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RENEW Reset/Cleanse

Fresh, delicious and nutritious meals delivered to your door
A unique cleanse with real food so you never have to feel hungry
5 days of treating yourself well will result in feeling better!
Restore your body's natural balance and flush vital organs
Give your body exactly what it needs to THRIVE
Hit the reset button with the 5 day RENEW cleanse!

RENEW Reset/Cleanse in Sayulita, Mexico provides bi-monthly health-enhancing cleanses aimed to "reset" the body's natural healing abilities. The 5-day Renew Reset includes freshly prepared organic foods, juices and elixirs that help boost nutrient levels and detoxify the body. The best part, all the food is delivered right to your door in Sayulita each day!

The RENEW “Reset” in Sayulita focuses on providing nutrient dense foods, juices and elixirs to   gently, yet   effectively, restore your body's balance and flush vital organs. The model for this cleanse isn't  based on fasting, instead you are eating - the whole time!  It is about real organic wholesome foods that assist the body in purging toxins and excess fat.

For each of the 5 days, you are delivered (to your door) in Sayulita all of your food for each day. Each meal has been carefully designed to not only taste amazing, but to provide you with the essential healing nutrients for an effective detox. In addition to full meals, are detoxifying juices, cleansing tonics and a whole host of super-foods to give your body exactly what it needs to thrive.

                          The RENEW Reset cleanse is perfect for you if:

  • You have been tempted to try other detox cleanses but don't want to ONLY drink juices and broth for days on end.
  • You've over-indulged lately and simply feel like your insides could use a little clean-up.
  • You want to avoid the harsh detox symptoms that often accompany more aggressive cleanses.
  • You want to hit the “Reset” button on your health and regain energy and a sense of vitality.  
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from 27 reviews
AVOID - Got FOOD POISONING from the cleanse
Please do not trust this business even it came with fantastic reviews, it is not a legitimate business nor does it care about your health. I am writing because I had a truly horrible experience and wish for no one to fall into tourist scam like this one.

The owner Katie from does not operate the business. This is a cleanse managed by Amanda and Sergio from Holistika Sayulita.

I had vomited, became extremely sick from eating the food from Amanda Smith. I have let both of them know my build up of sickness. First Amada was unaware that different diets should suit the different individual. The bigger issue is that the attitude that was shown when I have become clearly sick from their food, she evades the problem every way she could so the fault is not at hers..

Below symptoms are what I experienced:
- fever
- diaheria
- vomiting
- lost my appetite, unable to eat and drink
- severe stomach pain

From the visits to the San Pancho Hospital, my blood test says that I was fighting a high level of bacteria and confirmed that it is food poisoning. I was very healthy until 3 days into her food program which I only ate her food.

Most travelers do not know vegetables must wash with an antibacterial solution in Mexico. If you're having raw greens that are not properly handled, seriously you can get very sick!
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Experienced: January, 2018
Amazing 5 days
We are so happy with our 5 day cleanse from Amanda and Sergio. We have taken the cleanse with Katie in the past were thrilled with the new and updated menu and service. I had been feeling very congested and stopped up since the holidays and the cleanse was just the right thing to clear me up and give me energy I haven't felt since I was a teenager! Do yourself a favor and gift yourself this cleanse. You won't be sorry!
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Experienced: January, 2018
Delicious, healthy food delivered to your door!
I have experienced and enjoyed the Reset cleanse several times, and the most recent two have been with the new owners, Sergio and Amanda. The care and love that goes into this meal preparation is obvious, and the presentation is wonderful. After 5 days of healthy food delivered to my door, I feel renewed, nourished and absolutely amazing! Thanks for providing such a wonderful, healthy service. I eat more healthfully while on the cleanse than I do in my day-to-day life, where I often get busy and forget to eat. This is a great way to give your body a Reset/Renew for anytime you want to feel good!
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Experienced: December, 2017
Amazing, delicious, healthy and beautiful!
I came to Sayulita for a yoga training program at and some old health issues flared up. Gall bladder pain!! Katie to the resuce!. Nara, my yogi, introduced me to Katie and her amazing program The RENEW/RESET Cleanse.

The program and food where unbelievably great! It was delivered fresh everyday with explanations and instructions. It was BEAUTIFUL (look at her pictures on the website) delicious, super healthy and just what I needed. I'm vegan, gluten free and I was in acute GI pain. Katie's program helped me stay on tack in my yoga training and made me feel revitalized, pain free, healthy, and I was very happy with my meals. I don't think I have ever eaten so well and I missed the food VERY much after the program. I sincerely told Katie that I would love to be able to hire her a personal chef for the rest of my life...

This program is an outstanding value and Katie if full of great, helpful, well informed knowledge she generously shares. One of the best parts is that she shares all of the recipes she used in the program with the participants.

You don't have to have any health issues to benefit fro this program, but your health and well being will definitely be taken up a notch from where ever it is..

Thank you Katie!!
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Experienced: November, 2016
best gift to yourself
I did it. EVERYTHING was amazing from day 1. The way Katie takes care of you is beyond 5 stars. The food is delicious, delivery tailored to meet your needs depending on your schedule and the info very helpful. Katie takes care of every detail and she answers every question that could arise during the process. I felt AMAZING afterwards and I even signed up a friend of mine to do it because I knew is the best present EVER.
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Experienced: November, 2016
Delicious and really working!!
I loved all the meals prepared by Katie for my cleanse. I could not believe something that healthy can taste so good! And it really work, after 5 days I felt like new! Very highly recommended!
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Experienced: October, 2016
Wonderful way to reset with real food!
I'm a couple weeks out and still keeping up Katie's basic routines of the cleanse. Her recipes have been invaluable, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to have done the cleanse. It has really changed so much for me in such a positive way.
The cleanse itself was amazing. Healthy food (more than I could eat) that was delicious and delivered to my door every day. Why can't life always be like that?! ;-)
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Experienced: April, 2016
Do this for won't be sorry!!!
I just completed my second cleanse with Katie, and I've about decided to do them every month because I feel so clean and holy when I'm done! :-)
Your body, which may show its discontent during the cleanse, will be all smiles and energized by Friday morning...just in time to hit the Mercado and shop from Katie's provided list of go-to vendors. The food is all delicious, and the presentation is is vegan gourmet delivered right to your kitchen every morning, no matter how many thousand steps she has to climb, rain or shine!!
You may think it's a little out of your price range but, believe me, those 3 meals a day PLUS a delicious snack would cost way more if you were getting room service at the 4 Seasons, but Katie's cleanse makes you feel that pampered!! And, what you're saving in future medical bills needs to be figured in, too!! Oh...did I forget to mention that I LOST 10 POUNDS IN 5 DAYS - no starving, no cravings, no pills, no nuthin' but great organic, real food!!!
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Experienced: March, 2016
It Really Changed My Bad Habits
I highly recommend this cleanse. It helped me with a physical issue and bad habits and sets on a different path with food choices. Katie has it together and makes it so easy to not have to cook or spend much time with food prep.
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Experienced: March, 2016
A fantastic experience!
We highly recommend Nutrify for Life and Katie Davis. Just completed the 5 day reset and it was amazing. Katie makes the process easy..from signup through completion. She delivers delicious, healthy food to your door and is available to answer any questions or concerns that you have..both during the process and after. She is supportive and not "preachy" .

We believe this program is great for anyone who wants to learn and " reset" their bodies...whether it is a first step as part of a longer term plan or an event that helps you pause from your daily habits. Cannot recommend Katie highly enough.
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Experienced: March, 2016
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