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La Hamaca Folk Art and Textiles in Sayulita, Mexico

Beautiful Collection of Mexican Folk Art
Located Next to the Sayulita Plaza
Number One Shopping Destinations while Visiting Sayulita
Perfect Gifts for Friends and Family
High Quality Home Decor and Art
Handpicked, Indigenous Art

Major Credit Cards and personal checks accepted!

La Hamaca Gallery, bringing traditional art from all over Mexico to Sayulita.

La Hamaca offers a beautiful collection of Mexican Folk art, handpicked and purchased personally by the owner, from small indigenous villages throughout Mexico and Guatamala. Sr. Scott travels into the remote mountain villages of Mexico, to find truly unique and authentic items.

At La Hamaca, you will find high-quality Mexican artwork from all over the region. Beautiful traditional masks, pottery ranging in styles and traditions, vibrant fabrics from different areas, handmade hammocks of amazing quality and beauty, sculptures reflecting the artists' culture, and unique jewelry pieces are just a few of the tasteful items you will find at la Hamaca Gallery.

You will definitely want to visit La Hamaca as one of your shopping destinations while visiting Sayulita. Here you will be sure to find a beautiful piece of Mexican Folk art to take home with you. Bring a bit of Mexico home with you to become a part of your life forever.

La Hamaca accepts Credit Cards and personal checks.

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from 14 reviews
We could've spent all day in there. So many wonderful pieces and for such great prices!
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Experienced: May, 2017
They need to be open mind and not selfish, first of all, I bought 5 Beautiful colored fishes in town, and guess what fellas! I fell in love with them. I searched almost 8 hours online link by link and i found this page, where i found "the manager" Marcos number. And I asked if it was possible for them to give me a discount of their crafts,and he said " oh the only person who gives discounts is my wife, and the artist lives in Guanajuato, if I tell you more, she will kill me " on and by the way her name is Liliana." wow!!!!!!!! really????? well then i called the store and some lady Esperanza answered; i told her that I talked to Marcos about the discount and they said NO! only if you buy 100 pieces we might give you discount.Then she told me call me back in 5 minutes and I'll check with my boss, whatever. but the most important thing that bothered me was that they called me a liar. Supposedly Marcos hasn't received any calls from nobody and that he didn't give any information!!!! What kind of service is this? I really understand that they have provedors and they wanna take advantage of that. But come on guys!! You could do better than this!! Oh and by the way I got 50 fishes, i chose the colors and they gave 55% percent off!! Its awful that you lose clients doing a bad job: (
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Experienced: April, 2017
Fabulous and unique.
Every year we return to this gem and are never disappointed. It is joy to go in and select something special to take home, the whole experience leaves us inspired.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Great Gift Shop
We needed to shop for some gifts to bring back and this shop had a great variety of interesting artistic items that were good quality and we were able to cover a lot of bases and the prices were very reasonable and the woman helping us was very nice,
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Experienced: December, 2016
Nice selection of local arts
I always stop in when we are in town, to see what new artists they may be featuring. I love to look, and enjoy browsing, and have even made purchases on occasion. The shop is well-lit and clean.
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Experienced: November, 2016
something for everyone
Don't forget to go upstairs and check out all the offerings. I could have spent hours in here but i was dragged out by my girlfriend. Something for every budget. They wrap all items for you. Tiles, Huichol, textiles, linens, unique day of the dead figurines, ornaments, handblown glass, glassware, etc
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Experienced: October, 2016
mostly Magnificent
1st of all: we didn't buy anything there -- but wanted to! i plan on returning (when and if i am able) and fell in love with the ceramic beautiful exquisite CATS -- leopards, panthers, jaguars. They basically came in three different sizes, and the "small" size weighed maybe 30 pounds, so the real large one(s) could possibly be theft-proof if you were to leave it on the porch (not recommended). they also had the intricate and beautiful day-of-the-dead statuettes -- DO NOT TOUCH! (& for good reason). all-in-all, I was impressed with the quality of the items plus the wide array of different collectibles. I think my wife was looking for fabric and textiles -- so, hate to say it, as i wasn't looking at (nor mesmorized by) that kind of stuff, i didn't notice. the staff was helpful in explaining about the items. and i asked if i could take pixures of certain items and they said "no" -- and i could understand why. another reason to SHOP HERE (rather than the airport) -- i saw "the cats" at an outlet in the airport and they cost FIVE TIMES more than they cost @ La Hamaca.
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Experienced: February, 2016
Beautiful Ceramics!
The finest and most complete variety of local artisans.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2015
Fair Trade?
Everything in this store is beautiful and extraordinary. Vowing to not spend a bunch of money on "things" this trip, I could feel that vow slip away as I looked through all the beautiful fabrics in this store. But before I purchased anything I wanted to know if this store is Fair Trade, meaning do the indigenous communities that they purchase their stuff from get a fair price - fair to those communities. So I asked the person managing the store that evening. She said that it's not fair trade. She said that the owner hand picks everything, and when I asked if the owner pays a fair price to the people who make these items (by hand!), she sort of shrugged and didn't really have an answer to the questions.

Anyway, that saved us a lot of money. If you're going to purchase beautiful souvenirs hand made by most likely very poor communities, then please be aware of fair trade practices. It matters.
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Experienced: January, 2015
Love this store
I have been shopping here for 9 years. They have excellent quality merchandise. The staff is very helpful and attentive. The prices are fair. No haggling. Everything is priced. The staff knows where everything is from and its history.
They take credit cards and ship!
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Experienced: December, 2014
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Ave Revolucion, Sayulita Mexico
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