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  • Smart A/C control system designed to save energy and money
  • Easy to use, set up included and guaranteed
  • User friendly application in English and Spanish - can be used on multiple devices
  • Can connect to any mini split A/C system
  • Sensors that shut off A/C when doors or windows are left open
  • Turn on/off and adjust temperature with your phone

Cuby Aria in Sayulita offers innovative technology that allows vacation rental owners to control all aspects of A/C use and up to 60% of power consumption.

Cuby Aria is a combination of both hardware and an application that is designed for you to have complete control of your a/c systems in vacation rentals - and it's very easy to operate and we set it all up for you. Using a combination of sensors, an easy-to-use phone application and a wall-mounted control, Cuby can help reduce the use of your air conditioners by over 60%. 

How does Cuby Aria work?

  • Replace your A/C remote control with a flatscreen wall mount, this will prevent loss or theft of your remote. 
  • Prevents leaving A/C on for more than a specific amount of time.
  • A presence sensor will turn the A/C off if no one is in the room (after a configurable time). *This sensor detects and understands that a ceiling fan can be on while still understanding if someone is in the room.  
  • Limit the parameters to prevent users from setting extremely low temperatures.
  • Turns A/C off when doors or windows are left open allowing cool air to escape the room (after a configurable time)

Please refer to the "Menus & More" section for step-by-step visuals of hardware and functions & pricing information for Cuby Aria.

Multiple users can monitor the use of multiple air conditioners from your Cuby Aria phone application. You can turn the a/c on or off remotely, which is perfect if you want your vacation rental to be cool upon your guests' arrival. 

Pricing & Guarantee:

  • Aria wall mount control: $138USD with a 1-year warranty
  • Cuby 4G infrared sensor: $72USD with a 3-year warranty
  • Ceiling presence sensor: $95USD with a 3-year warranty
  • Window/Sliding door sensor: $72USD with a 3-year warranty
  • $500 MXN installation + set up fee. 

*Cuby Aria offers support in both English & Spanish Monday - Saturday.

Please use the contact form or call the number above (please mention Sayulita Life) for a free Cuby Aria consultation.

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Awesome product and service
I installed one of these systems in my casita and it is great. The best function is that you can program the AC unit to come on in "dry" mode for a few hours a day, or to a certain humidity saturation point so that when you are not around, you can control the humidity in a space. Great to help eliminate that damp and musky smell. Saves a ton of electricity too by turning off automatically when guests are not in the house. Highly recommend
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Experienced: September, 2021
Extremely happy with results
I have been using Cuby for almost a year now in 2 different vacation rentals and I could not be happier with the results, it has more than paid for itself already! I manage a property with big sliding doors and could not seem to get my guests to keep the a/c off while the doors were open. It's also next to impossible to have guests keep the a/c off out for the day as well. Cuby has literally solved these issues and immediately brought down our power bills by a very significant amount. The app is simple to use and can be controlled by myself and partners on multiple devices. It's also great because I can turn the a/c on remotely so my guests can arrive to a cool home. They set it all up for me and configured the application how I want it. The app is simple to use. I highly recommend using Cuby.
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Experienced: April, 2021
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Aaron in Sayulita Mexico
Bio Please mention SayulitaLife
We are a Mexican company founded in 2009, we design and manufacture technology to improve people's lives and take care of the environment by saving energy by avoiding the misuse of Air Conditioning. We try to give a special treatment to each and every one of our clients, offering personalized attention which becomes one of our greatest differentiators.