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Art classes- check. Language classes- check. Kids’ movies- check. These and much more can now be found at Sayulita’s newest non-profit organization, El Centro Creativo. Originally created by Festival Sayulita to provide a creative outlet for locals year-round, El Centro Creativo Sayulita has now,  literally, taken on a life of its own. El Centro, as most call it, can be found on Calle Pelicanos at Quintas Trujillo. El Centro is managed by Nick Sherman, Sebastian Ibarra, and Tania Cruz. These individuals have worked tirelessly to ensure that Sayulita has a community space that is inclusive and respectful.

Over a year after its formation, El Centro has a clear vision and mission to “Promote and encourage the integration of the inhabitants of Sayulita, especially children, and contribute to the construction of a community in harmony with ourselves and with nature; in a social and sustainable space where the appreciation, development and exchange of artistic, cultural, sports and craft activities are celebrated.“ On any given day, one can wander around El Centro and appreciate the architecture, painfully created out of local and sustainable materials, or enjoy the variety of activities for and by locals and simply feel the inspiring energy of what is happening: enabling one to dream of what can come.

In its continuing efforts to promote sustainability and promote environmental efforts, El Centro will now take over the operation of Sayulita’s new recycle center. This incredible partnership will allow the recycling program in Sayulita to increase the reuse and up-use of products we formerly viewed as waste. In the short time these programs have partnered, a glass cutting program has begun, a plastic recycling machine has been built— (the only one outside of Mexico D.F. and Monterey), and a full line of creative crafts using recycled products are being designed. Get ready to purchase surf fins out of fully recycled plastic!

El Centro will continue to give to our community by sponsoring a special altar during the upcoming Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Celebration on Ninos Heroes. That alter and the panteon (cemetery) will be decorated by candles resting in glass votives created and donated by El Centro to show off their new glass cutting skills. All of these amazing projects, and yet even more is coming!

Please remember that El Centro is a not-for-profit organization, which means El Centro provides free programming on a regular basis for local school children and community members. This has included activities such as art projects, game times, motorcycle safety classes, and yoga, to name a few. Additional workshops for small fees will be added soon to El Centro’s schedule. The money to pay for the activities and workshops happening at El Centro and in the recycling program have been generously donated by members of our community. Talents, time, and funds will continue to be needed to continue to grow El Centro to become fully sustainable, and it will all be worth it!

To find out more what is happening at El Centro, go to our Facebook page, or just stop by.  Feeling inspired? Good! Please help El Centro to keep moving forward by donating to our important cause via paypal.



Written By: Lina Weissman