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Hi everyone; if you have been following my recipes, you already know that I LOVE pizza! 

I have already shared recipes with you for regular pizza crust, a cauliflower pizza crust, a maiz tortilla pizza crust, and in today’s recipe I am sharing a delicious pizza bread! I have been following a keto diet/lifestyle for a couple of years, and the two things that I have missed the most are delicious bread and pizza; this recipe satisfies both of those cravings.

I found this recipe and altered it to suit my tastes, and then tried it out at home. I always try out my recipes first before I share them with you to ensure they are wonderful and perfect! This pizza bread came out fantastic, and it is so very tasty. Also, it is very easy to make, and the only “unusual” ingredient you will need for this recipe is almond flour. Even so, I never have had a problem finding almond flour at Costco in Puerto Vallarta, or Mega in Bucerias also usually carries it.

Here is the recipe -- if you love pizza in any form as much as I do, you will absolutely love this recipe!


-2 & ½ cups shredded manchego cheese. (*I always use Manchego de Cabra (goat cheese Manchego) because I think it has more flavor than mozzarella. It can usually be found at Mega or La Comer -- a 650 gram round in the specialty cheeses section.)

-2 ounces of Cream Cheese. (*I have developed somewhat of a lactose intolerance in recent years, and Mega sells crema de queso, “Philadelphia” brand, “deslactosada”, (or lactose free). If you are not lactose intolerant, you can find Philadelphia, as it is called here in Mexico, in most of our Sayulita tiendas.)

-3 eggs, beaten.

-1 & ½ cups almond flour.

-2 cups finely grated parmesan cheese; divided in half.

-2 teaspoons dried rosemary. (*I bought a rosemary plant last fall and dried some of it so I always have fresh, dried rosemary on hand. If you don’t want a plant, Oksana of Sana Spices carries fresh dried rosemary; since the Sayulita Friday Market is closed, you can send in your orders to Oksana, and they will deliver directly to you! Her spices and herbs are excellent quality.)

-Fresh, dried oregano. (*I also buy this from Oksana.)

*Sprinkle the parmesan on a flat plate, and lay the rosemary and the oregano on top of the Parmesan. Stir together before using.

-1 cup shredded cheddar cheese. (*I love the flavor of Tillamook cheddar, and Trancos Carniceria here in Sayulita carries it. Costco in Puerto Vallarta also carries a big block of it.)

-3 chorizo sausages. (*Ask for chorizo “para asada,” which means chorizo to grill. This is also easy to find at many tiendas here in Sayulita.)

-1 nice sized, thin, fresh jalapeño, very finely sliced. (*I also bought a jalapeño plant in the fall. It keeps on producing jalapeños so that I always have one or many on hand. I just counted, and I currently have a count of 8!)

-Pesto. (*I always make my own pesto with organic fresh basil; grind fresh basil, fresh garlic cloves, and olive oil until you reach a pesto consistency. It freezes very well as long as you add a fine layer of olive oil over the top of the pesto; this prevents the pesto from turning a dark color.)

-Your favorite pizza sauce to dip slices, if you desire.

-1 non-stick bundt pan. You can also use an 8-9” springform pan if you do not have a Bundt pan.

(*If using a springform, make a smooth ball of tin-foil and place it in the center of the pan so that your pan resembles the bundt pan, with an opening in the center.)


  1. Whisk the almond flour and baking powder together until thoroughly combined.

  1. Melt the manchego cheese and the cream cheese together. You can do this on the stove top or in the microwave for 1 to 1 & ½ minutes. 

  1. Once you have stirred the 2 cheeses together, add the flour mixture and the eggs.

  1. Stir together until it forms a sticky dough.

  1. Sprinkle ½ cup of the fresh grated parmesan onto a board or the countertop to a rectangle big enough to be able to scoop all the dough on top of the parmesan.

  1. Next, add the dough to the parmesan, and then also sprinkle the remaining ½ cup on the top of the dough. This helps the dough to not be sticky as you proceed to the next step.

  1. Form the dough into a large rectangle, and cut it in half, continuing until you have 36 small pieces.

  1. Roll each piece of the dough in your palm.

  1. Next, add the rosemary and oregano to the remaining 1 cup of parmesan cheese. Stir together.

  1.  Roll into the parmesan-herb mixture until lightly coated on all sides.

  1. Spray the bundt pan with a non-stick cooking spray, or grease thoroughly.

  1. Place 13 prepared balls into the bundt pan. Add a layer of pesto, shredded cheese, 1 layer of overlapped chorizo slices, and a layer of thinly sliced fresh jalapeños. The jalapeños are optional; they do add a nice flavor to the bread if you decide to add them, but remember that they can be pretty spicy at times.

  1. Add another 2 layers of the above, and then sprinkle any remaining parmesan-herb mixture over the top.

  1. Add a last layer of shredded cheese.

  1. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes until the top is a very nice golden brown. If your bundt pan is a thick one, you may need a longer baking time. Please be certain that the bread is well baked.

  1. Let cool in the pan for 15 minutes, and loosen any stuck edges in the center or on the outside edges.

  1. Turn over onto a cooling rack. 

  1. Cool, and then slice, & serve.

ENJOY! You can dip your slices into pizza sauce of your choosing if you want an authentic pizza flavor. You can also freeze this in pieces if you are not using it all in one serving.

YUMMY! It tastes just like real pizza bread. I LOVE IT! And as I said before, it satisfies both my bread and my pizza cravings.

If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at my Sayulita Life Web Page. I LOVE hearing from you!

*Written by: Karina Shecter