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Eva Estlander Yoga

Certified Yoga Teacher
Combining Vinyasa & Yin
Private lessons or group retreats
Stand Up Paddle Yoga classes!
Reiki healing
NSR (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming) elements

Eva Estlander Yoga in Sayulita, a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) based in Sayulita, Mexico. Her path with yoga started through Ashtanga, but slowly, she started feeling more drawn to different styles including Vinyasa Flow and Yin, which are now the closest to her heart. 

As a yoga teacher in Sayulita, Eva combines the power of Vinyasa flow with the restorative energy in Yin. In a typical Sayulita yoga class, you will feel the warmth of the flowing movement, and the strength in holding poses with integrity.  People say her gentle way of guiding your body in to proper alignment will always make her meet each of students individual needs.

Eva recently completed a training in NSR (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming), which is something she loves to incorporate into her Yin classes. She has also studied Reiki healing, which is something she likes to incorporate into her Sayulita classes during Savasana.

Eva offers private classes for any level of yoga ...

Contact her to reserve specialized sessions, for your vacation with friends or family.

She can accommodate your class either in your own space, beach, ocean or at the studio.

Whether it's an individual lesson, a group retreat, and even if its for only one day, you will love yoga with Eva

Yoga styles offered in Sayulita:

Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga: Yin Yoga is a slow-paced, meditative practice with mostely floor based or seated poses that are held for a longer period of time (2-10 minutes). This practice is perfect for anyone looking for a more meditative and relaxing class.

Vinyasa Yoga: Flow Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga is the most popular styles. This practice increases flexibility, andurance, and strength by linking each asana into a flowing sequence. Vinyasa Yoga is a faster paced and diverse style since the sequence always changes.

Yin & Yang Yoga: This class is a combination ot the two styles described above. Usually, first half of class will be slow-paced and the second half little faster with sun salutations.

SUP Yoga: Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga combines two of my favorite things: the ocean and yoga, you can expect some wet dogs instead of down dogs. This is fun and playful way to take your yoga practice to the biggest teacher of them all: Mother ocean.

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from 9 reviews
Awesome Yoga Instructor!
We had Eva come up to our villa to teach yoga to our friends and family prior to our wedding. It was such a great class. Everyone enjoyed Eva and her energy! Thank you so much!
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Experienced: April, 2018
Awesome Yoga experience
Eva came to the house we rented right on the beach and we had a wonderful hour of outdoor yoga that was a perfect mix of yin and vinyasa. Eva is an excellent instructor and I look forward to booking her again on our next trip. Highly recommended!!!
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2018
Very relaxing and instructive
Eva came to our treehouse in Sayulita and we had a great hour doing yoga in the gorgeous jungle. As a newbie to yoga, she helped me make sure I was doing the poses correctly and guided us and was very thorough. She was amazing! I highly recommend!
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2017
Gentle and Caring
Eva's dedication to the practice of Yin Yoga is evident in her gentle, caring teaching style. I especially appreciate her thoughtful sequencing and timing, which, for me, allow for a deep dip into the yin experience.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2016
So so good
Eva is a wonderful teacher. Instead of listing reasons why, I will just say that every time I go to her yin class, there is a leisurely satisfied pause after we are done as everyone realizes how much better they feel after the class than when they arrived. It's perfect.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2016
Love Eva's Yin Yoga Classes
I treasure my time in class with Eva. She is a wonderful, caring, generous teacher. So much so I asked her to teach at our yoga teacher training. Thank you for a lovely yin class every single time. See you on the mat again soon.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2016
Beautiful Yin
Eva's Yin class are a highlight of the week and an all round beautiful experience! I always leave feeling centred and calm. Highly recommend trying one of Eva's classes in Sayulita.
[Read more]
Experienced: November, 2016
lovely, lovely teacher
Eva is an incredibly warm instructor that makes me feel at ease whenever I step into her class. She has a way of delivering the content in a thoughtful way - always supportive, soft and honest. I am someone that likes to push all my boundaries and studying with Eva has really taught me to be kinder to my body :) take her class, it's such a treat.
[Read more]
Experienced: May, 2016
Eva is an amazing teacher & all around awesome person.
One of the main reason's for moving to Sayulita was to thoroughly work on my dexterity & healing, I train in many practices & attend many different yoga classes here, but I genuinely love the YIN work we do. Just as the name implies it is more on the Yin side of things, passive, slowed down & relaxing, but still deep work is happening. I really enjoy the poses & love that it is targeted on fascia work which is much needed in my case. Eva never ceases to surprise me by bring in new poses that I have never tried & just has an awesome calming approach to her classes & work.
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2015
Owner/Manager Name
Hi, my name is Eva and I am a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher (RYT 200). I grew up in Helsinki, Finland, but have been based in Sayulita for the past 6 years. I love teaching and practicing yoga and would love to meet you for a private practi...[Read more]

Hi, my name is Eva and I am a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher (RYT 200). I grew up in Helsinki, Finland, but have been based in Sayulita for the past 6 years. I love teaching and practicing yoga and would love to meet you for a private practice! Namaste :)

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Group/Private Classes
In-Home Service

Group/Private Classes
In-Home Service