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Luxury travel is not just for the deep-pocketed anymore; everyone loves a touch of luxury in their lives, and now more than ever with our various platforms and means to find accommodations in Sayulita, it is easy to find a great, luxurious vacation spot. Helen from HM Luxury Vacations in Sayulita shares what splurging on your holiday vacation looks like.

Helen, how would you describe your brand, HM Luxury Vacations Mexico, in a nutshell?

HM Luxury Vacations was established after spending fifteen years of traveling to Sayulita. Our mission and promise is to give our guests a completely stress-free vacation where they just have to bring their bags and can relax with gorgeous ocean views. We want our guests to have fun with their family and friends. We welcome all of our guests at the airport and drive them to our homes in luxury vehicles with refreshments. We customize every vacation with spa treatments, delicious meals and dinners, water excursions, and more; all of this is done with a taste of Mexico and our local community. We will pamper our guests in what we consider the most beautiful place in the world.

You’ve worked for over thirty years in property services and tourism in both the U.S. and Mexico. How has the landscape of the luxury travel industry changed in Sayulita?

I believe the luxury travel industry has mostly changed the role of the travel agent, and guest services and needs. Now you can buy any vacation online, but you may not know how the place will be or what the people will be like when you arrive. Often, you will be depending totally on reviews from other travelers that may have different interests or preferences than yours. Sayulita is growing so much, that it is important to know that at HM Luxury Vacations you will have an excellent and safe place to stay. This is why and how we customize your vacation. We know all the local vendors personally, and I dare to say we have the most amazing hosts and chefs at our homes, preparing fresh and local food and meals for you that you will still be dreaming about when you return home.

What can a client expect by getting a completely custom, full service, pampering experience through HM Luxury Vacations?

Our clients will be greeted warmly at the airport by Sayulita Luxury Transportation. They will be served with drinks and a beautiful ride to our homes. The drivers are very friendly and speak both English and Spanish. We will stop by the market to pick up personal items that you may need, or we will stock your home for you before you arrive. We offer delicious traditional Mexican meals and special dinners, such as surf & turf. We can also offer candle-light dinners for special occasions. After settling in, we offer tequila tastings and spa services at your vacation home. We customize all the activities you would like to enjoy, such as boating, paddle boarding, surfing, shopping trips to Puerto Vallarta, local area island tours, and many more depending on your lifestyle. This will include transportation to all excursions, and to the village beach area to shop. Did I tell you the shopping is amazing in Sayulita?

Does HM Luxury Vacations Mexico mainly cater to tourists from abroad wanting to see the best of what our Pueblo Magico has to offer, or increasingly so Mexican locals?

We mainly cater to visitors from abroad such as the United States and Canada. However, we love to have local Mexicans looking for a luxury vacation as well. Our promise is to give all guests an "Unforgettable Vacation" in Sayulita and the surrounding areas. We encourage our guests to explore the outskirts of Sayulita, and those little non-tourist special places hidden away too.

What are your personal favorite local activities and excursions, and why?

My favorite place to visit is Cancion del Mar. It has the most gorgeous view in Sayulita with a swimming pool to enjoy. It also has balconies and decks to enjoy the sunset each evening with a champagne toast. I love the Ally Cat sailing adventures where you can explore the turquoise waters floating in the ocean. I also love any of our beach days, with lunch and drinks served right on the beach. Sayulita's beach clubs have amazing service, delicious drinks, and meals.

How can clients best reach you?

HM Luxury Vacations can be reached through our Sayulita Life Webpage, or you can call us in the United States, at 720-785-0981, and finally through email. We answer all emails with 24 hours and will answer all your questions before, during, and after your vacation!