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A few days before I had planned to do an interview with new business Fix-Boyz Sayulita, my cell-phone screen shattered into bits and broke to the point of no return. Oh the irony! It was a Sunday afternoon, and I of course was freaking out as a busy work week was about to begin. Like many people, I rely heavily on my phone for communication with work and friends, so I was stressing out about what to do for the fastest and most effective solution. After making a call to the Fix-Boyz Sayulita, they went above and beyond to accommodate my needs and opened the store just to help me out, even though they were closed that day. Thus, I ended up going to Fix-Boyz Sayulita not just to do the interview, but as a client with an actual phone emergency. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with their service! I dropped off my phone for them to fix, and in just one hour, my phone was completely restored with a new screen; it looked brand new. I couldn’t believe it! The Fix-Boyz Sayulita are truly miracle workers and are the only business in town that offers this kind of service to help with your phone troubles or emergencies.

After my personal experience using Fix-Boyz Sayulita, I realized how important this business is not just for Sayulita locals, but for those who may encounter phone problems while vacationing here. The Fix-Boyz Sayulita work quickly, are professional and knowledgeable, and are here to ease the stress that is induced if your cell-phone breaks or encounters problems. Did your phone fall into the ocean on your fun-filled beach day? Did your cell not survive that crazy pool party you went to? Did the heat and humidity cook your phone to death? Did it fall onto our cobblestone streets? Whatever the issue may be with your broken phone, Fix-Boyz Sayulita can help find a solution.

I talked to the Fix-Boyz Sayulita, Jesus and Poncho, about their background, their business, and how they learned to fix cell-phones like pros.

Where are you both from and why did you move to Sayulita? Jesus and I are both from Hermosillo, Sonora. We moved to Sayulita because we wanted live close to the beach. I (Jesse) have been living in Sayulita for over a year now. When I moved here I was tired of the city life and wanted something calmer.

When and why did you open your business, Fix-Boyz Sayulita?

We officially opened Fix-Boyz Sayulita in May of 2018. After living here for a year, Jesus and I decided to become business partners because we wanted to offer technological solutions and services that we felt were missing here in town. So, we opened our business because we saw that this service was necessary in Sayulita, and it was a need that was not currently being met by any other business. Until we opened, clients would have to go all the way to Bucerias or Puerto Vallarta for technology stores or products. Now, they can get that assistance right here in Sayulita.

What services do you offer at Fix-Boyz Sayulita?

At Fix-Boyz Sayulita we can fix your IPhone, IPad or android—whether it be the hardware or the software. We are specialists with IPhones, but like I mentioned, we also can fix androids. Some of the services we provide are changing displays, fixing problems with the touch or screens, issues with batteries, speakers, buzzers, etc. We also sell a variety of phone accessories, such as phone headsets, chargers, cases, etc.

How did you both learn how to fix and repair phones?

Jesus is a mechatronic engineer; he has a lot of experience with hardware and software support. We also are working with a communications company that gives us additional support when necessary to help us give even better service to our clients.

Why is this a passion or interest for you?

We both grew up in the generation of technology; it is what we currently live in and what we know. Thus, we know how important our devices can be in our life, whether it is for work, entertainment, staying connected to friends or family, or using social media. We also know how important a phone is for our clients. Some of our clients are living here in town, and some are tourists, so they often need their phone problems solved as soon as possible. We know how stressful a broken cell-phone can be or when problems arise, especially for someone who is on vacation, so we are here to help solve that problem and provide relief.

Being a new business in town, what do you want the people of Sayulita to know the most about you?

Fix-Boyz Sayulita is here to give Sayulita the best possible service and to make it easier to repair your devices. We are open Monday to Friday from 11: 00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri