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Sayulita Life’s April $5,000 Donation for May goes to local school Damian Carmona Primaria. The local elementary school was in major need of a printer, chairs, school supplies, and much more. We spoke with the school’s principal Irma Gpe Bastira about how this donation will help the school and make improvements for the children. Hear it from her about how Sayulita Life and the local community can make a difference. 

Could you tell me a little bit about what this donation will go towards? What will it be used for?

The mission of this school is to educate the children in an integral way with service aimed at strengthening recreational activities for our children, as well as didactic material for their school activities. We want to use the donation to purchase a printer so that we can facilitate making projects for our students and they have access to online/printed materials as well.This donation will support teachers as they will have a wider variety of strategies to work with children. This will include things such as children having access to printed materials that cannot be found in books or teachers being able to prepare projects for the children that require printed materials. The school materials donated will help our children learn and grow. We are also wanting to  facilitate after school projects and activities for our students. This donation will go to all things required to improve the school and the children's education. Anything is greatly appreciated.

Could you tell us a bit more about the school?

25 years ago,when the elementary school Damian Carmona was created there were only 6 classrooms. During this time the 1st & 2nd grade classes would study in a place around the school campus while the rest would take turns fitting in the 6 classrooms. As of now, there are 15 classrooms on campus. However this school wants to continue to grow and build new classrooms and resources for the children. The elementary school helps create cultural events while supporting parades and dances that happen around town.

Is there anything else that the community can assist with?

To be able to achieve our goals, we need to have the reach of paper reading materials, stationery, and enough chairs for our current & future students. We currently have 60 students that do not have chairs and have to bring their own from home. The town has been helping by donating school materials such as rulers, papers, cardboard and more. The school needs at least 2 more classrooms to fit the children. The school also needs board games, soccer balls, geometric games or art materials for workshops or activities such as chess club. The goal is also to create a special area/classroom for kids with special needs as well. Each year the number of children grows, and the school's capacity & budget goes down so all donations and help is appreciated. 

Is there another way for people to donate to the cause?

Donations can be received by Lina, the organizer of the town's Farmers Market. You can also come physically to the elementary school to make any kind of donation. All of the help will be greatly appreciated for the development of the local children. 

The local Primaria School needs the community's help. It breaks my heart that they don't even have enough chairs for all of their students to sit in during the school day. The team at Sayulita Life was able to purchase a reliable printer for the school that will be put to good use. However, the school is still in need of donations. If you are able, please consider donating to this school. Any donation is accepted and more than appreciated. I know that the community and the children will greatly appreciate it.

To donate, please contact ​​Lina at 322-148-8902 or you can physically drop donations at the elementary school.