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La Gale Sayulita Contempo Art & Concept Store

A diverse collection from emerging and established artists
The best contemporary pieces with a high level of quality
Our purpose is to empower art and clothing design in Mexico

La Gale Sayulita Contempo Art & Concept Store is a unique gallery space dedicated to promoting and accrediting diverse,  emerging and established Mexican contemporary artists.

Our Story:
La Gale began as an idea of a mother and daughter to transmit new design and Mexican art and fashion to new spaces, selecting the projects, artists, craftsmen, and brands with the best contemporary proposals and a high level of quality. Our purpose is empowering design and art in Mexico.

What we offer:
La Gale Sayulita has exclusive pieces, clothing designs and brands from recognized artists, with processes and materials of the best hand made quality, by artists and craftsmen, some from indigenous communities. We take care to promote the quality work of these artists and we seek to give them the value they deserve.

Our Artists Include: 

Pepe Soho 
Sergio Hernandez 
Joaquin Piñeiro 
Maria Antonieta Canfield 

Pineda Covalin 
Axkan Taller 
Once Textil
Flor del cielo 
Maldita Envidia

Oaxifornia , Arte Yawi
Antiguedades y objetos de diseño



Each season we make changes to the exhibits. You can also see more artists and styles that are exhibited in La Gale San Miguel de Allende.

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Owner/Manager Name
We are a mother and daughter team, from Mexico city dedicated to promoting emerging and experienced Mexican artists and clothing designers, everything put together in a mexican concept store
Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday and Saturday till 8:00 pm
Av. Revolución 64, by Hotel Oz
Mexico Telephone:
329 291 20 28
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
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