July 31, 2020 sayulitablog 0Comment

408,449 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in Mexico as of Wednesday, July 29th. There have been 45,361 confirmed Covid-19 deaths. Those figures yield a fatality rate of 11.1 per 100 cases, meaning that one in every nine people diagnosed with Covid-19 dies.

Based on data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the global rate is 3.9. The data shows that more than 17.1 million people around the world have tested positive for Covid-19 and almost 670,000 people have died.

However, an infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins estimated the real fatality rate as 0.6 considering that many cases go undetected. If that rate is applied to Mexico’s official Covid-19 death numbers, total case numbers here would total about 7.1 million.

Mexico's testing rate is considerably low.  Meaning a large numbers of cases, especially mild and asymptomatic ones, go undetected.

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