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Nava Golf Car Rental

Quiet and eco friendly electric golf carts
Professional service
Delivered to your vacation rental for your convenience
Great rates
Safe and comfortable
Easy to drive

Nava Golf Cars in Sayulita - When vacationing in Sayulita, you can definitely notice that the best way to move around town is to drive your own golf cart. When renting a golf cart, you don't have to worry about distance, hills, and parking is fairly easy to find on residential streets just steps away from the main beach or central plaza. Many people adore the charm of Sayulita, but the cobble-stone and few un-paved streets and steep hills can take a toll on those with mobility issues. See all the sights and experience what Sayulita has to offer with the convenience of your own golf cart! Shopping trips become a delight when you don't have to carry everything back to your vacation rental. Having a golf cart is convenient and fun!

Enjoy your Sayulita vacation with Nava Golf Cars and feel free to:

  • Explore places outside of the Sayulita downtown area.
  • Be your own, independent tour guide.
  • Stop whenever you want to admire charming views and scenic overlooks.
  • Enjoy tropical air and no rush.
  • Go where you want and stop when you want.
  • Bring your all beach gear with you and never carry your shopping.


You can rest assured that we will have the best cart for you, delivered straight to your vacation rental.

With our growing fleet of electric golf carts, we can promise to reserve you the best option. Nava Golf Cars is the best company offering you endless opportunities for fun and exploration of colorful Sayulita streets and its amazing coastal scenery at your own pace and time.

Call or email us for pricing and booking!

Remember, we deliver golf carts directly to your Vacation Rental!

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from 3 reviews
Rented us a bad cart, then dissapeared and wouldn't provide a refund
We had a terrible experience with our golf cart rental from Nava. Tavo and Matteo, aka "Nava Car" (rental number 322-168-2714). I rented from another company for our first week which went great, but Tavo talked me into renting from them for our 2nd week by saying they'd match the price, they'd charge the car for us at night, and we'd get a parking spot in the garage. Tavo was very present that first week and constantly around every day asking if we still wanted it (he also works in Pajaro Fuego where we were renting a condo).

When the time came they wouldn't / couldn't take cards so we paid in cash.

The cart they rented us (#12) was problematic from the start and wouldn't hold a charge very long even though after the first night we were charging it overnight and during the day. We found out after the first night that they weren't charging it for us either so we did it ourselves after that. The battery light was constantly going on and after the 2nd-3rd day, the cart started stuttering up the final hill and we couldn't get it into the garage. I asked for a replacement on the 2nd or 3rd day and they couldn't give me one. Finally after being stressed about it for days (this is not what we want to do here with a baby), we left the cart in the downstairs garage area (where their workshop is) since it wouldn't go up the ramp to the 2nd garage floor. I told Tavo we were renting with the first company for our final 3 days and we wanted a refund for the last 2 days ($80 US). He made some excuses and we basically never saw him again.
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Experienced: June, 2018
Response from Owner/Manager on 06-27-2018

We are so sorry for the inconvenient. We always try to keep all of our carts in good condition and unfortunately we couldn’t replace it because all of our units were rented at that moment.

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Great service!!!
These fold carts were so helpful and convenient for traveling around town. We rented 6 golf carts this passed weekend and I have no complaints. The service was excellent and the owner was very helpful. I would recommend this business to others.
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Experienced: March, 2018
Response from Owner/Manager on 03-07-2018
Thank´s for your review Erin. We are so glad you enjoyed your stay at Sayulita. Thank you for renting with Nava Cars.
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Great Service! Took care of our entire wedding.
Adrian and his team took excellent care of our week long wedding celebration, multiple guests, multiple locations and requests. All of the carts ran great, went up those crazy hills without a beat and riding in them became some of the favorite memories of the week. They worked on a timely manner, dropping off the carts when requested and taking the time out of their busy schedule to show my family how to use them, plug them in, even when they arrived late from their flight. Great service!
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Experienced: January, 2018
Response from Owner/Manager on 07-16-2018

We are so glad you and your guests had a great time. Was a pleasure for us to meet you and that Nava Cars was part of your wedding. Please share with us your picture!!
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