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Villa Peninsula - Villa Amor - Sayulita

Dorsett Photography

Costumer satisfaction
Aerial photography
Highly recommended
Professional equipment
Out of the Sayulita area? No problem!
** Now offering aerial photography **
Do you have a soaring palapa roof and a great view? Maybe a small casita with "not so great" lighting? Ed specializes in showcasing the unique homes of Sayulita and the surrounding areas. Shooting in a flambient style that gives a very natural look, Ed uses architectural lenses and flash lighting to ensure both the inside of your home as well as that stunning ocean view will be in full detail, without looking over processed or "touched up". 
Ed Dorsett is an accomplished freelance photographer who resides in Sayulita and has photographed hundreds of homes. Ed will be working together with SayulitaLife to offer clients a professional option to their photo needs.
Some of Ed's published works (Print/Digital) include: Travel and Leisure Magazine, LEFAIR Magazine, Villa Amor, Vallarta Lifestyles, Festival Sayulita and Punta Sayulita. His work can be found throughout the website, from businesses to rental homes and on various site pages.
Dorsett Photography is proud to be a Pro Sayulita supporter and is a legally registered business in Mexico.
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from 51 reviews
Excellent service. The photos were exceptional!
I was so pleasantly surprised by the level of quality photos Dorsett Photography took of my lofts. They were captured with such clarity and detail to color and brightness. And the variety of room perspectives left me feeling like nothing was overlooked. Wow! I would definitely recommend Ed to anyone who is serious about capturing the best representation of any living space.
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Experienced: June, 2018
Professional, reasonable rates and instant results!
Ed did our photos and my rentals spiked immediately when I put them on the rental sites. Reasonable rates and great to work with.
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Experienced: March, 2018
We love Ed, so great every time!
Ed and Dorsett Photography have taken the photos for many of our homes and each time he does the most professional photos and timely. He is excellent to work with and we highly recommend his services!
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Experienced: November, 2017
a wonderful photographer!
Ed Dorsett just did our casita photos and did a fantastic job!. He was always prompt on the email and communication, flexible with changes, and the guy knows his way around with the camera that's for sure!. We were totally impressed with the quality of his work and will certainly call him again! Thanks Ed!
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Experienced: November, 2017
super pro!
im super happy with these great service ! the best house photographer he really knows how to get in pictures the spaces items light all super professional
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Experienced: November, 2017
Amazing service, great pics
Amazing service and great pictures. Ed is a total pro.
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Experienced: October, 2017
We now have great photos
We hired Dorsett Photography to do pictures for our Airbnb and Website. Ed was a real professional and got the job done. We would recommend him for anyone who needs pictures for rental properties as they really upgraded what we had before.
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Experienced: October, 2017
Efficient and super talented
Ed was beyond professional in a town full of flaky irresponsible photographers that usually take your time and money for granted, but Ed superseded my expectations by doing all the work on his own without giving me more to micro manage and delivered my photos within the week! Amazed at this type of efficiency with anyone but especially here in Sayulita!
Couldn't recommend his sevices more if you are looking for quick, beautiful and high quality digital prints.
Thanks again Ed!

Sandra Rodrigues
Vista Oceana Hotel
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Experienced: October, 2017
Great photos
Great professional photographer. Very reasonable rates. Thanks so much for making our place look so good.
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Experienced: October, 2017
Wonderful photos!
I thought my own photos were pretty good until I saw what Ed Dorsett did for our condo. Wow, what a difference. My listing looks amazing now. I'm so glad I opted for a professional, and Ed was so easy to work with. We arranged everything over email and I wasn't even there for the shoot. What a great experience. Thank you Ed. We'll be in touch.
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Experienced: August, 2017
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