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Eco Sayulita - Making Sayulita a Green Community

Eco Sayulita

Eco Sayulita was created in 2014 by a bi-cultural group of individuals who live in Sayulita. The mission of the group is to turn Sayulita into a model "green community" for Mexico. Eco Sayulita is funded by the Mercado del Pueblo and individual donations to specific projects. The organization works closely with the Vigilantes, Pro Sayulita, and other local groups to coordinate local efforts. Some of Eco Sayulita's activities have been focused on:

  • Sponsoring and organizing beach, riverbed and town clean ups
  • Subsidizing and distribution of paper products to vendors
  • Local water issues
  • Future activities will include the elimination of pastic water bottles and bags in Sayulita
  • Town-wide compost program
Keeping Sayulita Green

Eco Sayulita helps the community in many aspects. One major way Eco Sayulita helps the community is by educating street vendors on the dangers of using styrofoam and getting a committment from them to use paper products. They then follow up with them to ensure they have the products and cover some of the cost. Currently, they are now working with local stores to ensure they carry paper products so these efforts can be sustainable. A huge, on-going project that has impacted the town is working on the water and waste management system in Sayulita. Eco Sayulita has worked with government officials and independent consultants to ensure that Mexican officials have the information and recommendations they need to solve the waste water treatment issues and keep the ocean and town clean. Currently, they have now successfully developed a plan with state officals and current activities include ensuring that they implement this multi-point plan.

For more information and/or to join Eco Sayulita's efforts, you can reach out on FB at Eco Sayulita

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