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Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant in Sayulita

Authentic Italian Restaurant in the Heart of Sayulita
Handmade Pasta and Fresh Ingredients
Vegetarian Options Available
Delicious Italian Family Recipes
Open Kitchen for Excellent Dining Experience
Great Wine List

Mamma Mia is an authentic Italian Restaurant in the heart of Sayulita. Voted "Best Pasta" in the 2014 "Best of Sayulita contest!

Take a seat at one of Mamma Mia's tables and you will imagine yourself transported to Milan, while being in the town center of Sayulita.

The menu of Mamma Mia takes you on a trip to Italy, a menu full of authentic Italian dishes such as: Homemade gnocci, milanesa a la parmesana , fresh pastas, bruschetta, beef carpaccio and delicious sauces made in house. Vegetarians can be accomodated and Mama Mia also offers gluten-free pasta. 

Every day Mamma Mia offers you a creative, inventive fresh homemade special, so a custumer never gets bored of their menu.

The owner, Marco, was born in Milan and for the past three years has called Sayulita home. He pays homage to his Italian culture by putting together a menu based upon family recipes, as they say in Italy, '"Ricette della Nonna" which translates to "Grandmother's Recipe"  and offers you the best and purest Italian cuisine of his homeland.

You will witness the chef in the open kitchen making fresh pasta 'a la minute', always perfectly al dente. which means the pasta is firm, yet not hard, never mushy, and you will taste the difference. Mama Mia's dishes are prepared with simplicity and love for the ingredients,  and boast pure fresh flavors. Add some delicious Italian wine, perfectly toasted bread, and crisp fresh salads, and you will be completely satisfied. When in Sayulita, this little culinary trip to Italy is a must! 

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from 11 reviews
Awesome food & great service!
I and my girlfriend highly recommend this place! Great service, nice romantic yet fun atmosphere and delicious food! We are definitely coming back!
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Experienced: October, 2017
Agressive owner attacking clients with Motorcycle helmet
On October 3 rd 2017, I attended Restaurant Mamma Mia in Sayulita for dinner with a friend. From the beginning, the waiter seemed to be in not the best mood, and showed a little bit of an attitude during dinner. Before ordering, I asked if he took Credit Cards, to which he said he did.
When we finished or dinner, I asked for the bill, and decided to pay for it with my debit card, which their CC machine declined. The waiter was rude about it, and made expresions basically saying that “if we did not have any money, why would we order food?.” I pulled out another card, this time a credit card, which his machine “declined” and we went ahead and did the same with 2 other cards (total of 4) which where all “declined”, and he kept on getting more rude each time.
I have lived in Sayulita for 11 years now, and fortunately run a successful and well know business in town. I offered to leave a business card, and ID, and go over first thing the next day, to pay for dinner, which he declined, and informed he was the owner of the restaurant, and wanted his money NOW.
Ok, so, I told him I would head out to an ATM and bring him the cash, he was really rude, and said one of us had to stay there while the other went to the ATM, I did not feel comfortable with that and offered to leave an ID and my phone, which he declined.
We where pretty upset by then, so we took of regarless of what he said, and went to the nearest ATM to get cash. Once we where comming back with the cash to pay him, I checked my phone, and noticed I had received an email from my bank confirming that I had been charged for the dinner, hence, I made it back to the restaurant to show him the email, so that there where no misunderstandings.
Once at the restaurant, I showed him the email with the charge on my card, and he said he would not accept that, cause his machine was not recording it. Again, I offered a business card and told him we could both double check with our banks, and figure it out the next day (my business is 2 blocks from the restaurant), again he was rude and declined.
By now, I was really upset, told him that as a business owner, and as a foreigner (he has an Italian accent), he should be more respectfull to his clients and to Mexican Nationals, and well, he said I should watch out because "something bad could happen to me", yikes, who is this guy??
As I was leaving, he grabbed a motorcycle helmet of one of the tables, and tried to hit me with it, however, other clients in the restaurant stood up and stopped him.
We left, never invited to visit again, and I would tell anyone coming to visit or living in Sayulita, not to support businesses like this.
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Experienced: October, 2017
Best Ravioli in town & wonderful service!
I love Mamma Mia for their awesome food, good vibe and attention to the details.
Each time I went there I had a great experience. Will be definitely coming back!
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Experienced: August, 2017
I live in Sayulita. I love Mamma Mia!
I eat at Mamma Mia at least once a week! I love the creamy pasta dishes made with fresh,homemade tagliatelle which are cooked to perfection. Over the years, I would say that my guests rate the Three Mushrooms in white wine sauce as the favorite, but the creamy Tagliatelle Smoked Salmon, Tagliatelle "Ruota" with Bacon and Shrimp in pink sauce, Pumpkin Gnocchi and Cacciatore also score major sighs of pleasure. The owners, Marco and Samara, are attentive hosts who are there to serve you. I LOVE this unpretentious family restaurant offering quality food at prices that have not soared like the rest of Sayulita.
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Experienced: June, 2017
Great atmosphere, good food
Mamma Mia's provides good Italian food fare. They offer a variety of pasta dishes and we were able to experience their home made pasta on the night we ate there.
Food was warm ( kitchen is not that far so they should focus on getting it from the kitchen to the table hot) but sitting out doors was great. Staff was warm and friendly.
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Experienced: February, 2016
Good dinner
Burned out on Mexican, so my girl and I switched it up and had pasta. It was good with no complaints, just not the best to get a 5, but should be given a try. Some butter with my bread would be nice, or a bottle of water could help.
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Experienced: February, 2016
Been in Sayulita for 5 days and so far this restaurant is my top pick! The pasta was freshly homemade and the rose sauce exceptional along with perfectly cooked shrimp, clams, squid and mussels . The food was par excellent and all 5 of us had different entre's and all were pleased with our meals. Meals were piping hot as we observed them coming fresh from the stove as kitchen is in plain sight. If you don't mind Italian on your Mexican vacation this place is a must. Only disappointment was I read on this website they had gluten free pasta (one of my dinner companions had a gluten allergy and found out they do not have gluten free pasta. She did find a couple of non pasta alternatives however.
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Experienced: January, 2016
Who'd have thought I would come back to Mexico for Italian food?!
I never thought I would come back for Italian food in Mexico! Highly recommended - you can watch the pasta be handmade in the hot little kitchen in the back of the restaurant. Small space - get there early. Food & service was excellent. Great for families. Everyone very happy.
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Experienced: December, 2015
excellent homemade pasta

see how they make the pasta moment is great , I love the fresh pasta
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Experienced: November, 2015
Delicious and Authentic
Sayulita has many great restaurants with cuisine from around the world. When you are hungry for Italian food, be sure to try Mamma Mia! Everything we have tried there is good, from bruschetta to salads to fresh, house made pasta. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, and the owner, Marco was friendly and answered any questions we had regarding the menu. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Our favorite is outside, al fresco dining with some nice house red wine to accompany. We have been back several times and enjoyed each experience.
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Experienced: October, 2015
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