Nov 11 2016

As the high season begins, so do our preparations for safety in the community. The Civil Protection y Bomberos Training Symposium for 2016 will be held on December 6, 7, and 8 in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit. This year’s Symposium will be again supported by Firefighters Crossing Borders Instructors who will provide local firefighters training on Auto Extrication, Rope Rescue, Fire Ground Survival, and Surf Rescue.   

The two lifeguard classes are also open to volunteers. The two day Basic class for new lifeguards will be held on Dec 6 & 7. An Advanced class on Dec. 8th is for only experienced volunteers or paid lifeguards. These courses are FREE! Class size is limited, so register early by contacting Jonny Seifert at 322 111-8773 or via email

The volunteer trainers will be coming from all over the US and Canada. Many of them have spent their careers training Lifeguards. In addition to these trainers, we will also have local trainers and our very own Jonny Seifert as our lead instructor joined by Janalyn Yanover as support. They are both professional trainers as well and will be running our Auxiliary Team in Sayulita. After the clinics, they will provide follow up sessions to help keep everyone's skill sets up to date.

These training clinics are designed to train anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and skills for water rescue. Last season proved that these are vital skills to have for anyone who is regularly in the water or on the beach. As an example, two days in particular come to mind; Jan. 31 and Feb. 26. Jan. 31 was particularly rough day. We had dozens of rescues that day on the Northside beach. We did not have Lifeguards on hand, so the rescues were all performed by volunteers. Tragically, we lost a young man from Guadalajara that day. On Feb. 26 we had another very rough day. Again, no Lifeguards were on duty, so when Steve Schumacher drowned, it was again volunteers that came to the rescue. Thanks to Geovani Perez's skills and perseverance, Steve was resuscitated and is now alive and well living a full life in Idaho.

Steve's family and friends have generously donated money and equipment to Pro Sayulita to support our Beach Safety Program. We thank them all for their generosity. Marilin States Grahn is a longtime family friend of Steve and Karen Schumacher. She was with them in  Sayulita when Steve drowned. She works as an Urgent Care Nurse in Canada. I would like to thank Marilin in particular for her tireless work in procuring 2 SIM Men. They are being donated to Pro Sayulita through the Toronto chapter of Not Just Tourists. These SIM Men are patient simulators designed as training tools for Healthcare professionals. They are worth thousands of dollars each. We will be training with these simulators for the first time in our Dec. clinics. Thank you Marilin for this incredible donation and helping us save lives!

Remember to register now for these FREE Lifesaving courses. Think of this as your contribution to give back to our community that we have all grown to love. Your actions will help to save lives!