January 8, 2019 sayulitablog 0Comment

Arriba la mujer. This seems to be the signature phrase for Sayulita’s newest all female environmental action group, “Movimiento de la Mujer por el Medio Ambiente”. The group was created on Facebook by founding member and long-time Sayulita resident Tracie Willis. Because Tracie has lived in Sayulita for 29 years, she has easily seen the way the pueblo has changed and the way the environment has negatively been impacted. Tracie says, “I’ve been waiting many years for this generation of local women to come of age…this is a big movement, the first of its kind.” So what exactly is this group’s purpose and mission?

The goal of Moviemiento de la Mujer is to become the first environmental care group in Mexico run exclusively by local and Mexican women. The group’s mission is to not only create opportunities and ways for women to get involved in helping make positive changes for the environment, such as proposing ideas for reducing the use of single-use plastics, fostering discussions regarding how to resolve waste management issues in town, or holding meetings to discuss current concerns, but also to empower women, especially our local Mexican women, by giving them a voice. Arriba la mujer.

Tracie is incredibly passionate about protecting animals and the environment. Her passion derives from her life long work in the field. Before arriving to Sayulita, she was fired from her job on a cruise ship for reporting them to the coast guard for dumping plastic at sea. This is when she came to Sayulita, and she arrived environmentally concerned. The first way she tried to get involved back then was by helping to tackle the pueblo’s garbage issue.

However, Tracie tells me, “This movement isn’t about me...it isn’t. It’s about empowering the female, the mother of Sayulita, so that we have a say in her future path. Sayulita needs our help and protection”. Currently, the group holds regular meetings at El Centro Creativo to discuss the group’s most current environmental concerns in Sayulita, to brainstorm possible solutions, and to discuss ways to help influence and encourage others to help make positive changes.

This group is still relatively new, and therefore is going through the process of voting in leadership, such as a president, vice president, treasurer, etc. in order to ensure function and order. If you are a Sayulita female that would like to become involved in the group, check out the group’s Facebook Page and ask to join. The next meeting to discuss possibly changing the group’s name, voting on leadership, and setting short term goals for action takes place on this Thursday, January 10th, at 7:00 p.m. at El Centro. All are welcome! Arriba la mujer.


Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri