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Smoothies Mi Buen in Sayulita, Mexico

Great outdoor tropical location
Healthy and delicious smoothies to start your day
Vast variety of fresh, local fruits and vegetables
Choose from our menu favorites or create your own custom blend
A variety of protein additions available
Milk alternatives available

Smoothies Mi Buen in Sayulita is a great outdoor smoothie bar located at the traffic bridge in Sayulita on the corner of Revolucion and Pelicanos.

We offer an array of delicious and fresh fruits and/or vegetables to combine into an incredibly refreshing, all natural, healthy drink choice in Sayulita. Smoothies Mi Buen also boasts a variety of nutritional supplements such as pollen, granola, coconut, oatmeal, dried fruits, etc, and your choice of whole milk, rice milk, soya milk or almond milk to combine and custom make your own Sayulita smoothie!

Whether you're starting your day out with a high-energy blended drink, curing a hangover or you need a mid-day pick-me-up, Smoothies Mi Buen in Sayulita will make the perfect beverage treat for you. Pick your own fresh fruits and ingredients or try one of the following favorties among locals and visitors.

To view our menu favorites, please see the "More" tab above

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from 7 reviews
Thanks Issac!
A tasty smoothie made to order. Check him out!
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Experienced: February, 2016
Surprised by the ingredients, I would have never thought of some of them, but loved the smoothies down to the last drop. Great location by the bridge. Hit it after the market and cool off in the shade. Clean and all fresh ingredients, no concentrated OJ here!
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Experienced: March, 2015
Get the spinach and banana smoothie for your breakfast!
I tried this smoothie this morning based on the owner's recommendations. Super awesome taste and it carried me through until noon. He should name it the Golden Popeye or something.

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Experienced: February, 2014
The ONLY place for smoothies in Sayulita
I am a smoothie connoisseur and this is the only place I go to for my smoothies. Made with care and super bonus is I can have whatever I like in my smoothie. Isaac has wonderful ingredients from great protein powders to freshly cut aloe you can get it all and he is very happy to experiment with you to create new and exciting taste sensations. You get the gist...JUST GO!! You won't regret it.
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Experienced: January, 2014
Healthy & Happy Vibes
Healthy in body, mind and Spirit...both the smoothies AND the social inter-play each time you stop or simply pass by. Another example of good ambassadorship from a very hard working and friendly owner/manager. V!!!ery clean and hygienic, great music and a great stool to watch the world go by. Can't wait until my return.
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Experienced: May, 2013
The best smoothies in Sayulita
Isaac is awesome. His smoothies are made with all the freshest ingredients and you can really taste the love. The guy makes each smoothie to order and will custom alter any item to you liking.

You will not be disappointed!
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Experienced: May, 2013
This place is the real deal!
The tastiest green smoothie I have ever had came from this humble place 2 years ago. I highly recommend it! And the owner is "cool" too!
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Experienced: August, 2012
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Price Range:
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Hours of Operations:
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
On the corner of Revolucion and Pelicanos at the bridge
Mexico Cell:
322 203 8339
(Please mention Sayulita Life)