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Blue Corn Mama Cafe in Sayulita, Mexico

Colorful building design - You can't miss it!
One of a kind waffles
Checkout the Galeria next door

Blue Corn Mama Cafe in Sayulita is among of quality selection of original eateries. The ancient variety of Blue Corn used in this restaurant is grown with love and respect by indigenous Huichol people who live in the rugged Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Nayarit and Jalisco.

Famous for their Chile con Carne, Blue Corn Mama Cafe also offers the Sayulita local favorite - sopes. The casual atmosphere and colorful design is very welcoming and Blue Corn Mama Cafe is the perfect place for families and groups of friends. Located on the corner of Calles Revolucion & Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, right by the bridge, makes it really easy to find, close to the beach and to Sayulita center.

Each meal you enjoy at Blue Corn Mama Cafe and any purchases from next door at Galeria Tanana, directly helps our 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and the Traditional Arts is making a huge difference for this endangered culture.

Please eat up & go shopping!

Thanks for your support!

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from 5 reviews
Love Filled Food and Service
This cafe and adjoining Huichol crafts shop is an amazing place. The food is yummy as it is both wholesome and also filled and served with love. Being vegan I was able to enjoy some really tasty dishes here and I also got higher than a kite experiencing the Huichol beadwork in their shop next door. What a lovely atmosphere and tasty food experience this all was. My friends and I went a few times to eat and to purchase beaded bracelets and lovely cards. One of the best places in the village we thought.
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Experienced: February, 2018
Heart centred food :)
Beautiful food and beautiful people running it. I am here almost everyday for lunch. The secret sauce isnt just the ingredients, but the people that care about what they're serving up. In a time of glorification of busy, its nice to exprience something traditional that also has so much meaning and purpose behind it - people sharing what they love to raise funds for their livelihood. Its not just what we eat but how we eat it and who its made by. As a health practitioner and consumer, I can recommend the goodness here :)
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Experienced: February, 2018
really liked it
My dad took me here and i really liked it. The waffles were really good and my dad said he really like the chilakiles. and Susana gave me a coloring sheet to color! the juice was good too. Thank you!
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Experienced: December, 2017
Delicious food!
The food is AMAZING, and such a great thing they do.
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Experienced: May, 2017
Super great breakfasts
I have taken my family here a number of times. The kids love it! Dishes are traditional and very interesting. Highly recommended.
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Experienced: January, 2017
Owner/Manager Name
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Price Range:
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Hours of Operations:
8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Corner of Revolucion & Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez
Mexico Telephone:
(329) 291-3889
(Please mention Sayulita Life)