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Cruising the colorful, cobblestone streets of Sayulita? Leave the car behind, and take a Nava Golf Cart instead! Coming from other countries to visit Sayulita, we're often not used to the sight of golf carts buzzing around town on the roads. However, the novelty of this convenient and eco-friendly way of transport is appealing and part of what gives Sayulita its relaxed, fun, and small town charm. Who doesn't want to hop on their own golf cart heading to the beach, and feel the soft Sayulita breeze through your hair? Venture out into Sayulita's picturesque streets with ease, by renting a golf cart through Nava Golf Carts. The golf carts will be dropped off when and where requested, while one of Nava Golf Cart’s enthusiastic and bilingual employees will personally take the time to show you how to use and plug them in, no matter how late you may arrive from you flight.

Go out into Sayulita's picturesque streets at a slower, relaxed pace. Sayulita is famous for our small colorful streets, unique boutiques and shops, and artsy vibes. Part of what makes up this charm is the many cobblestone streets, unpaved roads, and sometimes steep hills. Whether you have mobility issues or not, cruising around town in a golf cart makes exploring Sayulita a much more fun and relaxed experience versus walking (especially on super-hot or humid days), and is much easier than trying to drive a car. From your vacation rental to the beach, to the shops, or to the outskirts of town, it's all a figuratively speaking walk in the park. Around every corner of town there are charming views and scenic overlooks to find. In a Nava Golf Cart, you feel the freedom to be able to easily stop and admire all of these wonders wherever and whenever you want.

In bustling downtown Sayulita, parking and traffic can be an issue, especially during holidays or the busy season. Golf carts are obviously much smaller than cars, and can easily park where a car often cannot fit. Therefore, with a Nava Golf Cart, parking is very easy to find on residential streets, just steps away from the lovely main beach or central plaza. This takes away a lot of the stress that can sometimes come with trying to figure out how to get around in a new place. And isn't that why you came to the beautiful town of Sayulita in the first place-- to escape the rat race, the traffic, and to venture out in Sayulita’s signature laid back style?

Sayulita is famous for many things, but increasingly so for its eco-conscious and eco-friendly community. Healthy (organic) food is plenty, plastic and Styrofoam bans are becoming more a rule than an exception, wild-life protection is thriving, and now the quiet and electric golf carts are the icing on the eco-friendly cake! More and more locals and tourists prefer taking a zero emission trip around Sayulita instead of hopping in a car and using fuel. Did you know that electric golf cart batteries are recyclable? Golf carts are not only a fun and inexpensive way to ride around, they are also an environmentally friendly way to preserve the natural beauty of Sayulita.

Nava Golf Carts in Sayulita, with their growing fleet of electric golf cart,s always has the best option for you. If you rent from Nava Golf Carts, the golf carts will be delivered straight to your home or vacation rental. They are safe, comfortable, and easy to drive. To learn more about their competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rates, be sure to contact Nava Golf Carts through their Sayulita Life page.


Written by: Inge Poell