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Las Lomas de Litibu for sale by owner in Litibu

Price: From $100K USD
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0
Vacation Rental: N/A
Parking: Off-street
Age: 0
View: Ocean & Mountain
Furnished: no
Approx Land: Varies per lot
Approx Building: N/A
Great opportunity
Ocean views
Mountain views
Quiet and private
Located in small village of Litibu
Just 7 miles from Sayulita
Additional Listing Information

Build your dream home and enjoy mountain and ocean views. 12 Home Sites are now available for purchase in the hills of Litibu. The village of Higuera Blanca and Litibu are just 45 minutes away from the International Airport at Puerto Vallarta, only 7 miles from Sayulita, and just 5 miles from Punta Mita.

Las Lomas de Litibu are approximately 400 meters from the beach with a safe weather set back. Whale migrations are visible in the bay and the soft sound of the surf can be heard. Sunsets over the peninsula are brilliant and colorful.

This beautiful land is a great investment opportunity. We are offering this land for sale to those who personally want to live in and enjoy the quiet area of Litibu. Property values are expected to appreciate significantly over the next few years due to a large investment in the area by the Mexican government.

Roads are being planned and cut now for access to the property and we are investigating opportunities to bring electricity to the property. Currently homes in this area have either a well or a roof top rain-catch system with a cistern for water storage and an individual septic system. The Bahia Government promises water and sewer service in the near future.

Las Lomas de Litibu are subdivided according to the 2005 government zone requirement (T15) designed to preserve as much of the native jungle as possible. Each lot has a 40-meter street frontage and is between 1400 and 1500 square meters. Imagine a lot measuring approximately 135 feet by 115 feet. In terms of jungle land this is a large lot.

Zoning allows a single family home on 20% of the lot size with a maximum of 3 levels including a palapa roof. Protected trees are marked and recorded. Building plans and an environmental impact study are required to receive construction permits. There are a wide variety of architects and builders in the area to help you begin your project immediately.

Located on the hillside and ridge facing toward the South, Las Lomas de Litibu have spectacular views of the ocean, the Peninsula of Punta Mita, and the Marietta Islands beyond. Approximately a mile away will be the Fonatur development with 3 hotels and a Greg Norman golf course. As the resort project nears completion the development of home sites around Litibu will accelerate.

The Four Seasons and St. Regis Hotels have selected this area for its natural beauty and accessibility. Local services in Higuera Blanca include groceries, laundry, and modest delicious restaurants, including pizza delivery, electricians, plumbers, and a health clinic, pharmacies, and police presence. The future of this little village will be exciting.

Las Lomas de Litibu

Lot 1 - 1,415 square meters. Lot # 1 is located at the top of the ridgeline with unobstructed views all the way to the surf and points beyond. There are a few protected palm trees and also large rocks to enhance the property, but is ready for building on the downward slope. This corner lot has a 40-meter frontage on Calle Tortuga with access to Calle Mono.
$220,000 USD ($148 USD per sq. meter)

Lot 2 - 1441 square meters. Lot # 2 is located at the top of the ridgeline with spectacular views all the way to the surf and point beyond. This lot has a dramatic setting for a villa with large boulders for a strong foundation or rock walls. Watch cruise ships departing PV at sunset beyond the Islas. This corner lot has a 40-meter frontage on Calle Tortuga with access to Calle Iguana.
$210,000 USD ($146 USD per sq. meter)

Lot 3 - 1,497 square meters. Lot # 3 has a stunning view down the coastline toward Punta Negra and Punta Mita. The 40-meter frontage is on Calle Mono. This is a sloped lot will be a dream to build on. Design it the way you want it.
$210,000 USD ($140 USD per sq. meter)

Lot 4 - 1,497 square meters. Lot # 4 has a good slope with some palm trees and boulders. The 40-meter frontage is on Calle Iguana. The view to the south will look across the golf course all the way to the Marietta Islands.
$206,500 USD ($138 USD per sq. meter)

Lot 5 - 1,454 square meters. This lot is currently reserved. This is the lowest lot in the hectare with no trees or boulders to restrict building. The lot has views of the surf, Punta Negra, and the peninsula beyond. The 40-meter frontage is on Calle Ladera with access to Calle Mono.
$195,000 USD ($134 USD per sq. meter)

Lot 6 - 1,481 square meters. This beautifully palm-treed lot offers much desired shade on this south facing area and has a gentle upward slope. The 40-meter frontage is on Calle Ladera with access to Calle Iguana.
$180,000 USD ($122 USD per sq. meter)

Lots 7-12 - Subdivided into 6 lots to maintain owner privacy and preservation of land, this parcel is located at the top of the ridge on flat land. Monkey Mountain, jungle, sierras, and some ocean views are here.
$100,000 to $130,000 USD per lot ($71 to $92 USD per sq. meter)

Lots 7-12 are also within the T15 zone, requiring a minimum lot size of 1400 square meters and a minimum of 40 meters of street frontage. This area is divided for single-family homes and the same building and permit conditions apply as stated above.

Individual lots will be approximately 1460 to 1480 square meters, rectangular size, with nearly flat land for easy building. Some lots have large boulders (great for foundations, rock walls, rock facing, and garden landscaping) and a few have three or four protected palms or trees. Price per meter is $100 to $130. This land is expected to appreciate dramatically in value over the next 5 years.