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Carmela Carlyle, Counseling, Yoga & Wedding Ceremonies in Sayulita Mexico

Carmela Carlyle, Counseling, Yoga & Wedding Ceremonies

Professional Counseling in Sayulita Home Studio
Yoga Therapy for Injuries and Medical Conditions
Wedding and Vow Renewal Ceremonies
Morning Yoga Classes at Hotelito Los Suenos
Meditation Journeys with Crystal Bowls
Retreats, Business Meetings and Goddess Celebrations


Psychotherapist, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, Meditation Guide and Wedding Officiant  

Please use the email contact form and I will respond quickly and include my website information.


Individual INTEGRATIVE COUNSELING with YOGA NIDRA MEDITATION JOURNEYS at my downtown Sayulita Home Studio.

SKYPE COUNSELING for insightful support in making healthy lifestyle changes for personal development. I have clients all over the world!

CUSTOMIZED YOGA THERAPY for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

HATHA YOGA and YOGA NIDRA MEDITATION  JOURNEYS for Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Private Groups and Pre-Wedding Celebrations. Accompanied by my Crystal Singing Bowls for Sound Healing too! 

WEEKLY HATHA YOGA CLASSES: Integrative Hatha Yoga and Meditation Class accompanied by Crystal Bowls at Hotelito Los Suenos. Tuesdays and Thursdays. 10:30 -11:45 a.m. 140 pesos drop-in.

WEDDING OFFICIANT for customized, spiritual, non-religious, wedding ceremonies accompanied by with Crystal Singing Bowls. 


GODDESS  CELEBRATIONS and LAUGHTER YOGA  for Bachelorette Parties and Pre-Wedding Celebrations.      

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from 43 reviews
Wonderful yoga class!
Carmela came to our home for a private yoga class and she did an absolutely wonderful job blending a combination of Hatha, stretching, and meditation. The healing crystal bowls under our palapa was a real treat and everyone in our group appreciated how she was able to accommodate a variety of fitness and experience levels. I would definitely recommend a private or group class with Carmela. She won’t disappoint!
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Experienced: May, 2018
Response from Owner/Manager on 05-12-2018
You and your friends were a joy! Thank You.
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Incredibly beautiful and magical wedding ceremony!
I can't say enough about Carmela. The entire process she was professional and caring. She held us through each phase of the process and the! It was better than I could have ever imagined. She had everyone in tears! Everyone afterwards was saying where in the world did I find her and how perfect she was for us. This is not only a day we will never forget, this was an experience she took all of our wedding guests through that they will treasure forever.
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Experienced: April, 2018
Carmela brings light, love and magic!
Carmela made our wedding ceremony in Sayulita, Mexico special and meaningful. Our guests enjoyed powerful crystal bowls and a brief, but well thought out and beautiful ceremony that was spiritual without being religious. She was very passionate about her work and accommodating with what we wanted and didn’t want from the start which gave me a great feeling of relief via emails, phone consultation and pre-wedding day. She really reinforced the special rite of passage we were about to embark on. She was prompt and gave some input that made the wedding ceremony experience better for the guests, which I would’ve overlooked. The meditation she offered the day before the wedding was crucial to my sanity. I had no vows and a case of the nerves. I only had a few guests who were able to make it but it was open to all who were able to attend. If you can organize your girls/guys to do it, I think it would be a great, (third!) eye-opening experience for them! It definitely put me in the right perspective and mindstate to write what I needed from the heart and to have peace of mind for the big day. Thank you so much, Carmela. I hope we meet again!
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Experienced: January, 2018
My second and third Yoga lessons made me fall in love with yoga
I attended my second and third yoga lessons with Carmela and it was a fantastic experience, the sound of the crystal bowls, the place along with the exercise made it so special. I really recommend it to everyone, first timer or experienced yogis. Carmela is a unique teacher.
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Experienced: January, 2018
Wedding dream!
Carmela was absolutely fantastic to work with. She kept my husband and I so calm on an otherwise stressful day. I don't know what I would have done without her by my side...thank you Carmela!!!
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Experienced: January, 2018
Carmela is a Sayulita Angel!!
I was on my own in Sayulita for my first ever visit there in Nov 2017 & had the very good fortune to experience both a yoga class and a private journeying session (with singing bowls) with the wonderful Carmela. I attended her yoga class on day 1 at Hotelito Los Suenos and not only was it a terrific class that left me feeling invigorated but Carmela also made me feel so welcome and extended real kindness and assistance to me personally as a woman travelling alone in Mexico.Very much appreciated!
I was also heading to Haramara to do an intensive womens retreat there and undertook a journeying session with Carmela the day before which was a brilliant preparation for what lay ahead.I am so glad I offered that to myself as not only was it was a memorable experience but it really helped me clear away the cobwebs and get clear in my intention.I would definitely recommend her yoga class & her private sessions to anyone who wants to enhance their Sayulita experience
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Experienced: November, 2017
I'm loving Hatha with Carmela
I was drawn to Carmela's weekly Hatha yoga class at Hotelito Los Suenos mostly because the singing bowls sounded intriguing. And while she expertly added in the bowls into our movement which was absolutely lovely, it was the class itself that was the delightful surprise. In this day in age, when yoga in the states is all about how hard, hot, and deep you can make it, Carmela reminds us of yoga's roots and it's purpose: to prepare the body for meditation. Her years of teaching experience, education, and passion for yoga are evident with every cue. Add in Hotelito's new yoga palapa which allows the day's changing light and the breeze from the ocean to move across the floor and the sound of the waves and birds to gently fill the senses and you have a tropical meditative experience. This practice reminds us to slow down and take time away from vigor, allow time for alignment, and allow breath to fully fill the body. Isn't that what vacation is all about?
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Experienced: October, 2017
Truly life-changing experience
I am a yoga teacher and had heard of Carmela from another yoga teacher. I was able to talk my husband into taking the Couples Yoga Nidra Journey with Carmela after getting his feet wet in a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction class at home. I quickly learned that not only was he in for a treat, but so was I. In very short order, Carmela was able to unearth and cultivate individual journeys for each of us based on perfectly crafted questions. Her years of experience in psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, and life made the whole experience, though deep and raw, very comfortable, warm, and safe. The meditation with singing bells was, for lack of better words, true bliss. In this space, my husband and I found a new sacred space in which we really bonded at a level that we hadn't in years. It was truly magical. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone visiting Sayulita.
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Experienced: October, 2017
Refreshing, Uplifting, & Inspiring
Nathan and I want to thank you SO much for being a part of our day!

The ceremony was amazing and perfectly "us". Our friends and family were so refreshed by something different than the typical ceremony most are used to! Some even asked for copies of it so they could read it again and again!

Your presence was so comforting and inviting, we couldn't have imagined it any more perfectly. We're so grateful to have connected with you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you truly helped make it a day we'll never forget.

Jen & Nathan
North Carolina
May, 2017
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Experienced: May, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 05-11-2017
Thank You, Jen, for posting this lovely review. Please send me photos of the ceremony!
I hope you and Nathan and Newton are napping a bit after all of the excitement,
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What a gift!
Powerful and Professional
I simply adored working with Carmela! Her intuitive, grounded guidance including a Goddess Card Reading and a Meditation Journey to my Wisdom Within was very powerful.
I also appreciated that she followed up with a valuable professional TED Talk resource, Emma Cannon, addressing abundance mentality and fertility, which I shared with my acupuncturist.
I look forward to working with her again when she is in San Francisco this summer and will recommend Carmela to my community.

Colleen Yerge
Doula and Coach
San Francisco, CA
April, 2017
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Experienced: March, 2017
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Carmela in Sayulita Mexico
Owner/Manager Name
I have an established Integrative Counseling and Yoga Therapy practice in my downtown Sayulita Home Studio for private clients from all over the world. I offer Meditation Journeys with Crystal Bowl Sound Healings for bridal parties, individuals an...[Read more]

I have an established Integrative Counseling and Yoga Therapy practice in my downtown Sayulita Home Studio for private clients from all over the world. I offer Meditation Journeys with Crystal Bowl Sound Healings for bridal parties, individuals and retreat groups. I also delight in officiating at wedding ceremonies!Prior to making my home in Mexico, I worked for decades in mental health, yoga, and medical settings in San Francisco, CA.

Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Email for Appointment
Rio Zarquito, Downtown Sayulita

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