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Patricia's Surf School in Sayulita, Mexico

Variety of surf, stand-up and boogie board as well as kayaks
Located in front of Sayulita's Main Surf Break
Family Owned and Operated
Over 16 Years Experience in Sayulita
Professional and Skilled Surf Instructors
All levels of surf lessons

Patricia's Surf School in Sayulita, Mexico located right on the main beach at Capitan Pablo's in front of Sayulita's best surf break.

Patricia offers surf lessons, surf tours to great local surf spots, board rentals and much more. Patricia's Surf School has over 16 years experience in Sayulita! Patricia and her husband Capitan Pablo have been residents in Sayulita for 20 years and have been running the surf school and tours business in Sayulita for over 16 years. Patricia's Surf School in Sayulita offers all levels of surf lessons and has an excellent quiver of boards to choose from for day rentals, weekly rentals or just an hour of amazing surfing fun in Sayulita.

Patricia and Pablo are also owners of Capitan Pablo's Fishing Tours.

Patricia's two sons are National Champion surfers representing Mexico in National and International surf tournaments. Dylan Southworth, Mexico's Mens Open champion and Travis Southworth, Mexico's Junior National Champion live in Sayulita and have grown up surfing their entire lives. Patricia's Surf School in Sayulita has grown with the town and become an established and well known surf school and board rental locale.

Patricia's friendly and outgoing personality makes beginner surfers feel at ease and get into the surfing groove here in Sayulita.  Patricia's recommendation for all Sayulita visitors is to take a memorable tour to some great local surf spots and the beautiful Marieta Islands.

  • Professional and Skilled Surf Instructors
  • Conveniently Located at Capitan Pablo's in front of Sayulita's Main Surf Break
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Surf Lessons
  • Over 16 Years Experience in Sayulita, Mexico
  • A Variety of Surfboard Rentals and Surf Gear
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Friendly Staff


Contact Patricia's Surf School for an unforgettable surf experience in Sayulita!

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I copied this review from a review below: The owner's son, Dylan, is a rude and obnoxious surfer full of arrogance and machismo. He threatens visitors while he surfs and is unwilling to share his "adopted" home. I wouldn't give this place one Peso.

I wanted to begin with a review that is exactly like the one above. Today I saw Dylan get on the same wave as my daughter, in which my daughter had priority, she tried to move the nose of his soft top long board off of her board and so he spins tale of his board around 180 digress and hits her at ankle level and off her board she went.

Then there was what I believe to be a Local SUP paddle boarder out there, and the reason I think he was local is that he was good. Any way the SUP paddle boarder rides a nice wave in and happens to go by Dylan, as Dylan was paddling back out, really no where near him and yet Dylan started using vulgar language but what I like is the paddle boarder did say something to Dylan like when you paddle out you should paddle out and around and this way your not in the way of those riding the wave in.

Then this is when Dylan threatened, cursed and was just plain mean and awful.

So again I end with:

The owner's son, Dylan, is a rude and obnoxious surfer full of arrogance and machismo. He threatens visitors while he surfs and is unwilling to share his "adopted" home. I wouldn't give this place one Peso.

DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS Here, to many other options where they care about visitors and want visitors to have a good time and return to Sayulita
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Stayed: June, 2017
Submitted: 06/15/17
Had a great experience paddle boarding and fishing with Arturo
Arturo hooked us up with our fishing trip and paddle boarding adventure. We caught 11 Crevalle Jack and 1 Red Snapper. One of the best fishing experiences I've ever had. We also went cliff jumping while we were paddle boarding on a separate day. The shop was very accommodating to all of our needs. We will definitely will be back to visit our friend Arturo and Travis!
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Stayed: May, 2017
Submitted: 06/01/17
Good times
I was in sayulita a few weeks ago and I believe it was Arturo who gave me a lesson. Great time well worth it. Thanks guys hope to see you soon
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Stayed: December, 2016
Submitted: 12/28/16
Very accommodating, helpful and convenient!
We rented boards the first few days of our trip, and really enjoyed the ease of getting boards, keeping the tab system that we payed off at the end of the week, and the information from Patty. We didn't take lessons, but we did end up doing a fishing trip with them and had a great time!
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Stayed: November, 2016
Submitted: 11/15/16
Pesimo servicio ( awful service)
¡Awful service! My girlfriend and I take the paddle board lessons and the instructor left us alone in several occasions during the lesson and at the end he get out of the sea leaving us behind and that's when with no supervising he just scream at us to get outside by ourselves but when we try to get out we suffer an accident on wich my girlfriend suffered an injury on her nose so we have to go to medical service. The instructor was very agressive because we didn't left him the tip he want,we went to medical service ourselves,lifeguards were most concerned about us. They told us that those guys were very irresponsables.
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Stayed: October, 2016
Submitted: 10/29/16
wolf in sheeps clothing
The owner's son, Dylan, is a rude and obnoxious surfer full of arrogance and machismo. He threatens visitors while he surfs and is unwilling to share his "adopted" home. I wouldn't give this place one Peso.
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Stayed: June, 2016
Submitted: 07/01/16
Amazing People
I caught my first wave in Sayulita on one of Patricia's boards. My husband finally got me out to surf and after standing up i was hooked!! The guys that helped us all week were fantastic!! I can't wait to come back. I will absolutely be going back to Patricia's shop, wish it was tomorrow!!
Thanks again all!!
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Stayed: April, 2016
Submitted: 05/10/16
Great instructor! Great Service!
My daughter really enjoyed her experience surfing for her first time. She felt successful fairly quickly and had a great time!
[Read more]
Stayed: March, 2016
Submitted: 04/04/16
Awesome Surf Lesson!
Hi Patty!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing day that we spent in Sayulita yesterday!!! Thanks for taking your time to have a talk with us. You are such an inspiring person, you definitely left a mark somewhere on my soul. I wish you all the best and I say see you next time... cause we will come back to sayulita!!!

I'm telling my friends that I found this little town on the Mexican west coast that has the soul of a surfer, the happiness of a child and the beauty of nature. That's Sayulita to me :)

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Stayed: June, 2015
Submitted: 07/05/15
Great staff, nice boards.
My wife and I rented boogie boards every day for a week from Patricia's surf. We met Patricia and her sons Dillion and Travis. Very nice family. The boards were nice and inexpensive to rent for a few hours.
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Stayed: April, 2015
Submitted: 05/09/15
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Owner/Manager Name
Paul and Patricia
Owner/Manager bio coming very soon
Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Everyday from sunrise till sunset
At Capitan Pablo's on the beach
Mexico Telephone:
001 52 329-291-2070
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Kid Friendly

Kid Friendly