate and unique tours for all ages

The Banana Sport Fishing Boat in Sayulita is a luxurious 30ft super panga designed for you to cruise Banderas Bay in comfort and style.

The Banana Sport Fishing Boat offers a variety of activities for all types of groups that include fishing, surfing, snorkeling, dolphin and whale watching (seasonal), scenic boat tours around the stunning Bay of Banderas as well as destinations such as Yelapa, Majahuitas, Las Animas and Quimixto.

You customize your tour and we take care of the rest!

The Banana Sport Fishing Boat in Sayulita is truly one of a kind and offers an experience of a lifetime. Our awesome crew members and highly experienced Captain Pancho "Banana" will deliver an amazing day on the water. We can also provide round trip transportation for a small additional fee. Our luxury super ponga is located just 20 minutes south of Sayulita in the La Cruz marina. Additionally, we provide water, soda, beer, guacamole & salsa Mexicana on all tours, lunch provided on fishing tours. 

We offer the following: 

  • Sport fishing 
  • Surf trips
  • Sea life watching (including seasonal whale  and dolphin watching),
  • Snorkeling 
  • Trips to the South part of the Bahia Bay (Yelapa, Majahuitas, Las Animas and Quimixto)


  • 3-hour customized trip for $400 USD 
  • $40 per adult/over 6 adults
  • Additional hours +$90 USD/hour

Please use the contact form, call or send a message on WhatsApp (please mention Sayulita Life) to book your adventure with The Banana Sport Fishing Boat!

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Great day on the water
Captain Pancho customized a great day for our family on the water. The kids wanted fun water sports, and had a blast tubing and wakeboarding. The whole crew was awesome and really patient with us. Can’t wait for our next visit to Nayarit so we can hit the water again
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Experienced: March, 2022
Excelente Servicio
El paseo estuvo increíble. Pancho es super servicial. Mis hijos se divirtieron muchísimo. Me encantó ver ballenas, pescar y aparte nos prepararon un ceviche super delicioso con lo que pescamos.
Nos paramos en una playita donde hicieron snorkel aparte de que el lugar era precioso.
Lo recomendamos ampliamente. Super anfitrión llevaba cervezas, refrescos y botellitas de agua.
Gozamos!!!! Gracias Pancho!! Te vamos a recomendar en Monterrey!!!!!
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Experienced: January, 2022
Excellent service. Really happy my family and I chose Banana
The service by Pancho was excellent. My family and I had a great time. We went 4 hours to do some whale watching, snorkeling and fishing. It was just a perfect day at Sayulita. Highly recommend this service.
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Experienced: January, 2022
Great service, very nice people !!!
Had a very fun experience, would totally pay again for the great service, the ceviche was awesome and we even got the time to snorkle :)
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Experienced: January, 2022
Fantastic fishing and snorkeling tour
"Pancho" and his assistant gave us the perfect day we will be trying to match for years to come. We had four adults and six kids and everyone left completely blissed out about how unbelievable our day had been. As my husband was reeling in a HUGE Mahi Mahi, then entire group turned around 180º to see a massive whale breach and splash down 100 feet from the boat--and that was probably the 20th breach we had seen that day. Pancho quickly whipped up some ceviche from our fresh Mahi catch and we refueled from hours of swimming and snorkeling between whale watching a fishing. A completely magical day. Couldn't have asked for anything more.
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Experienced: December, 2021
Awesome all-inclusive adventure!
Banana sport fishing not only provided my family and I a very enjoyable boat ride, but loaded on one surprise after another, with free drinks, fresh in-boat made ceviche, a beach stop, and even an opportunity for my first attempt at wake boarding! If you’re looking for a well-rounded experience where everyone in your group will get what they’re looking for, this is it! :)
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Experienced: November, 2021
Best Day Trip
I've met a lot of awesome people in and around Sayulita, but have to say Pancho is one of the best. He took myself and few buddies out for the entire day. I always had a cold beer in hand and couldn't have asked for more. His skipper Jose was working hard all afternoon. After the trip we went and hung out at his pop up beach bar and continued on. I go to Sayulita quite a bit and will do this trip every time going forward. Thanks for everything!
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Experienced: November, 2021
BEST FISHING & EXPLORING BOAT (loyal, 3 time customer!)
Oh. My. God.
My words will never do justice to how much I LOVE Banana Sport Fishing, but I am gonna try...

I have been on 3 trips (and counting) with Banana Sport Fishing and I am now a lifetime customer who will book with them anytime I am in the Sayulita area. There are various reasons why I would recommend (and have recommended) Banana Sport Fishing to every person looking to have a magical boat adventure. Here are just a few reasons why you should stop your search for the perfect boating experience and go book with Banana Sport Fishing RIGHT THIS SECOND:

1) This is a small, family-run business, owned and operated by Mexicans, so your money will go directly to the people you are dealing with. Pancho (El Capitan), Emily (his partner and crew mate) and Jose (his cousin and crew mate) are good-humored, sweet, service-oriented, extremely skilled and educated on the entire area, fishing and boating in general. They know all the cool spots and will make sure that your trip is the best one possible with their extreme attention to detail. This is a crew of people I would hang out with as friends. They are highly personable and just GET IT.

I've been on 3 trips and every single one has been unique and perfect in it's own way. They will work with you and your group to cater the experience to your specific needs/desires (and will even pivot during the trip if you are craving more of something else). Because of this, I got to swim, snorkel (and even skinny-dipped) in the brightest blue waters, go fishing in multiple different parts of the bay and right off shore, go wake boarding, eat freshly caught fish (Pancho made on-boat ceviche with fish he caught only minutes before!), drink a bunch of (host-provided) Pacifico beer, dance on the boat and swam to a personal playlist for boating, picnic on a beach with homemade food and snacks, hike to a waterfall and visit the remote town of Yelapa as well as some ruins on the coast for a better view of the a gorgeous beach cove, go shell hunting, check out private swimming coves and beaches as well as jump off some high rocks/cliffs. Need I say more?

2) Booking with a family-run business and smaller/medium-sized, high-speed fishing boat means less sea sickness, travel time and more beautiful destinations/experiences (especially since they leave from the marina in La Cruz vs having to drive down the coast to a public marina that could take more than 1.5 hours to get to vs 30-40 mins from Sayulita by car). I struggle with severe sea and car sickness, so this is an EXTREMELY important detail for me.

3) Depending on the season and conditions, you will see whales, dolphins, turtles, tons of colorful reef fish, eels, shells that you've probably never before seen, sea birds that fly super close to the boat and even a friendly iguana who hangs out for pictures at the waterfall in Yelapa. Pancho and crew will stop so you can properly enjoy the wildlife (unlike other boating companies who are in a rush and do not care much about your personal experience). On my last trip with Banana Sport Fishing, a massive pod of whales popped up right near the boat and I was in such awe that I started to cry! It will forever be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life :) We also rode along a massive (100+) pod of dolphins that were joyfully jumping around the boat. I was so excited that I sound like a 5 year old child screaming with glee in all of the many videos we took of the experience. Pancho taught our group a lot of about the whale migration and skillfully answered all of our questions about anything that came up while on the water. These guys are professionals and knows their shit!

4) The boat is extremely clean, comfortable, safe and in good condition. Full- disclosure: I HATE the smell of fish and can detect it anywhere. For all 3 trips, I have never smelled any fishy smell while cruising with Banana Sport Fishing. This just speaks to how well they clean the boat. The cushions for sitting and laying on the boat are cushy and I was able to completely let loose and relax into my experiences with them. They also have a lot of storage for all your gear. I brought a professional camera on one of the trips and I felt confident about storing it, knowing that it would not get wet, dirty or damaged. Also, if you leave your stuff on this boat, it will be watched. You will never have to worry about whether your valuables will be there when you get back. They also have fresh water on boat for rinsing off after you get out of the ocean. This was a detail that made a big difference as it was great to not sit in itchy saltiness every time I got back on the boat after swimming around.

I only write reviews if I am completely moved to and Banana Sport Fishing just keeps earning my business. Go book with them NOW!

One last thing, please don't forget to tip to show your appreciation for the dedication of Banana Sport Fishing. They work hard to keep this business running as smoothly as it does
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Experienced: November, 2021
AMAZING experience - Private coves, blue water, whales, dolphins!
Pancho and Banana Sport Fishing are phenomenal. I booked them upon a friend recommendation (who went with us for the 3rd time!) and I was blown away. Pancho was super organized, communicative, friendly, and super flexible. I went for a fun day exploring private coves, snorkeling, and exploring the local town of Yelapa that you can only boat to. MY GOSH what a beautiful experience. The places he took us to were hands down the clearest, bluest water I’ve seen and got to swim in and rocks to jump off of. Sooo many fish. AND we sighted a group of 4 humpback whales and Pancho took us right to them and we watched them closely come in and out of the water. It was breathtaking!! THEN we saw a pod of 100+ dolphins and Pancho took us right among them and we were surrounded by them as they jumped in and out of the water alongside our boat.

This tour was completely customizeable, with water, beer, and snacks. He even catches fish along the way or while you swim and makes fresh ceviche on the boat! His crew was very attentive, making sure we were happy with drinks and food. Pancho went wherever we wanted - another secret cove, a private beach with no one else but us. It was incredible. I cannot recommend Banana Sport Fishing enough! I’m definitely coming back to do it again with more friends. We had a blast.
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Experienced: November, 2021
Awesome experience on the water!
Between encountering a pod of whales and later on a pod of dolphins, we went to amazing snorkeling spots, an abandoned house, a cute village with a waterfall, all of that on a nice and secure boat and excellent crew with nice service
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Experienced: November, 2021
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Francisco "Pancho" in Sayulita Mexico
Owner/Manager Name
Francisco "Pancho"
Pancho "Banana" - a young captain that started off as a deckhand that got to know with time the different spots in the bay that are key points for fishermen to perform one of the most competitive sports in the bay which is sport fishing. With tim... [Read more]

Pancho "Banana" - a young captain that started off as a deckhand that got to know with time the different spots in the bay that are key points for fishermen to perform one of the most competitive sports in the bay which is sport fishing. With time, responsibility and commitment lead him to become the attentive and humorous captain he is today with more than 10 years of experience.

Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
We offer customized tours 7 days a week!
+52 322-889-3785
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
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Kid Friendly
Out-of-Area Service
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