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DentoAmerica, Dentist in Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Located just half hour from Sayulita
Team of Specialists
Quality Materials

Are you looking for a dentist? Our team of dentists and specialists are well equipped to handle everything from simple check-ups and cleanings to crowns, bridges, complex surgeries, and implant solutions. We pride ourselves in bringing you the best personal attention, and commitment to quality is the goal of every dentist and specialist at DentoAmerica. We are sure you will feel "at home" here, as our equipment and standards are modern and up-to-date.
We are located at Plaza Lago Real - Nuevo Vallarta  (= Located at the same plaza as WalMart and Cinepolis, perfect for you and your family to watch a movie or do some shopping while you are having your dental treatment at DentoAmerica!). 

We employ the latest technology from the very first step in the process which may be the clinical diagnostic to the preparation of precision milled zirconia crowns, high-quality Emax crowns, and Gold Crowns. With respect to materials, our focus on buying only the best materials for cosmetic and restorative work means you will receive the same quality cements, and bonding materials that are available in the USA and Canada.

As a patient of DentoAmerica, we promise to take a personal interest in your needs, and do what's best for you. Our focus is on arranging for you to receive what is best for you, and logical from a long term perspective. By basing treatment plans on what makes sense both economically, and from an overall dental health point of view, we will help you reach your goals.

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from 14 reviews
I saw Juan Carlos for a root canal. He told me during the procedure that my gum was inflamed and he would pack 'medicine' into it and finish the root canal at my next appointment. As someone who is deadly allergic to anti inflammatories, (I carry two epipens at all times for this), it struck me that if my gum was inflamed, then the 'medicine' he used could be an anti inflammatory. I tried using hand movements and grunting to get him to stop working so I could discuss with him my treatment. He refused to stop, even though I was visibly upset. He told me that if I did not allow him to continue with his work then he would have my tooth pulled and that he was trying to help me. For those of you who have experienced anaphylaxis before, you will understand I was in a state of panic by now. He finally took his hands out of my mouth for long enough for me to try and tell him through the plastic covering my mouth that he needed to stop, I need to know what the medication was because I'm allergic to anti inflammatories. He repeatedly told me he was trying to help me and that he must finish the work before the numbing agent wore off. I was saying 'no no no' so he finally passed me his phone. I typed into it that I was concerned about the medication he would use and the reasons why, and translated it into Spanish to ensure there would be absolutely no misunderstanding due to a language barrier. He replied that everything was fine, and continued working on my mouth. I was still protesting while trying not to move too much as he had a drill in my mouth. I was very upset and he finally told me the anti inflammatory were for 'later'. I felt absolutely helpless. He would not stop working. I was terrified and crying and hand guestering for him to stop. He then says that he won't be using an anti inflammatory and to keep still so he could finish. The numbing agent ran out abut 20 mins before he finished, I was in complete agony and I believe he was aware of it.
When he had finished he asked me if I was ok. I told him no I was not. I told him he had terrified me and questioned why he didn't reassure me asap that he wouldn't be using an anti inflammatory? I also told him he had no right to threaten to remove my tooth, that was my choice to make not his. The assistant said she would go and get Kirk, the man who runs the practice and I readily agreed, hoping this situation could be sorted out. I left the room, told my husband what had happened, and we both waited in Kirks office. Kirk turned up about 20 mins later, left the door to the waiting room open, sat down in his chair while my husband and I stood there, look me in the face, and said 'they're people too you know'. I said excuse me? He replied he was in the room opposite to me and had heard everything I'd said to the dentist. I thought great! I don't have to repeat myself and he can sort this out. He told me he was seeing my true colours. I was mortified. I explained to him what had happened, in case he hadn't really heard what I'd said. He said we don't use anti inflammatories here, like that was explanation enough. I asked him how was I supposed to know that? In regards to the tooth pulling, he looked me right in the eye and said he'd known Juan Carlos for ten years and in that time he'd never pulled a tooth so I don't believe what you're saying is true. I was flabbergasted. This back and forth carried on for about 5 minutes with him repeatedly saying he was 'seeing my true colours' whilst completely ignoring what I was saying. I fled his office, sobbing, while everyone in the waiting room looked on as they could hear everything that was being said. I was humiliated. Kirk had essentially called me a liar to my face and belittled me. My husband stayed behind to try and sort the situation out. When he had finished, he told me that Kirk had gotten Juan down to explain his side of the story and that I would have been gratified by the look on Kirks face when Juan admitted everything I said was true. Kirk reluctantly apologised, not to me, and I went elsewhere to finish my work.
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Experienced: January, 2018
Response from Owner/Manager on 03-07-2018
Hello Kylie, we are disappointed with the experience that took place as well. We certainly work hard to ensure patients are happy with their experiences with their dentist. It is important to learn from patient experiences that are not ideal. Fortunately, we were able to sit at length and discuss things with your husband a few days after you had left. He attempted to explain the reasons for your state of panic and apologize.
There are many facts that have been left out of your comments that should be addressed, however I don’t feel that it would be appropriate on my part to include details that would place you in a bad light.
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I am looking forward to coming back!
I received an exorbitant quote here in Alberta, for what could be at best described as a "temporary solution". Without proper dental insurance to cover the costs, I was faced with looking at alternatives. After some research, I discovered Dentoamerica. I took the leap of faith and flew to Mexico (my first time ever)! I am so impressed by the state of the art equipment, the professionalism, the attention to detail and the genuine care & concern at this clinic. Everything was explained in detail to me. I was provided with a much better long term solution and plan. My surgeon was Dr. Oscar Ramos. He skillfully navigated a difficult, challenging, and complex problem. Everything appears to be healing very well! I will be back for the next stage later this year. In the meantime, I am all smiles with the beautiful temporary 4 tooth bridge I received! I am so grateful that you were able to work me in on such short notice and for the attention to detail! Thank you so much!
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Experienced: February, 2017
Without sounding too over the top enthusiastic, this place is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. The service was impeccable and the care and concern every staff member had was undeniable. Kirk, the owner, was involved in every way possible and made the process painless financially, while the staff ensured that every procedure was as painless as possible physically.
I had a root canal, gum work, a crown and a cleaning.... and my wife had a cleaning since she was here anyway...all for a quarter of the price it would be in Canada. But even though it was so less expensive, there were no corners cut in the procedures. In fact, more care and time was taken than any dentist I have been to in the past. The doctors here are more professional, the equipment is more up to date and the overall service is more timely and cost efficient than I could ever receive back home. I will be back for anything dental I need and I will recommend Dentoamerica to anyone looking for great dental service! It's worth the trip to Nuevo Vallarta... and you get a little vacation in the sun while you're at it! Thank you to Kirk and all the staff for a stellar experience!
Derrick & Tracey
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Experienced: December, 2016
Awesome Treatment
Crowns, root canals, bleaching. I attended this clinic during a vacation to Puerto Vallarta in March. Wow, the cost, the treatment, and the customer service was awesome. I am a nurse and have had a lot of dental work done in Canada and there was no difference in the cleanliness and dentistry, just the price. Everything this clinic promised and quoted me was bang on. I returned home to get a night guard fitted after getting my new crowns and the dentist here commented on the work. He said it's exactly what he would have done. I am very confident in saying I will return here and that it is a safe, reliable, professional place to have dentistry done in Mexico. Thank you Kirk and Maria!

Clean, professional, runs on time for scheduled appointment, reliable quoted pricing. I arrived, for my appointments and didn't have to wait. I was offered bottled water to drink. The temperature in the office was comfortable with air conditioning when needed. Clinic was easy to find as in large shopping mall. Close to pharmacy if you need prescription filled afterwards. Cabs readily available outside door when you are done appointment."
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Experienced: June, 2015
Outstanding Service!
My Wife and I were simply amazed at the Ultra Clean & High-Tech Facility at Dental America in Nuevo Vallarta, MX (Free WiFi, 60" Flatscreen Entertainment System, Aqua Neon Lights etc). My Wife said she received the most gentle teeth cleaning and polish from Dento America that she ever had before. I personally requested Dr. Mireya Munoz to complete 2 Zirconia Crowns and 5 Porcelain Fillings that were Pre-Approved by my California Dentist. However, Mireya detected that the Crowned tooth adjacent also had visible cavity rot that was not noticed on my previous California Dentist X-Rays. Thankfully, Dento America discovered the problem & replaced it excellently with 3rd Zirconia Crown. The story does not end here...Mireya worked tenaciously for 90 minutes to try and fit this, but decided it did not meet her high stardards. Whereby, she told Kirk that their Lab would need to modify or create a new Crown Rushed Over-Night ("Grease The Machine") since our airflight back to San Francisco was soon approaching. Kirk immediately called the Lab for an "Emergency Rush Order", called me early Saturday morning at our resort to confirm an "after hours" Saturday 4:00 P.M. appointment to install the Crown, Then actually drove to the Lab the next morning to pickup the new Crown. Kirk assisted Dr. Mireya Munoz whom both provided me with the "Royal Service Treatment" as They quickly and successfully installed the new Crown and generated remaining X-Rays & Photos for my Delta Dental Insurance. Providing me, A first time U.S. Patient with this late after hours Dental Service on Saturday Evening just for me is 5-Star "Servicio Magnifico" at $$$Thousands in significant Cost Saving over our former US Dentist. Congratulations Mr. Kirk Siemens, Dr. Mireya Munoz, and the Dento America Staff... You now have 2 more "Nuevo" California, U.S.A. Patients for Life! Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta just got even sweeter. *:) happy
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Experienced: June, 2015
Great Clinic

"It is a great clinic. They do superior work, and the prices are wonderful."
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Experienced: May, 2015
Very happy with our treatment
My wife and I were very happy with our treatment. They were extremely nice and knowledgeable and the facility was very modern and spotless. They are also very conservative with their treatment recommendations, which was a good thing."
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Experienced: May, 2015
Love this place
Love this place :) (2) Root canas (2) fillings (1) Crown ( They were the best :)"
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Experienced: May, 2015
The best and cleanest service
"Awesome!! Love the new clinic! Nina worked very hard to get it right (I have had dentures over 50 years and no gums left).
Nina is the best ,she was kind and very patient , I never felt she was going to give up.
My teeth look beautiful and the cost was a third less then in Canada!
Many people are afraid of going to the dentist in Mexico , but this clinic gives the best and cleanest service!!"
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Experienced: March, 2015
Very pleased with my whole experience at Dentoamerica
I was very pleased with my whole experience at Dentoamerica. The staff was so helpful,friendly and very professional. The work was on time and the price was as quoted. The facility was up to date and clean, clean, clean. I'm very happy with the work that was done and would highly recommend this facility to anyone! Thank you for giving me my smile back Dentomerica!"
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Experienced: February, 2015
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