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Chica 55 Ft Yacht VIP

Luxury Private Charters Available
Kayaks, Paddleboards, Snorkeling, Fishing Gear
5 star service
Premium open bar and gourmet foods
Custom-built 55 foot yacht
All-Inclusive Tours!

Our Chica 55 Ft VIP yacht is the ultimate luxury yacht for people who demand luxury and want great service. We offer Private charters and public tours throughout the bay area.

The ultimate and most comfortable private charter in the bay & number one on Trip Advisor!  

Our exceptionally high-rated staff is friendly and attentive and will cater to your every need. We promise to create the most fantastic and most memorable on-board experience for all our guests! Come live the ultimate, premiere luxury vacation experience!

Chica Locca Private Magical Tours in Sayulita - Private Charters aboard the Chica 55 Ft VIP yacht, our new vessel for your private excursions. Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? We now offer private, unforgettable adventures throughout Banderas Bay for your family and friends. Our tours are all inclusive. We even include a licenced masseuse for you and your guests during your tour all included. 

Get away from the crowds aboard our Chica 55 Ft VIP Yacht - your own private charter. Choose to experience a unique adventure where you can explore, relax, soak in the sun or lounge in the shade in extreme comfort and with a great sound system. Food and beverages provided for fun, and adventure with those with who you wish to enjoy the day.

Great for wedding parties, special birthdays, reunions, business retreats, bachelor or bachelorette parties, if you have a group and want to have fun, this tour is for you!

Private Day Charters include:

  • Yelapa Day Charters 
  • Sunset Charters
  • Public Day Tours

Have a large group? Check out the original Chica Locca. For the ultimate sailing experience check our Chica Locca Sailing page here!

Please contact us with any questions and to book your private luxury charter exclusively for you and your group! 

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from 1 reviews
Incredible, loved the massage and everything else, expected no less from Chica Locca
Did a private tour on the Chica Locca Dos with 25 friends and it was spectacular, they had a girl giving massages while we were cruising and all complimentary. The service was excellent, the food was great and the activities spectacular. Highly recommend this tour company they are the best!
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Experienced: November, 2017
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Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
9:30 AM to 9:00 PM
44-C Ave Revolucion
USA/Canada Telephone:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Mexico Telephone:
(322) 180 0597
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Mexico Cell:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Changing Rooms
Full Bar
Reserve Online/Phone

Changing Rooms
Full Bar
Reserve Online/Phone