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JXMP - Juntos Por Mi Pueblo - Together For My Town

Article - JXMP: Together for Our Town 
Article - The Change Sayulita is Ready For 
Interview with Daniel Camacho Venegas
Interview with Ruben Rodriguez Jr. 
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JXMP Facebook Page



Sayulita's youth driven organization, JXMP is an acronym for, "Juntos Por Mi Pueblo", which translates to, "Together for My Town". JXMP began in early 2016 when local youth organized together with a determined desire for making a positive change in Sayulita. Their efforts first began with trash and beach clean ups, and a full organized committee of local youth and residents alike joining together in preparation of one of the biggest holidays, Semana Santa. With thousands of tourists coming into Sayulita, JXMP knew they had a big task to keep the streets, beaches, and jungle clean. Due to their genuine desire to make a positive change in Sayulita, JXMP soon began to make connections and build relationships with major groups and authorities in Sayulita.


Making A Difference

JXMP creates a conscious effort  in Sayulita by showing everyone that it’s possible to make an impact, no matter what. The group encourages local residents, tourists, and seasonal residents of all ages to do their part in keeping the magical town of Sayulita clean and beautiful. The organizers and supporters of JXMP take such great pride in their town, it's no wonder they have received high recognition from other key organizations such as Pro Sayulita, Eco Sayulita and public officials. It is important for the members of JXMP to encourage local residents to create a legacy of positive impact and fundamental change for future generations. 


Get Involved

There are several ways you can do your part to get involved with JXMP. There is always room for donations/ volunteer opportunities such as:

  • - Shovels for outdoor projects
  • - Trash bags for beach and town clean-ups
  • - Plastic gloves
  • - Paint  
  • - Volunteers for beach and town clean-ups
  • - Monetary donations

To contact the group, be sure to send them a message here.

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