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Cori Jacobs Gallery in Sayulita, Mexico

Expansive array of paintings, ceramics and clothing.
Carefully created designs
Artful attire
Fine art

Cori Jacobs Gallery is an oasis of creativity; a jewel of a gallery respresenting the ever evolving vision of artist Cori Jacobs. Entering it's eighth season, the gallery hosts an expansive array of paintings, ceramics and clothing. 

Painting colors shift between richly saturated hues and subtle tones,  drawing visitors into a complex world of transformational spirits, secret gardens, hidden rooms and the artist's own internal musings.

Ceramics arise where functional object and exquisite artwork meet. A feast for your eyes, they are beautiful objects to savor with morning coffee or serve a celebratory meal upon. 

Clothing is fresh, feminine, comfortable and perfect for the beach or an evening about town. Made with organic cotton, bamboo and silk, each shirt, dress and skirt is a unique piece of wearable art, a clear line flowing from imagination to fabric to form. 

Cori Jacobs Gallery welcomes you into a world of color and creative delight. Experience the joy of finding a one of a kind beach dress, cradling a treasured bowl in your hands, or awakening your eyes with a vibrant painting.


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from 8 reviews
Amazing Artist!
I am so inspired by your work Cori. You are an amazing person and a very talented artist. I love that you are able to make the abstract seem so beautiful and eye catching with color and figures that capture phenomenal appeal. Thank you so much for being the lovely artist and person you are. -Leha
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Experienced: June, 2015
Beautiful artwork with everything she touches.
I have been a collector of this gifted artists for many years. Many of her pieces adorn my walls at home and I am always excited to see her newest projects from season to season. These beautiful and cherished pieces, all with a color palette that is both magnificent and unique, Cori always makes sure my pieces make it safely to their final destination. Once home with my treasures, I feel as thought I am back in Sayulita all over again. One of the silk scarves I purchased from her trove of treasures, consistently makes people stop me in the street to ask me where I found it.
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Experienced: May, 2014
An extremely gifted artist with talent in many mediums. A rock star in the making.
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Experienced: April, 2014
Cori gives us so many wonderful choices!
I always visit the gallery when I am in Sayulita. I have bought beautiful cards, the most comfortable and unique clothing, and pottery that enhances my table when I return home. I love to watch the artist continue to develop her considerable talent and share it with us in so many different offerings. There is always something new and fresh to buy!
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Experienced: February, 2014
Powerful and Beautiful Art that feeds my Spirit!
I have been a fan of the art of Cori Jacobs for many years and enjoy living with her art in my home. I own several pieces and her work brings me pleasure every time I lay eyes upon it. The art of Cori Jacobs vibrates with her own original vision, dynamic use of color and incredibly detailed skill. It is informed by Meso American art, touches of Australian Aboriginal imagery and folk tales involving curanderas and animal power which feed my spirit. Powerful and Beautiful!
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Experienced: February, 2014
Cool Stuff
Unique pottery, unusual clothing, fair pricing and helpful personnel, also very friendly.
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Experienced: December, 2013
Highly recommend a visit to Cori's Gallery
My first time in Sayulita was to view the art galleries, the food, surf and get a feel for a different part of Mexico! Cori Jacob's gallery was one of the first I visited and was very impressed. Being a glass artist, I work in bold colors and unique abstraction and when I saw her artwork it captured my attention each pieces speaking a different story. One of the best galleries in Sayulita! There was another artist work in the gallery too that had beautiful painted clothing, wearable art!! Keep up your creative expression Cori! I wish you success. Thanks for inspiring a fellow artist for the Pacific Northwest. Cherrie La Porte
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Experienced: February, 2013
I love this art gallery,Cori is very talented and her work unique!
I love the art,ceramics,and this entire art studio. If in Sayulita you must stop here and take in all the wonderful art.I picked up a gorgeous vase here in October. I love iit,and it fits well into my landscape! Thank you,Cori.
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Experienced: October, 2012
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#52 Revolucion (beside Jaquelines Bungalows)
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