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  • Preventive Severe Weather Conditions Protocol
  • Professional and personalized Concierge Service
  • Housekeeping Solutions: Inventory, Audit & Cleaning Service
  • Monthly Results Report & Accounting Statement

Kante Villas Property Management in Sayulita believes that the travel industry is the most enjoyable one, and owning vacation rentals should be no exception! Based on that, our Premier Property Management team, made up of experienced professionals in luxury seaside properties, will receive your concerns and frustrations and turn them into improvements that translate into higher income for you.

We'll provide our 360° service to keep your vacation home in tip-top shape 365 days a year, which includes the oversight of the cleaning, gardening, and maintenance services; marketing, accounting, and legal solutions; besides greeting, planning, and following up for all of your guests.

  • Oversee Owner's personal belongings, equipment and vehicles
  • Represent condominium meetings
  • Advertise rental property in our Newsletter
  • Hire and manage staff for the property (exclusive chef, sous chef, housekeeping staff, ect.)
  • Draft leases
  • Develop and manage the properties exclusive website
  • Perform property inspections, photoshoots, decoration and/or renovation
  • Coordinate maintenance issues, pool service, fumigation, housekeeping, vehicle maintenance, ect
  • Apply Severe Weather Conditions Protocol in rainy/hurricane season to prevent accidents and/or property damage
  • Provide financial statements
  • Provide personalized concierge service to all guests of our client's properties including airport transfer coordination, dinner reservations, romantic decoration, babysitter service, ect
  • Monthly presentation of guest satisfaction report as well as reasons that encouraged or discouraged clients from entering the property
  • Monthly reporting and any other relevant information regarding the property

Now that you have found the Property Management Company that will be as committed to your vacation rental property as you, let us know all of your goals and current concerns so we can start giving you the best solutions and rental revenue, let's schedule a meeting to start working together!

Kante Villas Property Management in Sayulita understands that sometimes the owners only need assistance getting more rentals or Cleaning Solutions, If this is your case, we offer you:

- Housekeeping Monthly Package -

- Booking Management Service -

For more information, please contact us through Whatsapp or email!

Take the opportunity to enjoy your investment without worrying about the operation! 

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Beautiful views!
Our stay in Kante Villas condo and their staff was amazing everyone always so friendly.
The place, in addition to having the best location, being super clean, close to the beach and cafes that you can walk to, makes you want to spend time resting inside because of its view, low noise, and decoration.
It is a relaxing and spacious space to spend with the family.
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Experienced: May, 2023
Wish I could have them in my other properties
The entire Kante V team is amazing! They have managed my villa in Sayulita since the beginning of 2022 and have always taken perfect care of the property as well as the guests who arrive at it, they have never been late with the delivery of reports and they maintain constant communication with me. The biggest test (and it was the one I was waiting for) was the season of Christmas and New Year since I expected the bay to be very busy and that was when I was going to really know the availability and attention they were able to give on such important dates, I HAD 0 COMPLAINTS! On the contrary, there was a night in which the guests noticed that no hot water was coming out and Efrén went immediately despite the hour (it turned out that only someone had turned off the gas supply). On New Year's the children ate the dessert that was going to be given at dinner in the afternoon and Aurora brought them a new dessert just in time for dinner. Anyway, I wish I could take them to the other rental properties I have for back in the US, totally recommended!
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Experienced: January, 2023
From nightmare to paradise
Last time I was in Sayulita was to receive a property that had it all: electric issues, spotty wifi, old palapa, archaic furniture and appliances, well... just everything. As I needed to come back home ASAP after receiving my "new" villa, I had a meeting with Efrén, Aurora and Miguel to let them know my basic goals for the villa, did the paperwork with them and left. On december I came back with my whole family for the first time (a little bit scary of what I was going to find) and the results were AMAZING! Their decorator did a terrific job, the electric and wifi issues were solved; the bedding, new pillows and mattresses, etc. were like sleeping in a cloud and they presented me a Welcome amenity that was just perfect for my first rentals in 2023. I needed detailed and experienced professionals and they did more than that.
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Experienced: December, 2022
My home away from home!
I had family stay there during a Thanksgiving. Efrén and Aurora really do magic to make you feel at home. The villa was even more beautiful in person. I loved that every room had its own bathroom, the scenic sunset views and the great food our Chef prepared (the turkey was just beyond!). And to top it off, the welcome amenities we found by the were an added bonus. Wonderful trip!
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Experienced: November, 2022
Amazing Staff & Destination
As the top reps from the company I work in, were treated to a getaway. Absolutely outstanding service from Aurora and her Concierge team, great food, beautiful villa and beach clubs. No doubt this was paradise! I had never been to Punta Mita but I'm going to go back soon!
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Experienced: November, 2022
Extreme Makeover
I hope this comment to be helpful for those people who are living out of Bahía de Banderas and are thinking of having a house/villa/condo here.

A few months before October I received the keys to my new condo in Nuevo Vallarta (it wasn't new) and when I had the opportunity to live in it for a few days before getting back home, I began to notice many damages that I didn't notice before, which could have been because it's a coastal property or because it had a few vacation rentals prior to the sale (and apparently not much maintenance).

A friend of mine highly recommended Efrén and his team, who came to completely inspect the property and the rental situation (which I wanted to continue having) and they began to work so that my condo was in shape to receive a better rentals profile beginning from the Day of the Dead. They renewed all the plumbing, gave maintenance to the indoor and outdoor wood, changed the lease, recommended changing the rental inclusions and kitchen equipment, improved the quality of the bedding, etc. In short, completely transformed the property and we are already in the photo shoot sessions. I have no complaints about the whole process, they have been very professional at all times, listened to my needs, I received excellent suggestions (based on numbers) and I have already received rental requests from the list of clients they have, hoping to open the rental options soon to more places, but definitely, they will keep taking care of my property.
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Experienced: October, 2022
La mejor Concierge!
Esta reseña es para recomendar ampliamente a mi Concierge favorita (Aurora), a la que conozco desde hace tiempo y siempre nos ha apoyado a mí y a mi familia a diseñar nuestras vacaciones cada vez que venimos a PV, Mita o Sayu. Basta con que le diga las fechas en que queremos venir o el plan que traemos y nos apoya para saber dónde quedarnos. Ella es la que nos da seguimiento en TODO (así falten meses para nuestra llegada), coordina nuestras reservaciones en restaurantes, compras de comida, masajes, etc. y nos avisa si la disponibilidad de algo que queremos está por terminarse para asegurarse de que no nos perdamos el servicio. Si aún no has probado el tener una Concierge como ella, ufff... TE ESTÁS PERDIENDO DE UNAS VERDADERAS VACACIONES!!!
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Experienced: October, 2022
Professionals and friendly
I know that for many people, the treatment is not relevant, as long as the work is done; but being a woman I must say that it was a lovely surprise to find talent, professionalism, and kindness in the same team. I have a small condo in Sayulita that I lend out to my family and friends when I'm not using it myself and I dealt with many providers for leaks, cleaning, painting, and other general maintenance issues and I always had to get used to the idea that they would come late to meetings with me to make me quotes or that the treatment was so little warm that I felt my condo wasn't enough for them and I was annoying them. From the first meeting I had with Aurora, Efrén, and Mike, they always focused on adjusting to my needs and asked me everything necessary so that the results were what I was looking for even though at first, I started just by getting only the Housekeeping package and later I preferred to upgrade it to the entire Property Management service so I wouldn't worry about someone assisting my guests or that the condo continues perfect between visits. If you are like me, that love being treated as a human being, understanding everything you need, explaining the processes, etc. Do not hesitate, this is the best option!
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Experienced: August, 2022
An adventurous idea that almost went wrong
My family and I have been visiting Puerto Vallarta for more than 15 years, over time it began to become a trendy (and crowded) destination, so we tried other nearby places like Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías, San Pancho… until we met Punta Mita and we found that peace we were looking for, without depriving ourselves of all the fun this bay has to offer. When the pandemic began, we started to think about buying a property in this destination to rent it out in some vacation seasons -and thus obtain an extra income- and have our own place to arrive when we came to visit. When we finally bought it, we realized how COMPLICATED it's to have a property in this bay, due to the summer humidity and the continuous rains of the (not-that-short) rainy season, not to mention that some occasional renters have turned out to be careless with our villa. At first, my wife was in charge of trying to coordinate everything from Portland with people from this bay who offered the services we needed in our villa, what a grave mistake! So, searching here and there, a friend who also has a villa in Mita recommended Efrén to handle all the problems we had been dragging along, a decision that was our salvation! Since then, we continue to have renters, but now with a more detailed profile - Miguel updated our lease and reviewed some other details - they haven't damaged it anymore and Aurora and her Concierges are always taking care of them. Efrén is always on guard to carry out any necessary work on the property BEFORE problems arise, and best of all, there is a constant flow of communication, so we are aware of what's happening in our villa. We highly recommend them!
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Experienced: June, 2022
Housekeeping always on time!
I'm writing this review to share my experience with the Housekeeping service package that I have had since January/2022. I found out about this option through a Facebook group of which I'm a part. I'm a private yoga instructor and I'm usually away from home most of the time visiting my clients, so when I need a quote for a service at home, I need to not spend time waiting for someone to come "see what's I need them to do" despite that I'm describing it to them when I request the service (this type of situation makes me feel that they are going to see if I'm the type of client that they can charge more or not). When I saw that it's possible to know the service fee just by indicating how my house is built, and as an additional benefit, I can indicate the day and time that they can attend to clean it, it was simply exceptional for me! For this reason, I highly recommend this option for those people who, like me, want to have a real quote with established prices and without the need to open the door for anyone to go and see everything you have at home, without any type of prior reference of such a person
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Experienced: June, 2022
Kante Management in Sayulita Mexico
Kante Management
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Efrén, Aurora, and Miguel are the killer team that will take your worries away and take exceptional care of your investment by increasing your rental revenue and positive reviews for your rental property. At the head of your day-to-day service will be Efrén and Aurora, who together have more than 20 years of experience in managing luxury vacation properties, hotel protocols, customer service, and guest care, having worked in hotels as unique as Four Seasons, St. Regis, Las Hadas, Barceló and the Marival chain; as well as having led 2 luxury villas in Punta Mita and having been Concierge in more properties in Sayulita, Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, and Nuevo Vallarta. In charge of the legal protection for your property, Miguel will be found, who has more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer, covering the contracts elaboration, labor issues, and other advice that you may require so that everything flows smoothly.