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Surf & Yoga with Leah in Sayulita

17 Years of Experience
Private and intimate group instruction
Yoga, Surf & SUP Packages
Kid friendly
Knowledge of several different yoga practices
All levels welcome!

Surf & Yoga with Leah in Sayulita: Whether you are a beginner to both surf and yoga, a seasoned yogi who wants to learn to surf, or a surfer ready to learn the foundations of yoga, or deepen your current practice, Leah draws on yogic movement based principles to enliven your experience of moving meditation. Offering private and intimate group instruction in yoga, surf, and SUP, and combo packages, Leah is gifted in her ability to meet each student where they are, and build a challenging yet (super!) fun experience from that place.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Leah is a yoga teacher with over 1000+ teacher training hours, and 17 years teaching/practicing experience. Initially focused on Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore practice, Leah later shifted to deeper study in the Anusara, and Iyengar lineages, as well as Shamata-vipassana meditation. She currently blends her years of practice a into a gentle yet vigorous Hatha flow, and meditation class.

Certifications: Leah is also a Paddle Canada Certified Advanced SUP Instructor, a Registered Open Water Lifesaver (Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross), and a Surf instructor, so you'll feel safe and cared for in the water with Leah.

Surf and Yoga Packages in Sayulita:

(for more details and pricing please check the "Menus and More" Tab)

* Soul Surfer: Yoga and Surf package

* Go With The Flow: Yoga and SUP package

* Jump On It! : Yoga, SUP and Surf package

* Yoga: private/group lessons

* Surf: private/group lessons

* SUP: tour/sup yoga

Find Leah in Sayulita, running the Heart Shala yoga studio, coaching surfing with Las Olas Surf Safaris and Lunazul Surf School, hosting yoga and surf retreats, and teaching group and private lessons, in surf, SUP and yoga

Use the contact form to get in touch by email or telephone!

The Sea is here
beneath my skin.

(Leah Nicole Tisdale)

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from 25 reviews
Leah is an amazing teacher, my experience with yoga and surf was far beyond what I expected!!!! really nice to meet people like her!
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Experienced: July, 2018
Wonderful experience
Leah was great. My experience was more than I expected. She’ll go through the details of surfing with you. Teach you safety, techniques, etc. then you hit the water. She’s very patient and a natural. After surfing, you go back to the studio, followed by yoga and meditation. My experience was great. Relaxing and healing for my body, mind and soul. Don’t think twice about booking with her. Will definitely book with her again. Thank you Leah!!
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Experienced: June, 2018
Best decision we made- booking a lesson on day 1 with Leah!
Our family and friends travelled to Sayulita with the intention of learning to surf and explore the area. My husband had surfed previously, but I thought it would be a great idea to get a lesson before we fumbled our way through. Leah was a perfect fit for our group (myself, 16yo daughter, and two 13 yo boys). We were all ‘never-evers’ And she had us all catching waves right away due to her excellent teaching abilities, and calm disposition. This experience surpassed our expectations! We would definitely recommend Leah.
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Experienced: March, 2018
Best surf instructor (and sweetest person) ever?
My husband and I did a surf lesson and Leah was the best! She did a super thorough (but easily understandable) explanation of waves, sets, technique, safety, and my favorite part - a visualization exercise. We went into the water feeling totally prepared, supported, and ready to have fun! She gave us great notes throughout the lesson that immediately paid off, and she was so encouraging. On top of it all we got the best recommendations for food and drink in town ;) couldn’t recommend Leah highly enough.
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Experienced: March, 2018
Excellent instruction!
Leah did a thorough and fantastic job of teaching principles key to getting up and riding waves. Without the lessons I would have been struggling and floundering with very little if any chance of standing up.

I also very much enjoyed the yoga portion which is saying a lot from someone who does yoga maybe once a year.

- Lance Carter
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Experienced: March, 2018
Go with the flow...
I booked a last minute trip to Sayulita to do a little bit of surfing. Based on her great reviews, I booked instruction with Leah. The waves were pretty flat when I arrived for my session, so we worked indoors on skills and techniques. Leah has a great eye and can break down your movements so that you can paddle and pop up more efficiently. She uses her background in yoga to bring more grace and flexibility to your surf experience and we discussed ocean safety and how to get better at reading the waves. I learned a lot and couldn't wait to get out on the water and put it all into practice, unfortunately, the waves stayed rather flat during my few days there, so when I next met with Leah, she gave me several options - work on our pop up and paddle skills in the water, do some Stand Up Paddle Surfing or she would refund my money. I already felt that I got so much out of my previous session with Leah and though I was a bit disappointed that we wouldn't really be able to catch any waves, I really appreciated that she spent some time giving me options for a great experience and took her up on her offer to learn how to SUP! It was awesome and the calm conditions made for a great experience.
Leah is fun, encouraging, supportive and can break every move down to small manageable steps so that you can improve quickly. She is also one of the few surf instructors I've ever worked with who can give you the "why" of why you are doing things a certain way. Her passion for her sport and her enthusiasm will help you overcome your fears and you will progress and have a blast doing it.
I'd love to work with her again and can't recommend her enough.
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Experienced: January, 2018
The best surfing lesson!!!
I had a one on one surfing lesson with Leah and it was an amazing experience. She's is a great teacher - very clear, patient and is a good judge of character. It was my first ever lesson, I'm petite female and I was frightened of pretty much everything - waves, surfboard, thinking I won't be able to hop on the board and so on..Leah helped me to overcome all those fears in the most graceful way. She makes learning so much fun and easy that I did hop on the board and rode the waves!
Book a lesson with her without thinking.
You'll be surfing before you know it. And you'll laugh a lot too.
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Experienced: December, 2017
Great surfing teacher and class
I did a personal surf lesson with Leah and it was exactly what I was looking for. She met me at my skill level and was not only a very good instructor but offers inspiration to keep pursuing waves. Highly recommened.
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Experienced: November, 2017
Awesome teacher!
If you are thinking about taking lessons - especially if you lean toward the spiritual side of your practice - she is the perfect person for you. Her understanding of the blend of surfing and yoga help her to help you get the most out of her sessions. She is friendly, conversational, funny, and will be your biggest fan when you surf your first wave. Other instructors kinda dialed it in, but she really gets to know you - even after one lesson.
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Experienced: November, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 11-29-2017
So great to surf with you, Todd. Be sure to reach out in a few months and update me on your surf journey up in the Bay! Stoked you are connecting with Amanda, and super happy you've caught the bug :) 🤙🏽
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Awesome experience, awesome teacher!
I had the opportunity to take a double Soul Surfer package with Leah during my trip to Sayulita and what a blast! The first day we began with the surfing and through Leah’s helpful guidance and instructions I managed to surf several waves (once I willed myself to stop stepping my front foot first!!). We followed up with a restorative yoga session that was just right for my mood afterwards. On the second day, we began with yoga and practiced pop-ups several times, ready for the second surf session! Again, Leah’s fantastic teaching helped me to ride most waves, feel confident and comfortable in the water. I come out of the experience proud of myself and looking forward to my next opportunity to surf! I highly recommend! Thanks Leah!
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Experienced: November, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 11-29-2017
Corina! In your two lessons, you really got the best of both worlds! A mellow wave day, and a big wave day, and you gracefully warriored through both. Such a pleasure to hang with you, and share a small piece of your new life adventure :) Keep surfing girl, you got this. 🤙🏽
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Owner/Manager Name
Leah Nicole
Surf. Yoga. Fun!
Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
main beach, Sayulita
Mexico Cell:
+52 322-101-8348
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Group/Private Classes
In-Home Service
Kid Friendly
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Group/Private Classes
In-Home Service
Kid Friendly
Local Discounts