August 15, 2022 Natalia Reca 0Comment

Chillywilly is a well-known character around town, he has somewhat of a reputation as an avid nature lover and conservationist,  Chillywilly has lived in Sayulita since he was 5 years old, and has spent 51 marvelous years living here in this town.

His favorite parts of Sayulita include the vibrant jungle paths and the beaches. His wife Genoveba inspired him to start the hiking tours as a project of his own, as it was something that he was truly passionate about.

Chillywilly offers informative jungle hikes and walks to secret beaches around Sayulita, He provides a guided tour from someone who is extremely well versed in all things nature. Chillywilly has a history of working immersed in nature, from scuba diver to boat captain, environmental protector, and running his eco-tours over the past 20 years. A truly local experience. He hopes to entrust this knowledge to his children so that they can be future guides and pass down this important information to future generations.

Chillywilly comments on a fond memory he has with a client, he took a tourist visiting from Japan on a hike and he could see how happy he was, with tears in his eyes. Chillywilly asked if everything was ok and the man responded with “we have to take care of this beautiful place, Mexico”.

In chillywilly's words; God said, take care of this planet, and make it your home