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Why just have 1 property manager when you can have three? Tu Casa Management is a team of professional property managers that can help your property thrive. The owners of Tu Casa Management took the time to tell us more about their business and how they can help you!

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? 

We are a team of three property managers who have come together to combine our expertise in order to provide a high level of service to homeowners who are looking to optimize their rental business. 

How did you land in Sayulita? 

The three of us have different stories. Ximena decided to leave the city life for the Sayulita tropics and part of her family was already living here. Bloyd was traveling and he kept coming back to Sayulita until eventually he decided to stay. Carlos took a job with a private school in town after working in education for about 18 years in the United States. After 6 months of being at the school, he decided to put down some roots. 

How long have you lived in Sayulita? What is your favorite part?

Carlos has lived in Sayulita for six years. He is inspired by the level of entrepreneurship and creativity people have here. Ximena has lived in Sayulita for 5 years. Her favorite aspect of living here is the lifestyle and the easy access to beautiful beaches. Bloyd has also been here for 5 years and loves how accessible people are here and how easy it is to connect with them. He is drawn to the jungle and the beaches. 

Can you tell me about what inspired you to start your business? 

Carlos, as well as Bloyd and Ximena, already had a property management business in place. We felt that by combining our expertise, we could provide a higher level of service to homeowners. As we are bilingual, have a strong work ethic and enjoy the logistics of property management, we felt it would be a good fit.

What services do you offer? 

Property Management-taking care of the physical space, bill pay, and all that has to do with the physical structure/property. Basically, you can walk away and know that your property will be taken care of. 

Online Digital Platform Optimization-creating/maintaining the online presence of the rental. 

Guest Management-taking care of guests and all of their needs prior to and during their stay. 

Tell me a bit about your background with this industry? 

Prior to Sayulita, Carlos gained experience that he brings to this business. He was an administrator in public education and also managed workers and trainings on farms and intentional communities. He apprenticed in natural building and worked on various construction projects in the United States. Bloyd studied civil engineering, is a natural problem solver and is great with guests and workers alike. 

How long has your business been in operation? 

Although each of us has been managing properties for many years here in Sayulita and San Pancho for many years now, we joined forces to create TU CASA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT in February 2022. 

What does your business offer that separates it from the rest? 

Instead of having one manager, owners now have three ‘eyes’ on the property. Of course we have our service team that does work at the homes, but we are on site as much as we are online optimizing the digital platforms. We play to our strengths and there is no doubt we are better as a team. We want properties to look good and to function properly. We share our knowledge and expertise in all areas of managing a coastal property so that owners can make well-informed decisions. 

What are your future plans for your business? Any new goals? 

Our goal is to grow organically and as we feel we can handle the homes we are managing. We strive to provide guests and owners with 5 star service regardless of the property. We continue to work for owners to optimize their rental property while maintaining their investment in excellent condition. 

Can you share a happy memory with a client? 

We work for owners and renters alike and have many positive experiences. One experience was a couple of years ago when we took over a property that was not being properly maintained. The owner was also not happy with the rental results. Within a year of taking over, the rental rates increased by 60%, the property looks amazing due to regular maintenance and it is one of the top rentals in its area. 

Is there anything special that you want to share?

We would like owners to know that we are open to having a conversation about their property. We are looking for a long term relationship with owners and feel that the first step is creating a healthy relationship. We will be honest about our time commitment and availability but are always happy to meet owners looking for advice on how to manage their space.