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Debbie De La Cueva Jewelry in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Handcrafted jewelry
Limited designs
One of a kind options

The most unique jewerly shop in Sayulita.
Necklaces, bracelets, rings, ... all handcrafted jewelry with a unique design made out of the finest materials of high quality. One by one elegant pieces with a traditional, smooth willful touch.
At 8 years of age, Debbie De La Cueva spent her next 3 years living in Paris and traveling through Western Europe with her father. Debbie’s academic life revolved around a number of boarding schools. It was there that Debbie began developing her talent with her handwork. Through the years this early skill developed into the creation of her very personal and unique style of jewelry.

Many of the materials used in each design are of a very limited quantity. A “trademark” of Debbie’s work would be specifically the use of rare 19th century Venetian beads in exquisite colors coupled with precious and semi-precious stones, tiny pearls and equally diminutive 18K gold connective pieces… in unusual shapes and designs. In keeping with the size and scale of each piece, the gold wire used is of a very thin gauge. Debbie has succeeded in obtaining the elements that make each piece of jewelry a signature creation. Through skill alone it would be impossible to replicate by anyone else.

A wish from Debbie to you is to wear her jewelry in good health and to treat each piece as you would treat anything that is special…. with the utmost care. Debbie currently resides with her family in Sayulita, Mexico.

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from 1 reviews
Fantastic beautiful store, amazing jewelry!!!
Is the most exclusive and unique designer full of taste, each piece is amazing. Her work reflects her soul.
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Experienced: December, 2014
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