August 8, 2020 sayulitablog 0Comment

On Thursday, Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell reported that the death toll had increased to 50,517 in Mexico. Accumulated cases has risen to 462,690.

He met with state governors virtually and insisted that it is time to transition to a second phase of response. He reiterated that moving to a second phase does not mean that they have failed in their response up until now. “In a review of what we’ve done up to now, we identified elements that allow us to conclude that the management [of the pandemic] has been correct … and compatible with international recommendations and standards,” the deputy minister said.

The second phase of response needs to find a balance between stopping the spread of Coronavirus while also reactivating the economy and social life.

He also reminded us that the flu season, which runs from Fall through Spring, could coincide with new outbreaks of the coronavirus. That situation would place even greater pressure on Mexico’s health system.

More than 13,600 coronavirus patients are currently in hospitals across Mexico while almost 4,000 are on ventilators, according to federal data.

Nayarit has one of the highest occupancy rates for general care beds in the country, at 79%.

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