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The AYU Being Human experience offers an array of services ranging from private catering services for events to group chanting and meditations. Ana is the mastermind behind the pictures, menus, advertising, event planning, drinks, and most desserts whereas Layf is the spice master, content creator, and public relations manager. We had the opportunity to catch up with them and hear all about their business and future plans.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Ana -  I grew up on the coast of Veracruz, studied environmental management and I have

I have recently been experiencing and learning Ayurveda to understand my body and design my lifestyle.

Layf - I grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, and started traveling at the age of 18. I have visited and lived in different cultures, ecosystems, and environments. We met each other in Los Cabos 5 years ago.

How did you land in Sayulita?

During the winter of 2020, many things changed and we both decided to start a new project from scratch where we could finally create, share and live what we love, which is having a balanced and natural lifestyle to enhance our human experience as much as possible.

How long have you lived in Sayulita? 

Since winter 2020 except for a couple of months when we lived in the mountains of Veracruz.

Can you tell me about what inspired you to start your business?

To share a lifestyle that is clean, healthy, simple, efficient, and, universal so we can contribute our grain of sand to the improvement of the things happening around us.

What services do you offer?

  • Personalized cookbooks based on personal preferences and recommendations to make sure our bodies are adequately nourished and well taken care of.
  • Private catering services for events such as retreats, gatherings, and groups of 5-30 people.
  • We run the only vegan restaurant in Sayulita where we offer lunch Monday to Friday for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery. We have a different dish every day alternating between Indian, Thai, Mexican, middle-eastern, and our dishes.
  • We provide cooking workshops which can be a complete meal of a specific cuisine type, general everyday cooking, desserts, and homemade vegan complements.
  • We also offer group chanting meditations.

Tell me a bit about your background in this industry?

Ana - I became vegetarian in 2010 and since then I started to cook more for myself. I also worked in restaurants for about 3 years before starting our project.

Layf - I have had a passion for cooking from a very young age and i love to experiment and play in the kitchen to create unique dishes.

How long has your business been in operation?

Since December 2021

What does your business offer that separates it from the rest?

Years of experience and practice from many cultures and cuisines around the world are put together to provide a healthy, delicious, and unique experience.

What are your plans for your business? Any new goals?

We recently opened a place where people can dine in and take part in the experiences we offer such as public dinners and chanting meditations. We also want to eventually expand our services to offer a wider variety of healing practices and techniques that will help both the individual self and the community grow.

Can you share a happy memory with a client?

Most of our clients always tell us how inspired they feel after our interactions and how they have finally experienced and therefore understood how important the food we nourish ourselves with actually is.