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I had the pleasure of speaking with both Ana Encarnacion Lupercio and Guillermo Carillo Franco, owners of La Katrina restaurant. They kindly shared some stories on how they arrived to Sayulita and their time here spent as business owners.

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

We are Ana Encarnacion Lupercio and Guillermo Carillo Franco, we come from Nayarit, and my parents are born and raised in the Bahia de Banderas. I lived my youth in Puerto Vallarta, and 24 years ago, I went to the United States and lived there for 21 years. My children grew up there and attended college in North East Oklahoma and Kansas City. You can say that we pursued our American dream and three and a half years ago, we decided to come to Sayulita.

  1. How did you end up in Sayulita?

We came to Sayulita to open a business. Ana has been a chef all her life, starting in Puerto Vallarta. She has knowledge of national dishes due to her roots and she continued her career as a chef in the United States, creating fusions of traditional Mexican and North American foods. She learned a lot from both cultures to develop new fusions to create food for different palates.

  1. How long have you been living in Sayulita, and what is your favorite part?

we have been living in Sayulita for three and a half years. The beaches and ocean are some of my favorite parts. Along with food and tourism, the freedom it provides is also enjoyable. Sayulita is a hub where many different cultures come together.

  1. Can you tell me what inspired you to start your business?

Initially, we had a different business concept in mind before coming here, but upon arrival and witnessing the bustling tourism in Sayulita, it became evident that we should start a food business. The diverse community here inspired me to pursue my passion for food and launch a business.

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about your experience with this industry?

We have both worked in customer service, in clubs and restaurants in the United States.

4. How long has your business been operating?

Our business has been operating for three and a half years.

5. What does your business offer that differentiates it from others?

Our unique selling point is the combination of our culinary expertise, both domestic and global, and the fusion of flavors in our menu. We prioritize the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients that are prepared on demand. Our team takes pride in serving customers personally, ensuring they receive a unique dining experience.

  1. What are your future plans for your business? Any new goals?

Our goal is to expand and continue to grow while prioritizing the recognition of Sayulita, the place that afforded us the opportunity to establish ourselves here.

  1. Can you share a happy memory with a customer?

In three years of operating, we have close to 500 reviews, and we have been recommended as one of the top restaurants in the area on, with 5-star reviews on Google. A large part of Kansas City knows about us through recommendations.

“A hidden gem with delicious food! My family has been coming to Sayulita for many years and I can say the dining experience at la Katrina is easily our top among the many restaurants available in the area. In fact, once we found them we ate here on a daily basis for three weeks straight! The food is delicious and authentic with an artistic flair,

The drinks are handcrafted from scratch and the service is excellent. We’ve gotten to know the owners and found out it's a family restaurant, his wife Ana is the chef and her husband runs the front of the house, they are super sweet and will talk to you in Spanish or English, you can truly feel they care for their customers. The portions are sizeable and the pricing is very fair, if I had to pick a favorite meal it would be the coconut shrimp or the steak and lobster.”

Review by Jozef Belej

  1. Is there anything special you would like to share?

We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of agave spirits, including tequilas, mezcals, and Raicilla, with no additives and completely artisanal. We also have artisanal beers.